Ice Speedway racin… it takes guts, experience and fearlessness… #raceeverything #race #iceracing #motorcycle #ftw #rideeverywhere #thelife 📹: found on @j_perez70 page! 👊

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Dans un monde qui se déshumanise, chaque geste de générosité est un acte de résistance et de liberté. Mais des gestes isolés, mêmes nombreux, s'ils rendent le monde moins insupportable, ne vont pas à la racine du mal. Il reste à leur donner une dimension politique et sociale. Cela s'appelle l'engagement.
—  Bernard Émond
Il fut toujours sentimental : la petite fleur bleue avait en lui des racines de chêne. Les plus fortes tempêtes ont passé sur elle sans l'arracher. Elle se refermait un peu pour se rouvrir tout de suite, le temps calmé.
—  Jules Renard, Journal (1887-1910) - 24 avril 1894
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: stromae's expertise and sheer versatility is a great source of stress for me. he sings, he raps, he dances, he drums, he designs clothing, he's behind the camera on some of his own video shoots, he speaks multiple languages, he performs his own songs with more genuine emotion than most actors i see on tv; the sharpness of his cheekbones is unparalleled, the depths of his eyes fathomless. i fear i will never understand, let alone reach, his level of wordsmithing. the more i study his lyrics, the more puns and references and double-meanings i discover. the diversity of subject matter addressed in his music is astounding--there isn't a single love song or four-chord song to be found on racine carrée. his production choices, his piano parts, his tight background harmonies, his chord progressions, all demonstrate that he possesses truly amazing musicianship. i can't decide whether to cry because i want his talent, or because i can't witness it up close.