racing mars

Honestly, I just want one of the other Alien characters, like J’onn or Mon El, to be like “same sex relationships were actually pretty standard on my planet” after hearing Alex come out, and be like “humans are the only race to have assholes thinking it’s weird”, “homophobia is a shitty human construct” etc


No doubt. One of the funniest days in my whole life.
Carnaval in Brazil is intense. People take the streets. All around. Every city. It is so hot and we wear a less clothes as possible.
This day… it was magic. 
5 bearded guys walking free as the most pretty guardians in the Universe.
When people met one of us they look like they tried to recognize. 
When saw two ‘OMG’. The complete team ‘OOMMMFFFGGG’. They died
People call us as so much names. Ufff. Lot of creativity
Power Puff Girls, Saint Seiya (hauhauahua), Sakura, Power Ranges… anything. 
It was an amazing day. I will never forget hashahah

Girl Power

Mars in Taurus

Mars isn’t considered to be in the best position when it enters Taurus. This is due to Taurus being ruled by Venus, which is the complete opposite of Mars. Mars in Taurus natives are sensual and peacemakers in that sense. They can be dubbed as “lazy”, but the reality is that Mars in Taurus is slow when it comes to reaching their goals. Slow and steady wins the race with this Mars placement. Mars in Taurus does things at their own pace and have large amounts of staying power. Their anger can flare up often, but they’re more easily annoyed rather than truly angry. Their anger is slow and builds up over time. When truly angered, it’s like a volcano exploding. Mars in Taurus is loud and they will resort to physical violence if they have to. Taurus is symbolized by the bull and when a bull sees red, you get out of their way… and fast! Mars in Taurus does not back down because they are incredibly stubborn and have much fight left in them. Do not expect a Mars in Taurus to go down easy.

Mars in Taurus is fertile, seductive and incredibly sensual. They are both submissive and dominant. When it comes to sex, Taurus Mars is all about foreplay. This Mars sign is incredibly passionate in bed and uses all their senses to make it an amazing experience for both them and their partner. You really don’t go unsatisfied with a Mars in Taurus sex partner. For a Mars in Taurus, sex is a full body experience because they possess such a raw, earthy sexual appetite. They are loyal to the very end and would much rather stick to one sexual partner for a lifetime. There’s a deep love for all things pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing with them. Mars in Taurus doesn’t mind lounging around all day, eating and having sex. They strive to live their lives peacefully surrounded by pleasurable things.

Jax and Daxter Headcanon

…in which Jak inherited all his racing skills from his mother, because Damas can’t drive worth a Power Cell.  The Slam Dozer Damas arrives in to answer Jak’s beacon activation?  It’s the only vehicle in all of Spargus you could call ‘heavily armored’.  That thing was clunky all around and had the stiffest steering of any of the vehicles.  I say the stiff steering was to keep Damas from doing crazy corkscews and flipping his vehicle.

All of Jak’s love of destruction comes from his Papa’s side of the family though, passed down all the way from the original Mar who used to be a loose cannon before all the time travel running around to protect the precursor stone from Kor and being a King wore him down.


Sharon Needles lip syncing to David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”

Roscoe’s Tavern - December 29, 2015

Seems appropriate to share this today, with the news of another music legend’s passing. RIP Bowie.