racialized misogyny

slightly controversial opinion: 

body hair positivity is utterly meaningless if it doesn’t include or center women of color and trans women 

women of color and trans women face the most egregious mockery of their body hair 

AND they’re consistently misgendered and denied their womanhood because of their body hair (especially if they’re trans and nonwhite) 

there are white women, including white wlw (especially gnc white wlw) who are shamed for their body hair but frankly their struggles with body hair are incomparable to how women of color + trans women (especially gnc wlwoc and trans woc) struggle daily with body hair 

trans women are assaulted and even killed if they don’t pass and are thus pressured to conform to femininity in ways cis women aren’t 

women of color are coercively masculinized and desexualized if they don’t conform to femininity and face a constant, exhausting stream of rejection from their communities and from white people because of body hair 

both trans women and woc are punished if they don’t painstakingly rid themselves of body hair or if they do choose to then they participate in painful, time-consuming, and usually expensive processes to get rid of body hair 

consider religion as well - jewish, muslim, hindu, and other nonwhite women who are religious have unique struggles with body hair as well

in essence, body hair positivity that doesn’t emphasize woc and trans women’s conflicts with body hair and how it relates to their sense of self/how others conceive of them is truly purposeless and only serves to cater to cis white sensibilities 

honestly it is really important to me that people remember that korra and asami are bisexual and that bill is a lesbian because all three of them are women of color and to have them canonically be lbpq women is INCREDIBLY significant and when you fucking idiots say “uwu asami is a lesbian bc she made a mistake by dating a man” or “uwu bill is bi because she wore a pink/purple/blue shirt once” you’re just making something that should make wlwoc happy into this fight and that’s the worst thing lol 

White women really need to stop writing fics and making graphics and art about interracial f/f ships in which the visibly brown or black woman in the ship serves as the “knight” or “lionheart” for the white woman who’s portrayed as the “queen” or “princess”. You all are being transparent and gross as hell. For once, consider how lbpq women of color are already painted as angry and brutal. Consider how lbpq women of color aren’t allowed to be soft or vulnerable or sensitive. Consider that they can’t be romantically or sexually autonomous without being fetishized by the male gaze and the white, colonial gaze, especially if they’re trans. Consider that the next time you begin outlining an AU or storyline in which the woman of color is the knight for her white savior princess. 

Phrases to avoid at all costs when referencing women of color:

  • “Colored”
  • “Ebony” 
  • “Caramel”
  • “Brownie” 
  • “Cocoa” 
  • “Chocolate” 
  • “Exotic” 

Any word or phrase that reduces their appearance to skin color, or relates their skin color to food (or some other inanimate object), or anything that objectifies their racial identity/dehumanizes their racial identity is fetishistic, racist, and misogynistic. I understand that people are trying to disseminate positivity for all women, but please be careful when talking about women of color because language can lend itself very quickly to racist/fetishistic/sexualized territory. It is that kind of language that has been used against women of color, in the long, long history of white people (especially cishet white men) colonizing, trafficking, and commodifying the bodies of women of color. 

There are ways to uplift and celebrate the beauty of women of color without treating them as a monolith, sexualizing them, dehumanizing them, or infantilizing them. It’s very simple and easy. Finally, uplifting women of color isn’t just about emphasizing positivity for their skin color or shade - it’s also about racialized features (such as noses and body hair) that women of color are frequently mocked about and targeted for. 

If you, as a white person, do not think that you have the capability to avoid dehumanizing a woman of color or viewing her as an equal, refrain from trying to performatively spread positivity about her. Trust me - we don’t need it. 

I can’t reblog the post because op blocked me but there’s a post going around to the tune of “this women’s march was organised by black, latina and palestinian women activists but white women just wanna be cissexist and talk about their pussies” and I’m actually furious.

1) Do you honestly think woc don’t have vulvas? That we are somehow unaffected by anti abortion laws and laws making it harder to access birth control? Do you think that our activist struggles are somehow unrelated to the exploitation of our bodies and reproductive labour? Do you honestly not think that a single woc has ever held a “get your rosaries off my ovaries” sign? lmao

2) Sentiments like these show a clear lack of knowledge (or maybe simply a lack of care) about our histories with regards to slavery and colonialism. There is a very long and painful history of black women’s bodies being used as a means of economic production during slavery, of native women being raped to further colonialist expansions in the americas, of poor immigrant latinas being sterilised in prisons. Our oppression differs from that of our men because of the exploitation of our reproductive capabilities so to act like any discussions of this is a “white thing” is so incredibly insulting especially considering the pain of our foremothers.

3) This is just neoracism. Racialized misogyny with an approved progressive stamp. It’s clear that our experiences, our histories and our realities mean nothing to these people as we are merely a prop in their antifeminist attempts to silence women and obscure the realities of our oppression.

if you’re truly not racist, if you truly believe black & brown people deserve respect and empathy and access to full personhood, then you don’t associate yourself with racists in any positive way ever, then you don’t participate in that “i can love the art but hate the artist uwu” bullshit, then you don’t prioritize your personal interests and tastes over the safety and basic human rights of poc.

talking and talking about how you’re ~so supportive~ and ~such a good ally~ is completely useless if you’re buddy-buddy with people and communities who are widely racist just because you have interests in common, if racism is something you’re willing to tolerate in any way shape or form for any reason at all ever then you’re a racist yourself.

Equality vs. Hate

What I am here for, equality

Racial equality

gender equality

LGBT equality

What I am not here for, hate

Hating white people in the name of racial equality

Hating on cisgendered/heterosexual people in the name of LGBT equality

Hating men in the name of gender equality

social justice warriors

just saw someone say that maia hitting jace repeatedly is bad because jace is an abuse survivor as if maia isn’t an abuse survivor, as if she hasn’t been mistreated consistently by jace & other shadowhunters, and as if her trying to defend her people is equivalent to the abuse jace experienced at the hands of valentine 

Things I want white mentally ill people to acknowledge (that is if they genuinely care about wanting to be allies. Those that are blatantly racist will ignore this regardless of what I say, lol): 

  • yes, mental illness can and does affect everyone. but no, the way mental illness is diagnosed and treated does not fall along equal lines. like physical health and physical medical care, it is delineated by race, class, and gender, which means people of color, particularly working-class people of color, have the least access to mental health care and resources. 
  • yes, ableism is a problem, and we need to avoid it at all costs, but calling out and criticizing racism is not ableist. assuming that all people of color are neurotypical is both racist AND ableist. finally, using mental illness as an excuse to be racist is rife with ableism itself because you posit that mentally ill people are inherently going to be bigoted (and you also ignore the intersection of race and mental health). 
  • on that note, using your mental illness and past traumatic experiences as political currency is awful, especially when you’re using it to justify your own racism. people of color making jokes about white people is not ableist. people of color refusing to engage with your racism is not ableist. people of color calling you out for your racism is not ableist. people of color using terms that are specific to their racial/ethnic groups is not ableist. people of color prioritizing each other is not ableist. finally, pretending that only white people can be victims of trauma is incredibly racist. 
  • acknowledge that because of white supremacy, people of color are at a higher risk for mental illness and trauma while also contending with little to no federal help or attention and with under-diagnosis. acknowledge that culturally and racially specific programs for mental health are necessary because the way kids of color deal with mental health is very different from how white kids deal with it. culture is very much a part of mental health and mental illness. 
  • sociological and academic terms like “white guilt”, “white sociopathy”, “white anxiety”, and “white delusion” are NOT ableist terms. those are very specific terms used to describe systemic phenomenon - that white people do not see people of color as human, and thus are unable to empathize with us, they project their own guilt onto us in often violent ways, and they manifest their inherent hatred and fear of us in violent ways. you cannot be a good racial ally if you hate these terms or think that they don’t apply to you. i hate to break it to you, but they apply to all white people. 
  • on that note, but opening your mouth and screaming “ableist! this information is inaccessible!” the minute a woman of color uses specific sociological terms to describe racism is fraught with racialized misogyny. women of color have to do far more to succeed in academic spaces whereas white people, and yes even white mentally ill people, don’t have to contend with those obstacles. and obviously rhetoric should be accessible - that is absolutely right - but blaming women of color for using terms that rich white neurotypical men came up with and popularized is ridiculous. especially because women of color are not taken seriously whether they’re being angry and “unacademic” or whether they’re being academic and “pretentious”. 
  • if you don’t see the trauma enacted by white supremacy as an actual form of trauma, you’re racist. things like weathering and intergenerational trauma exist and those are specific forms of trauma caused by RACISM. 
  • cry-typing when you’re called out for being racist, saying that you don’t have the “spoons” to talk about or learn about racism, saying that posts about racism cause you “anxiety” or “trigger” you, blatantly ignoring vile acts of racism because “um sweetie i don’t have to discuss this because my mental health is more important than your marginalization”, “being racist is my coping mechanism” or contrasting and juxtaposing yourself as “fragile/naive/soft/innocent/gentle” against “mean/aggressive/snobby/pretentious/scary” people of color is incredibly racist. white people have been conceptualizing people of color as scary and brutal and aggressive for centuries. congratulations on reinforcing your own racist socialization by dressing it up with some faux-progressive sjw mental health rhetoric! 

When you’re both an Asian American girl and a lesbian, so you have to deal with really heavy fetishization of both of those identities, which makes finding actual communities dealing with both of those difficult, because it just turns up porn instead.

Also having to deal with conservative immigrant parents, as your mom makes comments about being eager to be chased by boys someday and frowning upon your older sister dating a short boy, when you’ve only ever been uncomfortable/annoyed by guys hitting on you (I also get the impression that if I were straight, I’d be doing some of the chasing instead, but as a lesbian, I’m practically forced to do the chasing myself, anyway, once I’m able to) and dating girls is, sadly, at least a magnitude
less socially acceptable than dating a short boy.

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The Defenders fandom made me realize how ugly they are when it comes to respecting black female characters. They are hating on Claire because she apparently gets in the way of JessicaLuke, and they want Misty and Danny to be platonic because of ColleenDanny. They are pulling the 'let them be independent, they don't need a man' bullshit. Lord forbid black female characters be legit love interests though, right?

Same shit, different fandoms.

Mod HQ

Mary, I ask that you be aware of how this serves the destructive forces of racism and separation between women - the assumption that the herstory and myth of white women is the legitimate and sole herstory and myth of all women to call upon for power and background, and that nonwhite women and our herstories are noteworthy only as decorations, or examples of female victimization. I ask that you be aware of the effect that this dismissal has upon the community of Black women and other women of Color, and how it devalues your own words. This dismissal does not essentially differ from the specialized devaluations that make Black women prey, for instance, to the murders even now happening in your own city. When patriarchy dismisses us, it encourages our murders. When radical lesbian feminist theory dismisses us, it encourages its own demise. This dismissal stands as a real block to communication between us. This block makes it far easier to turn away from you completely than to attempt to understand the thinking behind your choices. Should the next step be war between us, or separation? Assimilation within a solely western european herstory is not acceptable.
—  Audre Lorde, “Open Letter to Mary Daly,” in Sister Outsider 

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mixed representation is great but i always see half asian half white women get more roles because they don't look "too asian" (Chloe bennet, jessica henwick, elodie yung, olivia munn, maggie q, etc) And they also get less stereotypical roles too, and i feel like that privilege should be recognized

I totally see your point nonny! Its not exactly colorism but its definitely white supremacy in action that biracial Asian actresses are more popular than other Asian actresses.  

mod m

I think I’m so personally offended by the whole “it’s so refreshing they’re platonic” discourse because as a bisexual woman it feels like they’re reducing a woman being sexual to being nothing but a sexual object, because it’s like as soon as a woman has sex with a man she’s lesser. And yall would be all over two women being in a sexual relationship, but as soon as it’s an interracial m/f relationship it’s taboo?? Biphobia and racialized misogyny are not the same, but I still have this nagging feeling of “oh, they just think m/f sex is gross”…in this case because it’s Holmes/Watson and Watson is a Chinese American woman rather than a man, making Holmes/Watson m/f instead of m/m. It reminds me of how if a bisexual woman ends up with a man, she’s seen as betraying the LGBT community, she’s actually straight, she’s just a breeder, blah blah blah

I can’t explain the relation I’m feeling…I know the two things aren’t the same…but it’s like you guys think a woman being sexual with a man is just inherently bad…but only if it’s with the leading man (who is white…and a genius…and so you’re already lessening Joan’s role by saying she’s tainted if she has sex with him???) Like even if you say it’s because m/f romance is overdone, you can’t ignore the racism here. The whole mindset that a WOC lead having sex with a white male lead is wrong it’s just…disgusting on so many levels. And you should be more angry about women being reduced to their sexual relationships, not women in powerful roles getting into mutually respectful relationships with men. As a bisexual woman I just wish there was less focus on what genders make up a relationship and more about the healthy or unhealthy dynamics of a relationship, sexual or not. Just because Joan doesn’t have sex with Sherlock doesn’t mean their relationship is healthy. Just because Joan has sex with other men doesn’t mean those men respect her more than he does?? Like, look at fucking Mycroft. Walking Creeper Disaster. His relationship with Joan was all about his conflict with Sherlock, not Joan herself. That’s not respecting a WOC lead, that’s using her to further white men’s narratives. A m/f non-platonic relationship isn’t bad because it’s overdone, it’s bad if it’s unequal and unhealthy. There’s a huge difference!

Okay, so please if you think Joanlock, or any m/f relationship that can potentially be very healthy (or already is healthy), is bad, just think more about why. Is it because you think it would lessen the woman’s role? Why? There’s a difference between not trusting writers to treat a woman character right (I never do) and thinking a romantic m/f relationship will damage a woman somehow. The latter is such a gross mindset, we need to end it.

Not surprisingly, some interracially partnered Asian American men
seemed to harbor submerged feelings of gratitude to their white ethnic
partners. The men often confessed not only that winning approval of white ethnic females provided them with a boost in self-esteem and confidence, but also that they were grateful to them for being willing to date or marry across racial lines. Jason, a Korean American, denied that he saw his white ethnic wife as a “trophy,” but admitted nonetheless, “You think more of the person you are dating because she’s open-minded enough to go out with someone like me.”

While Asian American men felt gratitude, one of the main concerns
of Asian American women in the study regarding interracial relationships was a concern and fear about the “Asian fetish,” a situation in which Asian women become objects of heightened desire for non-Asian men. Indeed, sardonic discussions of “Asian fetish” or “yellow fever” emerged in almost every conversation I had with the women. Nonetheless, a majority of Asian American women in the study, like the men, confessed to varying degrees of uncertainty regarding their attractiveness to non-Asian men growing up, for instance, wondering if they were not asked out on dates or did not
receive marriage proposals because of their race.


Kelly H. Chong, 

Children and the Shifting Engagement with
Racial/Ethnic Identity among Second Generation
Interracially Married Asian