Jeanne de Clisson’s pre-pirate outfit

squeeful wrote:

But you put her in a mid-late 15th century Burgundian gown and hennin, beautiful garments but from at least a century after she died.


Sorry! I was looking for reference as close as I could to the period, and I came across this depiction of Jeanne la Flamme - another lady pirate who was possibly friends with Jeanne de Clisson:

Like I’ve said multiple times, I’m not a historian - or a costume designer, or a trained artist, or, well, you get the picture. I’ll get things wrong.

If you have recommendations for historical costume design resources, please let me know. I mostly rely on Racinet’s work (I even have the big stonkin’ hardcover copies), but it’s got plenty of gaps in its knowledge. Every time I’ve talked to a costume designer in LA about their research methods, it’s involved travel to a lot of difficult-to-access libraries and an untenable amount of research per entry.