racing harness

My wife has filled our home with beautiful things, including two beautiful sons. But, at times, its freeing to go out to my simple “shed”, kick back with a coffee, read a little, and have a nice cigar. The desk was picked up by my parents, probably 1973, at an auction in Maine’s Sebago Lake region. We spent the summers there when I was a boy. My brother, sisters, and I would tag along miserably, in and out, of antique shops and spend evenings at auctions.My parents would placate our complaints by buying us peppermint stick ice cream or chocolate cream pies made by the auctioneers wife. We would have preferred to be back at the lake catching fish, frogs, hiking, and swimming. And of course, I have an appreciation of old things, and I am sure its from those “miserable” trips to the antique stores. 

Now, my Granddad would take us to harness racing at Scarborough Downs. That was a whole different education…


Okay guys wtf am I watching

and how do I make this my career