racing freebies


Want one of these cute little cheebs? FOR FREE??

I’ve only got a few more weeks left at Uni for the semester but I’ve decided that I’d like to try and open up commissions over the Christmas holiday break.

These are what will be available- Theatrhythym-inspired chibis of your FFXIV character. I can do both .gifs of emotes and still images, depending on which you’d prefer. The emotes I can do so far include /joy, /eureka, /nope, /raspberry, /ear wiggle, /wink, and more, or just simply blinking. If you want something custom (like /sing, for example) please contact me first as I may not be able to do it at my current skill level.

Any and all races/ genders are fine, but some emotes such as /ear wiggle will be unavailable to races other than Miqo’te (unless you really want your Elezen’s ears to wiggle? I mean, I can try?) The same goes for tail wiggles, however Au Ra are included (obvs)

I’m still in the process of sussing out prices for them but I will only go ahead with this if there’s enough interest.

For now, I’m opening TWO (2) slots for people to be guinea pigs. All I need is for you to reblog this with a screenshot of your FFXIV character- any race/gender- that is well lit and shows them from the waist up. Also add if there are any details you want me to add (ie, specific numbers of piercings on each ear, tattoos, scars, etc. and any reference images you can find for more complex things like tattoos!) and I will do my best to add it in. I will choose 2 at random and will only do blinking chibis for this test, but will later do any emotes for commissions.

So if you’re interested, reblog and follow the instructions above! I’ll choose the 2 lucky ducks on the 31st of October. Winners will be notified and I’ll get started on the cheebs on the same day.