racing husky

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Soo... You write fanfics? If you do, could you be so kind and give a link? :>

Aaaahhhhh, fuck…

My AO3 which is really horrible and shitty and I’m currently writing better stuff to go on it

I’m currently working on a DenNor husky sled racing one, an SuFin omegaverse one, an N x Reader for my friend’s birthday and a Nordics sci fi one. Those are the main, solid ideas I’ve got so far, but there are a few others that are sorta just floating’ around waiting to be developed


addleykoffin said: “Was wondering if i could get your opinion on this guy. owner claimed it was a “full timber wolf” but i say no way. i see tons of dog traits, one of which isn’t shown (his tail curled when he wagged it) I say husky/shep mix or something of the sort tbh but I’m no expert and have never owned a wolfdog.”

Looks like a racing-line husky or something of the sort to me. It’s absolutely not a wolf, and if it does have any wolf content, it’s not much. The pup has a LOT of husky traits, especially when compared to an Alaskan (not a Siberian) husky. Here are some other purebred Alaskan huskies: