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me, wearing only boxers, standing in your kitchen at one in the morning, drinking tea straight from the teapot. my glasses are on upside down and someone, possibly me, has written “1994 MOS EISLEY POD RACE CONTESTANT” on my stomach in blue sharpie. you are afraid.

One of my favourite scenes in the book and I wanted to draw it for ages and now with the official scorpio races season starting I finally had a good reason to post this (aka procastinating uni work and finishing this instead)

I once read a report that said over 50% of Afro-Caribbean men have a non-black partner. Over 50%. There are twice as many biracial Afro-Caribbean children in the uk than there are mono-racial Afro-Caribbean kids. At first, I was like that’s not possible, I lived in a different country then but moved to the UK last year. But I was seriously wrong. I live like an hour or two away from London, but I find it hard to spot fully black kids and when I do they’re usually African. All I see are biracial kids running around the place. And obviously since the men aren’t dating the women the women date outside their race too. The same report said Africans in the U.K. also date outside their race but overall they usually marry their own people or within their race at least (think it said due to culture & because of parents, traditions etc).

There’s nothing wrong with biracial kids or interracial dating, if you find someone you love, race shouldn’t be a barrier at all. But just looking at that statistic alone, I can’t help but feel other factors are playing into it. Self-hate, colourism & anti-blackness. I watched this Jamaican youtuber, she has a white boyfriend, and said she loved black boys so much but they would always tell her she’s ugly, she’s too black (she’s dark skinned and so beautiful) , they only date white girls etc, so she had to expand on who she dates which is understandable. Some black people are literally dying to not be with another black person and that says a lot.

On Greatshells

I think that the great shells are organic fabrials, created by Odium in the desolation arms race with Honor.

We know that the larger great shells have a gem heart, where a gemstone is connected to the biology of the creature in some fashion. This gemstone is likely there so that the creature can subsist off of storm light in some way or another. This is supported by the scientific fact that a creature like the reshi isles would need a huge amount of biomass to support it. A blue whale eats almost 4 tons of krill a day (1.5 million food calories) to stay alive, and needs to constantly be filtering food out of the water. However, the biology of these creatures doesn’t suggest filter feeding or any other such mass food ingestion mechanism required to keep a several million ton organism alive. The head of the creature is very far above the water, meaning that the food source for that organism would also need to be that far above the water, but there are none. Therefore, the creatures must subsist on storm light.

Also, we know that the creatures have a bond with a spren. This is seen by Shallan with the chasm fiend and the Santhid, and with the spren saving Rysn on the Reshi isle. This spren likely resides within the gem heart, because we know that spren are able to be trapped in gemstones. WOB say that the great shells are able to grow to the size that they do because of this bond, so the bond must help the great shell in some way that we do not understand.

The subsistence on storm light, the bond with the spren, and the gem heart itself are all odd biologically, because they all could not come about via evolution. For the subsistence and the bond to occur, the great shell would need to begin growing a gem heart first. there would have to be some DNA change that created it. However, this couldn’t really happen because the gemstones aren’t like bone or chiton in that they are generally not organic (carbon based) in nature. Also, the gem hearts can be different gemstones, which are different in chemical composition. An emerald is a beryllium aluminum silicate, while a ruby is an aluminum chromium oxide, and amethyst is a silicone oxide. These different gemstones all have different crystal structures, and couldn’t be laid down by the same biological processes, if they could be made by biological processes at all.

All of this points to an intelligent design of the great shells that isn’t evolution-based. The interesting thing is that fabrials work off of a similar principle of storm light subsistence and spren bonds. The fabrials have a spren in the gemstone to create a desired effect, and the storm light powers the construct so that the effect happens. This is the same basic idea of how great shells live and get as large as they do.

The reason I think they exist as creations of odium are also related to the gem hearts. Odium has already shown that he likes to be able to take over the consciousness of his soldiers with spren. This can be seen with the void forms of the parshendi, where the songs said they had no choice in what form they could take. It has also been shown that the void spren can inhabit gemstones. This means that the gem hearts of the great shells are there for a void spren to inhabit and turn it into a weapon against the forces of honor. The gem heart exists as a kind of cockpit for the void spren to enter and control the beast.

The great shells also make sense as weapons when one considers the overall arms race that went on between Honor and Odium. First there were the parshendi and the humans fighting each other. Odium created thunderclasts, creations of stone inhabited by spren, to combat the steel and bronze weapons of the humans. To combat these thunderclasts, Honor creates the Nahel bond and shard blades, which can easily counter the stone form of the thunderclasts. Since his advantage was negated, Odium created the great shells, which were basically thunderclasts made flesh. This made them far more difficult to fight with a shard blade, because you couldn’t outright kill the thing by cutting it into pieces. We saw in TWoK that three shard bearers fighting together had a hard time taking down a chasm fiend, because its mass made it difficult to sever the soul from the body.

I’m not sure this theory is super important in the long run, but it is interesting and may help with understanding the evolution of the desolations.

Being Altair's Twin Sister Would Include...

Warnings - Slight angst because, Altair.


• Always playfully sparring with toy swords as kids.

• You being a tomboy, yet a sweet girl, nonetheless.

• Being ridiculed and picked on by boys your age in your childhood for being a tomboy.

• Altair intervening to stand up for you.

• You stopping him before proving them wrong.

• Proving them wrong, usually included punching the poor kids or kicking them in the stomach.

• Which is why you were the problematic one.

• Only because you were ridiculed.

• Your father starting to introduce you, two to the ways of an Assassin - the fighting, the life, the beliefs, the morals, the history, etc.

• Training together.

• Him having strength in body while you had agility.

• Being pushed harder than him so, you’d get stronger.

• Then, Altair making a snide comment so, your father pushed him just as hard, too.

• You making up for your body strength with mind strength over the years.

• Him getting accepted in the brotherhood, unlike you.

• You being annoyed you weren’t accepted.

• Him trying to comfort you but, it ended up with a huge fight.

• It was practically a street fight - fists, punches, kicks and rude comments included.

• You pinning him to the ground with your arm, putting all your body weight on it, pushing it against his chest.

• “Stop pitying me!”

• Him pushing you off with his body strength and holding you in place with his arm around your neck.

• “Stop being so petty, then!”

• The fight going on until you, two get tired and end up lying on the ground beside each others.

• You starting to laugh together.

• “Forgive me, brother.”

• Him just smiling warmly at your guilty eyes before lightly giving you a small push to your cheek with his fist, affectionately.

• “They’d be stupid not to accept you.”

• Getting your acceptance letter a week later.

• Your father getting killed a week after.

• Sitting alone on the steps of the palace in your newbie robes with a blank look.

• Al Mualim coming to sit with you.

• Him comforting you with his words.

• Rushing to find your solitary brother as you finally react to your father’s death.

• Finding him sitting atop a tower, his legs dangling.

• Sparing each others a look before you sit beside him.

• Resting your head atop his shoulder and just sitting together.

• The two of you being there for each others.

• You being the strategic agile quiet twin.

• Him being the reckless strong solitary twin.

• Not being as close to Malik and his brother as Altair was.

• Training together.

• Going on missions together.

• Al Mualim only sending the two of you to invade full cities.

• Being an army of two.

• Races on rooftops.

• Races on horsebacks.

• Races between bureaus.

• Discreet races between Templar soldiers.

• Wrecking havoc in Masyaf with all your races.

• Overall, you being the wise, calm, sweet and beautiful twin.

• Him being the cocky, temper driven, cocky and really handsome twin.

• Well, in the beginning, that is.

• Being Altair’s strength.

• Altair being your rock.

• Joining him in that one mission with the Sayfs.

• Trying to prevent his cocky interventions.

• You getting a deep lethal injury from a poisoned blade.

• Falling in a coma for months.

• When you finally wake up, Altair is almost done with the nine.

• Him catching you up with his new found information.

• You trying to push that one thought out of your mind.

• Him being unsure whether to confirm the corruption of Al Mualim.

• Altair not finding you at Malik’s side when he goes to fight the old man.

• “Where are you?…”

• Finding you by Al Mualim’s side as he controls your mind.

• “No..”

• Him forcing you to fight Altair until death.

• Having always had mind strength, you manage to push Al Mualim out of your mind.

• Killing Al Mualim together.

• Being by Altair’s side as the apple opens for him.

• Snapping him out of his trance by speaking his name.

• Meeting Maria after Altair’s little.. scandal with her atop that certain tower in Jerusalem.

• You being the coolest aunt in the world.

• Being single.

• Living for your small family.

• Darim being your new Altair, due to Altair being busy with the brotherhood.

• Sef being your little boy.

• Only going to Altair’s for small visits inbetween missions.

• Informing him of the corruption of Abbas.

• Ignoring your accusations.

• Abbas discovering you know.

• Not wanting to disturb Altair or cause him trouble, you stand your ground.

• Abbas going after you first.

• Him chasing you out of Masyaf.

• Living in the shadows in Jerusalem.

• Not being able to send any pigeons to Altair.

• However, after you killing a man, whom you saw selling and abusing slaves due to your justice instinct, that attracts attention to you.

• Abbas accusing the “mysterious” killer to be a ruthless murderer, who killed a man “helping” people.

• Abbas chasing you out of the Levant area.

• Finding sanctuary in a beautiful historic city in Turkey.

• Finally finding love with a dashing Turkish man.

• Being able to contact Malik.

• Staying in Turkey with your son and husband until suddenly, you were not able to message Malik.

• Going back to Masyaf in time to witness your little boy’s death.

• Having an angry fit.

• “Tell me, (Y/N).. After leaving your brother, do you think he’ll forgive you?”

• Being put more in mental pain than physical pain.

• Altair and Maria being manipulated by Abbas, using you.

• Maria’s last word to you being,“Strength… T-Together..”

• Altair and you working together and fighting Abbas’ mind controlled men, just like you fought Templars in your youth.

• Running away with Altair and Darim.

• Hugging Darim to you once you find somewhere to stay in.

• Sitting alone atop a tower, mourning Sef’s death.

• “It’s not your fault.”

• Altair joining you.

• “I wasn’t there, was I?”

• Him just pushing your head to rest on his shoulder as you mourn the death of the beautiful boy together.

• Telling you that there are other pieces besides the apple.

• “I think I heard some merchants going to Constantine’s castle, talking of a strange artifact found in a mine.”

• Altair telling you that he was only a messenger to a man named Desmond.

• Travelling around the world with Altair to find pieces.

• Listening to the voices, telling Altair of his grandchildren.

• Him being annoyed at first at the players.

• “That.. Is my legacy?”

• “Well, at least they inherited some of your traits.”

• Sharing some of your playful jokes and sometimes Darim joins in.

• “You have a son?!”

• “You have a husband?!”

• Forty year old Darim being the jealous nephew as an almost seventy year old Altair becomes a protective mess.

• “I’d like to think of my son as a miracle, I had in an old age.”

• Sibling artifact hunts.

• At the last piece, the voices turn to speak to you.

• “Your grandchildren seem as they will always be there to help save the day.”

• Them showing you your grandchildren.

• Your grandchildren crossing paths with Altair’s.

• Leonardo da Vinci, Yusuf Tazim, Aveline de Jumpe and the list goes on until a certain smart girl named Rebecca.

• After hiding the codex, you start discussing where to go next.

• “We go home.”

• Shortly, after getting back Masyaf, you catch the plague.

• Altair’s sorrowful eyes.

• “Why don’t you go back home? To your family, sister?”

• “I am home. I am with my family.”

• “You should not stay here, only because of Maria’s-”

• “I am not. I am here because, I want to.. Brother, the thirty years, I was away, were the hardest. My place is by your side.”

• “Then, send for them to come.”

• You sitting in your room in the castle, trying to think of what to write.

• “My son,
I cannot apologize enough for having not been there.. I cannot apologize enough for missing out on so much. But, I need you. I need to see you and your family. Please.”

• A party filled with kids and a woman greets your nephew, three months later.

• Your family staying in Masyaf with you.

• Not telling any of your grandchildren or your son about your sickness.

• Making your own codex pages and hiding them as you disappear for four months.

• Coming back with nearly two weeks left to live.

• Working with Altair as hard as you can.

• Coughing up so much blood, two weeks later as you stand in Altair’s office alone, thinking of everything.

• Him coming in, in time to see you crumbling to the ground, weakly.

• “Sister..”

• Shushing him as he kneels beside you.

• “Just.. Hold me.. Brother.”

• Calling him brother with more affection than you ever have.

• “I love you.. I’m here.”

• Reminding him of Maria’s will.

• “Strength..” being your last word.

• Using your last bit of strength to raise your fist to push Altair’s cheek affectionately before your eyes glaze over.

• Dying in his arms as his silent tears drop on your smiling face.


Today I ran my butt off. It was very very difficult but I made it. I ran til about 11.5 miles when there was a horrible hill we had already run once so I walked some. I hate that I walked but my body couldn’t do it.

I started way too fast at 10:30 for my fist mile. I don’t know what I was thinking or why my head decided to run that fast so it’s no surprise I ran out of steam. I also didn’t know anything about all these hills. Online people say nice flat race. They’re totally wrong.

Overall I am very very happy with this time. My goal was 2:30 and I made it. I hope Novembers half is just as good.

Drunk Race HCs

Race x Reader

Requested by: Anon

“Hey! Could you do a race hc where he gets a little drunk (with liquor not fame haha) and confesses his love for you??”

A/N: This was really fun to write! I hope you enjoy!


- (You both are like old enough to drink in this just a heads up)

- Okay so Race and you had just finished selling

- And it’s been a pretty great day

- You both sold all your papes and it was overall just a really good day for you two

- And the two of you had nothing to do tonight so Race suggested that the two of you go to Jacobi’s

- And you agreed

- So fast forward to a few hours later

- Race had taken a drink or two

- You didn’t, you were entitled with the responsibility of being the “sober friend”

- So You were here, watching your best friend (and crush) Race getting all tipsy and whatnot

- It was kinda cute

- And then after some shots, Race started to ramble

- “Y/N you have nice hair.”

- “Thank you Race.”

- “And you’re so pretty.”

- You had started to blush

- “Thanks Race.”

- “I really like you, you know that?”

- Since he was drunk, you just decided to play along, Kinda sad that he’s just saying this and not really meaning it

- “You like me? That’s nice.”

- “Mhm. I might even love you- you’re just really nice, and kind- and I really really like you.”

- “Good for you Race.”

- “Can I kiss you?”

- And you just looked at him

- Your heart was beating so fast

- But in your mind, all you could think of was that he didn’t mean this

- He was drunk after all

- So you just shook your head no

- He frowns and says “but your lips look so soft!”

- “Let’s go home.”

- Anyways while the two of you were walking home, Race grabbed your hand and kissed it

- He also tried to kiss your lips a couple of times but he ended up kissing your cheek instead

- Just overall, Drunk Race is rlly cute


- The next day, you found yourself cuddled up to Race

- He must’ve snuck into your bed last night

- And you couldn’t sleep last night since all that was going on your mind was “he said he loved me.”

- So while you were selling that day, You asked Race if he meant what he said last night

- “What I said last night was all true.”

- “I really do like you Y/N.”

- And you just kissed him then and there

- Thank God for drunk race™

100 Questions About A Race You've Created
  1. What is the name of your race?

  2. Where do they live?

  3. What do they look like? (get really descriptive or include a picture if you have one)

  4. Do they have a government? If so what is it?

  5. Are they religious?

  6. Does your race have any special abilities?

  7. Can they travel off planet?

  8. Can they reproduce with races other than their own?

  9. How are the different genders treated?

  10. How old is your race?

  11. How long do the people live?

  12. What is their clothing like?

  13. What do they eat?

  14. Do they have any specific weakness?

  15. How do they travel around?

  16. What kind of structures do they live in?

  17. How do they treat animals?

  18. Do they keep pets?

  19. How far along are they advanced technologically?

  20. How do they feel about technology?

  21. How do they reproduce?

  22. Do they use any weapons?

  23. How do they feel about war?

  24. Can they use magic?

  25. How do they feel about nature?

  26. Do they have a written language? How long has it been around?

  27. Do they use a money system?

  28. How do they communicate?

  29. How are they educated?

  30. Is there any sort of class system?

  31. Do they trade with anybody? If so who and what?

  32. Are there any common names?

  33. How do they feel about sex?

  34. How do they feel about marriage?

  35. At what age is a person considered an “adult”?

  36. Do they prefer to have lots of children or few?

  37. How do they feel about familial ties?

  38. When did your race start?

  39. Do they have a standing army? What size?

  40. What are the top 5 things that are valued?

  41. Do they put the person or the society as a whole first?

  42. What are their 5 biggest problems?

  43. What are the top 5 things that they are good at?

  44. Do they value the arts?

  45. How far along are the scientifically?

  46. How are people healed?

  47. Do they use drugs or alcohol at all?

  48. Who are the top 10 most important people in this race (either currently or overall)?

  49. Do they have any sacred sites?

  50. Have there ever been any major civil wars among your people?

  51. Are they related to any other races in your world? How?

  52. How do they believe the world was created?

  53. Do they cook their food?

  54. Are there any cities mainly consisting of your people? Where are they and what are the names?

  55. Are there any objects sacred to this race?

  56. How do they treat their leaders?

  57. How do they treat the poor?

  58. Is there much agriculture in their society?

  59. What do they do for entertainment?

  60. Are there any metals or jewels that are commonly used or sacred?

  61. Are there any symbols that they use a lot?

  62. Do they wear any armor? What is it made out of?

  63. How do they keep track of their history?

  64. Do you have any history written for them? (if so give a brief paragraph minimum)

  65. Where did they originate from? (aka have the moved from their homelands to where they are now)

  66. Do they have any other races that are their primary rivals?

  67. Are there any common sicknesses among your race?

  68. Do they prefer the heat, cold, or right in the middle?

  69. What is the grandest thing they have constructed?

  70. Do they ever go on vacations? Where’s a common spot?

  71. Do they have any big merchants, companies, etc?

  72. What do they believe happens when they die?

  73. Is their culture similar/based any off of a real culture?

  74. Do they prefer peace or war?

  75. How do they feel about love?

  76. How do they eat their food?

  77. What do they (or would they do) if they encountered a different race that was more advance than theirs?

  78. How do they treat their old?

  79. How do they treat their young?

  80. Are there any personality traits that are common in your race?

  81. How do they feel about intelligent people? Stupid people?

  82. What do they (or would they do) if they encountered a different races that was less advanced than theirs?

  83. What would they do if they encountered a god/goddess/deity of their own religion? Of another?

  84. How do they feel about preserving the past?

  85. How do they treat the handicapped?

  86. What kind of laws do they have in place (if any)?

  87. What kind of jewelry do they wear?

  88. Do they prefer to stay at home or travel?

  89. Is there any common stories or legends?

  90. Do they have any songs?

  91. At what age do they reach sexual maturity?

  92. What’s your favorite character from this race?

  93. How involved are parents in their child’s life?

  94. How do they feel about killing?

  95. What’s the most important discovery your race has made?

  96. Does your race believe they are superior to all other races?

  97. If your race materialistic?

  98. Does this race die out ever? How?

  99. Can your race learn to speak other languages?

  100. What’s the biggest threat to your race?

If anybody has any 100 Questions lists they’d want me to make feel free to ask!

race comforting s/o hcs!


@leftmyurlinmyotherpants asked: hii you probably have so many requests and i’m sorry to add onto that list but could you possibly write some hc’s where race and/or jojo are comforting the reader after they fought with their parent? that’s been my evening so far and i need a little pick me up, thank you so much 💕

**i feel like this was just generic ‘cheering you up’ but i hope it applies to you and i hope things are going well!!

***also i know i said this would be for jojo guess i was wrong whOOPs

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Me in full sporty/racecar-driver au Allura cosplay for the Voltron panel at NYCC. Got a bunch of happy compliments :) really outdid the pink - Mike from the Let’s Voltron Podcast told me I could pull off a Penelope Pitsop Allura look from Wacky Races (anyone remember that?). Overall this panel was so much fun and I still can’t believe I got to meet the cast and crew. Barely got that selfie with Josh but got to give Kimberly a gift! (Will share that soon). I’m SO ready for season 4!