racing photos

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom welcome a challenge.
Resisting to embrace a new road in life.
Engine of determination
Responsibility for your actions
Body of integrity

I wish not to crash riding in your life.
You who can steal hearts,
Clash no hazards of misery.
No leash do I own
But I’ll ache if you roam.
As you rev your engine,
Please drive responsibly with me.
No traffic law will be broken
If I have wounds reopen
But if other cats want a ride
My heart rips inside


FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS REINA // ten of my favorite photos of Frida Kahlo. Her birthday is July 6, 1907


This new exhibit finally shows off the many overlooked contributions Black designers have made to fashion

Only about 1% of the collections reviewed on Vogue Runway are made by black designers, according to NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. It’s not for lack of talent to write about; it’s that the fashion world has historically been quiet, awkward even, about addressing diversity.


Stunning portraits show not all redheads are white 

There’s a lot of mythology surrounding redheaded people, but one ignorant assumption trumps them all: Redheads are white. The reality? They’re not. Photographer Michelle Marshall is raising awareness of this fact through her photo series “MC1R.” Even someone with two black parents can have red hair.