I’m writing this as a warning post.  Felia/Luca (Lucaiah) aka, tumblr user cishetfoleo (aka Gracen lellyphant) is my abuser.  

EDIT 10/15/15: I added some details about him lying about his race. They’re added at the end of the callout.

EDIT 10/23/15: He’s now deleted but I know for a fact he will remake. [Here’s a post talking about him] and what to look out for, for when he does.

EDIT 11/19/15: I forgot to mention this earlier.  I did not read Felia’s callout post (simply because I didn’t want to give him the time of day) but I have had people tell me a few ridiculous accusations in it that I feel I need to address.  They’ll be addressed in [this post]

EDIT 6/23/16: I should’ve posted this earlier but Rocco has made a couple posts addressing Corrin’s lies about it [here] and [here]. Also I did a bit of trimming to the introduction of this post

EDIT 10/19/16: I decided to put testimonials from other users in an easy to access post [right here]

If you’re unfamiliar with him, here’s the past few URLS he used:

cishetfoleo, cometlucifers, ranpokitan, nyctolovely, lucaiah, ugeyudi, pupfierce, lellybirb, lellyphant, and marshmallowknight. 

He also ran the blog intersexcharacteroftheday (but it seems to be under new ownership) and was Mod Pika for ask-an-antisocial.

He changes his name often and past/current names include: Felia, Lucaiah, Corrin, Lovely, Nill, Henry, Rose, Ellie, Dove, and Gracen. 

Here’s a post that goes into more detail about him and past aliases: [Right this way]

And finally, another link to another callout made by another of his victims:  [Here]

Luca has abused me sexually, mentally and emotionally. He’s extremely manipulative, racist and ableist and frequently uses my disabilities and trauma and how it intersects with my race in order to demonise me. He is not someone to be trusted and I would suggest avoiding him at all costs.

This post is really long, but I’d appreciate it being reblogged to get the word out about him.  I don’t care what he or any of his friends have to say about this.  I don’t want to even interact with him anymore.  When we broke up, he said he wanted to forget I existed but he insists on beating a dead horse which is why I’m typing this out. I wish he’d hurry up and forget so I and my friends can move on with our lives.

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t have screenshots.  A lot of what I’m talking about in this post happened/was said while we were together in real life so I can’t have screenshots for it.  So it’s a he-said/it-said situation and I’m gonna ask people to actually try and read what I have to say before saying I’m demonising my ex or something.

Trigger/Content warnings: #rape, #sexual assault #unsanitary #racism #antiblackness #transmisogyny #transphobia #misgendering #abuse #murder

TL;DR: Felia/Luca is sexually abusive (taking away my ability to properly consent to sexual activity), emotionally abusive (consistently put me into situations where I felt uncomfortable and kept me in a relationship I didn’t want to be in), racist and ableist. (uses my mental illnesses against me and how they intersect with my race) All of this is expanded upon below the cut.

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