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SSO Training Guide

I present, my personal guide to training in SSO. Took 3 days to push out this out, but it’s DONE. For now. I plan on fixing any errors, updating when necessary, and adding things along the way. It’s also available on my blog under its own page. The SSO tumblr community inspired me to do it, so I thank you guys <3

Alright, GET LEARNT.

Training Page

Everything you need to know about training in SSO. Whether you’re a scrub, or just want some helpful tips, here’s where to find it. There is a legend at the bottom for guidance.

How to Level Your Horse

There are multiple methods of training your horse in SSO.

1) XP given by daily races

2) Using the horse trainer

The best method, because it rewards the player Jorvik shillings, is using daily races. NPCs all around Jorvik offer players a race they can complete once a day, for no charge. After completing the race and returning back to the NPC, the player is rewarded with JS and horse xp. Using this method it is possible to max a horse within 5 days, at no cost.

The fastest method of training your horse involves using the horse trainer, at the price of costing SC. I personally recommend only using the horse trainer for the last 3 levels, because they require the most xp to complete. This is the only method that costs money.

The Best Training Method: An In-Depth Look

There are two different ways to use this training method. One form involves using one horse for training, and the other involves using two horses.

1) Complete daily races on the horse in training, and collect the xp.

2) Using one horse (usually of a higher level), complete daily races without turning them in to the NPCs. This means you will complete the race without collecting the xp on that horse. Then call home, mount the horse in training, return to the races completed, and collect the xp.

Neither form is better than the other, and is a matter of preference. Note that the second form is especially helpful with training ponies, who naturally run slower than horses.

Experience Points and Leveling

Maximum amount of XP from races per day: 6,770 xp

Total XP for level 15: 33,000

This means…

33,000 ÷ 6,770 = 4.87444609

MEANING: it takes exactly 5 days without buying any levels to max a horse.

If you don’t have time one day, just train for 5,920 XP, you will still max in 5 days if you continue training up to 6,770 XP all other days. This comes from:

6,770 × 5 = 33,850

33,850 - 33,000 = 850

6,770 - 850 = 5,920

What training to 6,770 xp for 5 days should look like:

Day 1: Level 7

Day 2: Level 10

Day 3: Level 12

Day 4: Level 13

Day 5: Level 15

Horse Level Requirements ( with xp to next level)

Level 1: 0 xp (150)

Level 2: 150 xp (600)

Level 3: 750 xp (750)

Level 4: 1,500 xp (1,000)

Level 5: 2,500 xp (1,500)

Level 6: 4,000 xp (2,000)

Level 7: 6,000 xp (2,000)

Level 8: 8,000 xp (2,000)

Level 9: 10,000 xp (3,000)

Level 10: 13,000 xp (3,000)

Level 11: 16,000 xp (3,000)

Level 12: 19,000 xp (4,000)

Level 13: 23,000 xp (5,000)

Level 14: 28,000 xp (5,000)

Level 15: 33,000 xp (0)

Location, Location, Location

If you have a lot of horses you need trained, Fort Pinta is the place to be. Why Fort Pinta? With access to ferries and a trailer right by the home stable, you can be anywhere in Jorvik within seconds. It minimizes the time spent running between races, which makes training easier. Steve’s Farm and Jorvik Stables are also great training stables.

Racing Gear, A Necessary Investment

It’s better to train with racing gear than without. Not only will this shave seconds off your high scores, but it will save you time in the long run. If you’re running around Jorvik, you might as well do it as fast as possible. I would dare to say the gear matters more than the horse. Here’s a quick guide on the gear.

Fastest depends on what your personal racing weaknesses are, but there are general rules when choosing racing tack. Always train with:

Saddle that has +3 swiftness

Saddle Blanket that has +3 swiftness

Bridle that has +3 swiftness

Horseshoes that has +2 swiftness

If you want to have a racing edge, make sure your discipline stat is 21 points or more. This is so you can skip the trot. Normally your horse transitions from walk>trot>canter>slow gallop>fast gallop. With 21 pts discipline, you move from walk>canter immediately.

The combination from there is up to you. If you’re bad at timing jumps (like me), find tack that also has strength points along with +3 swiftness. If you’re bad at timing turns, find tack that also has agility points along with +3 swiftness.

The star stable database is your friend. Check it out.

Don’t Forget Yourself

You’ve got your horse tacked up and ready to go, but it won’t help too much if you’re not dressed yourself. Lucky for you, racing clothing is not only given in quests, but it’s easy to find too. The look is up to you, but the stat guidelines remain the same. Always train with:

Hat that has +4 racing

Top that has +8 racing

Gloves that have +4 racing

Bottoms that have +5 racing

Shoes that have +4 racing

TIP: It’s a good idea to make your secondary focus stat Command. You’ll start faster that way, for the same reason as Discipline in horses.

Important Note!: There’s only one pair of bottoms in SSO that has +5 riding. Located in Silverglade Village, it’s a pair of black jeans limited to level 13 players and up. If you’re under level 13, go with a pair of +4 riding skirts/pants/shorts/etc.

Feel free to ask me questions in game, or through ask/private messaging

Happy leveling!

~ Bear

SSO- Star Stable Online

JS- Jorvik Shillings

SC- Star Coins

XP- Experience Points

NPC- Non-playable Character
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