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The Mysterious Shutoko Race Car

Driving along the Tokyo Shutoko highway one day, I caught a glimpse of a classic, red racing car in my side mirror. I said to my girlfriend “quick, get my camera, you’ve got to get a picture of this thing”. As it roared past me, I felt like I had entered the world of Ridge Racer. This thing was low, wide and very noisy, with flowing fenders and candy red paint. I’d never seen anything like it on a public road before. It looked like a Le Mans racer from the 1970s. I thought it might be an old McLaren GT car (perhaps an M12?), but as I only have a photo of the back of it, I can’t be too sure. It was very special seeing such an unusual car on Tokyo’s legendary highway. If you know what the car is, please let me know.

Update: Big thanks to ‘818874′ on tumblr for identifying the car as a Manta Mirage (we’re 99% sure). It seems that the Mirage was an American, mid-70s, road legal, light-weight sports car, based loosely on the McLaren M8 Can-Am race car (So I wasn’t far off with the McLaren M12 guess!). The mystery has been solved!