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mixed representation is great but i always see half asian half white women get more roles because they don't look "too asian" (Chloe bennet, jessica henwick, elodie yung, olivia munn, maggie q, etc) And they also get less stereotypical roles too, and i feel like that privilege should be recognized

I totally see your point nonny! Its not exactly colorism but its definitely white supremacy in action that biracial Asian actresses are more popular than other Asian actresses.  

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I can’t reblog the post because op blocked me but there’s a post going around to the tune of “this women’s march was organised by black, latina and palestinian women activists but white women just wanna be cissexist and talk about their pussies” and I’m actually furious.

1) Do you honestly think woc don’t have vulvas? That we are somehow unaffected by anti abortion laws and laws making it harder to access birth control? Do you think that our activist struggles are somehow unrelated to the exploitation of our bodies and reproductive labour? Do you honestly not think that a single woc has ever held a “get your rosaries off my ovaries” sign? lmao

2) Sentiments like these show a clear lack of knowledge (or maybe simply a lack of care) about our histories with regards to slavery and colonialism. There is a very long and painful history of black women’s bodies being used as a means of economic production during slavery, of native women being raped to further colonialist expansions in the americas, of poor immigrant latinas being sterilised in prisons. Our oppression differs from that of our men because of the exploitation of our reproductive capabilities so to act like any discussions of this is a “white thing” is so incredibly insulting especially considering the pain of our foremothers.

3) This is just neoracism. Racialized misogyny with an approved progressive stamp. It’s clear that our experiences, our histories and our realities mean nothing to these people as we are merely a prop in their antifeminist attempts to silence women and obscure the realities of our oppression.

people using pictures of skinny white women with short hair and tattoos to disprove others when they say “butch lesbians are ugly!!!!!!” is my least favorite thing like …y'all are taking your shitty standards of what a Proper Butch looks like and using them to say “Not All Butches!” while throwing all your “less” attractive butches including woc, fat women and hairy women under the bus i see all of you

So I made this post about the low-key racism in the Shadowhunters fandom. Then I thought, I really should make a post about the how the Shadowhunter-Downworlder dynamic is fantasy racism and meant to parallel real-life racism, because a lot of people seem to miss the metaphor when discussing characters in the show. Consideration of race and the effect on the narrative positioning is essential when it comes to examining actions and dynamics.

So, here we go.

In 1.03, we are introduced to the idea of species tension in the Shadow World.

ALEC: Downworlders are slaves to their impulses.

ISABELLE: Alec, you can’t just jump on all the Downworlders.

ALEC: Oh, that’s right. Seelies have their charms, apparently-

It’s clear from a very short interaction that the Shadow World is split into two ‘races’- the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders, with the former having a very low opinion of the latter. I know fandom likes to use the Alec line as something humourous, but it really does reveal his racism.

In 1.04,

JACE: Warlock gets around.

JACE: Warlocks usually require payment before they help anyone with anything.

Warlocks are held in slightly higher regard by Shadowhunters, mostly because they have the power to help them, for a price of course. Lack of name from Jace says it all really.

In 1.05,

ISABELLE: I have Seelie friends.

MARYSE: Yes, I know about your friends. Isabelle, we stay seperate from the Downworld for good reasons. The wrong move, the wrong word, you think there’s such a thing as harmless rebellion? Who knows what offends these creatures? Maybe you told him- them- something they shouldn’t know, maybe you trod on one of their ridiculous customs without noticng it…….When someone upsets the natural order, everything falls apart.

Maryse is one of the most bigoted Shadowhunters in the whole series. This is her very first scene and it’s clear where some of her children have inherited their racism from. She dismisses the Seelies way of life, calls them ‘creatures’ (ew) and makes arrogant assumptions about the ‘natural order’ (eww)- calling these good reasons to degrade a species. Everything in here should creep you out.

ALEC: Bored, decadent vampires.

Fairly minor after Maryse’s racist spiel but the casual tone exposes the normality of Alec’s opinion. He just says it in conversation.

MELIORN: Perhaps the Accords don’t provide equal protection for all Shadow Realms.

You’d think they would, especially seeing the trouble the Clave goes to enforcing them. Audiences should sympathise with Meliorn here.

ALEC: The law is hard, but it is the law.

The infamous line! Here, it represents the supremacist attitudes of Shadowhunters- they force their outdated law on others. It is also used to justify their racist actions.

In 1.06,

MARYSE: It’s not like Isabelle can do it.

It is implied no Shadowhunter will marry Izzy because she has been ‘tainted’ by her relationships with the Downworld. Wow, Maryse.

ALEC: No I told you at the Wolf Den, no more Downworlder business, we can’t be seen as interferring with a pack alpha dispute. How can you ask me-

Again with the isolation politics. What’s interesting is the ‘can’t be seen’- Shadowhunter culture is very much shame culture. It’s not just that Isabelle and Meliorn have a relationship, it’s that everyone knows about it. ( @amorverus discusses shame culture here)

CLARY: Bring it, warlock.

Oh, Clary. You know his name, just use it!

MAGNUS: And he hated the Downworlders, the gifts that we possessed that he could not have. He hated us enough to kill us all. 

Envy, envy, envy. It’s enough to turn Valentine into a murderous racist.

VALENTINE: The Accords are a fallacy. Everything about them. Down to the blasphemous magic that binds us all to it’s stupidity.

JOCELYN: The Accords guarantee peace!

VALENTINE: We’re Shadowhunters, we don’t make peace with demons! Downworlders are half-demon. We are fufilling our destiny.

It’s interesting here to see how similar Valentine’s rhetoric is to ‘normal’ Shadowhunter speech, but he is condemned by his community. This doesn’t sound far off from what Maryse said in 1.05.


JACE: And not the sexed-up, romantic kind. The ugly, coffin-dwelling, blood-sucking kind.

Sadly, Jace’s opinion of vampires has not changed since 1.03.

MARYSE: There are rumours that local Shadowhunters have been interferring in Downworld affairs. But you two wouldn’t know anything about that, right?

Shame culture again! This is eerily similar to what Alec recites to Jace in 1.05. Again, I wonder where he gets it from.

LUKE: Wasn’t easy going from a revered Shadowhunter to a werewolf. Suddenly I was foraging for food, unable to control my own body. I lost my family, my friends.

Luke’s perspective is very interesting here as it reveals the adjustments Downworlders have to make. It also shows the extent to which they are truly hated- Luke lost his own family.

SIMON: Am I a vampire? [Yes]. Tell me this isn’t real! Tell me this isn’t happening! I’m repulsive! I’m nothing more than a monster!

The disgust for Downworlders has even transferred to a mundane.

In 1.09,

ISABELLE: My family-

MELIORN: Despises Downworlders. That’s common knowledge.

Common knowledge? Considering the way the factions of the Shadow World avoid each other, the Lightwoods must really hate Downworlders for everyone to know.

LYDIA: Meliorn, the Clave has ordered that you be placed under arrest.

ISABELLE: What for?

LYDIA: Soliciting state secrets from a Shadowhunter on behalf of Valentine Morgentstern.

‘Soliciting’? Clearly Downworlders are viewed as the enemy. Meliorn isn’t even warned of his arrest (he isn’t given legal repreesntation either).

CLARY: Alec, the Clave has gone too far. You have to see that. Please, just let Meliorn go.

ALEC: I have my orders.

This links back to the whole law rhetoric. Is the fact that torture is an order really enought to justify the act? (answer: no).

In 1.10,

JACE: You’ve given us no reason to trust you, Seelie.

Maybe Jace is just very forgetful when it comes to names. But seriously, Meliorn is risking his life here but sure, he’s secretly ~evil~.

LYDIA: Only a handful of people knew about the Meliorn op.

RAJ: And everyone knows she’s sleeping with him.

Healthy dose of racialized slut-shaming!

ISABELLE: You know what Lydia? You’re no better than Valentine. But at least he had the guts to tell Downworlders to their faces he wanted them all dead. You? Hide behind the law.

LYDIA: I don’t hide behind it, Isabelle. I simply follow it.

Shadowhunters really love the law.

In 1.11,

RAPHAEL: Funny how those rules for Downworlders stop being such a big deal when you need our help.

Speaks for itself (drag them Raphael, drag them!).

ISABELLE: I don’t want Valentine to succeed.

IMOGEN: Well that’s the first sane thing I’ve heard from you.

ISABELLE: You know what’s insane? Thinking we have the right to treat a Downworlders life as worthless.

It is clear here at Izzy’s trial that the life of any Downworlder is rarely considered noteworthy.

BLACKWELL: Graymark! Where are your claws? Don’t bother with that [seraph blade]. It only lights up for real Shadowhunters.

At least Blackwell is actually a Circle member.

In 1.12,

MARYSE: And all for a Downworlder.

@autisticroot has written meta about the homophobia of this line in the context of the scene. That being said, Maryse is undoubtedly upset that her son has chosen a ‘lesser being’.

LUKE: It’s all right. You and I will be able to share our love openly one day

Again, interaccial relationships are frowned up when everybody actually knows about it.


MARYSE: No, the fact that he is a man, as you say, is the least of my worries. It’s that you chose Magnus Bane.

ROBERT: His reputation precedes him. And even for a warlock, he’s a bit of a lothario.

Again, it really all just speaks for itself.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so please feel free to add some!

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Is there a master list of why Tina Fey is bad? I know people love her and have called her a feminist. However I know about some issues with 30 Rock but what more?


that’s a good list. Pay special attention to this bullet point:

This is from the link: 

The standard of beauty was set. Cheryl Tiegs, Farrah Fawcett, Christie Brinkley. Small eyes, toothy smile, boobies, no buttocks, yellow hair… Can you remember a time when pop culture was so white that Jaclyn Smith was the chocolate?! By the eighties, we started to see some real chocolate: Halle Berry and Naomi Campbell. “Downtown” Julie Brown and Tyra Banks.

But I think the first real change in women’s body image came when JLo turned it butt-style.

That was the first time that having a large-scale situation in the back was part of mainstream American beauty. Girls wanted butts now. Men were free to admit that they had always enjoyed them. And then, what felt like moments later, boom—Beyoncé brought the leg meat. A back porch and thick muscular legs were now widely admired.

And from that day forward, women embraced their diversity and realized that all shapes and sizes are beautiful.

Ah ha ha. No. I’m totally messing with you. All Beyoncé and JLo have done is add to the laundry list of attributes women must have to qualify as beautiful:

Now every girl is expected to have:

Caucasian blue eyes
full Spanish lips
a classic button nose
hairless Asian skin with a California tan
a Jamaican dance hall ass
long Swedish legs
small Japanese feet
the abs of a lesbian gym owner
the hips of a nine-year-old boy
the arms of Michelle Obama
and doll tits.

The person closest to actually achieving this look is Kim Kardashian, who, as we know, was made by Russian scientists to sabotage our athletes. Everyone else is struggling. Even the skinny blondes who were once on top can now be found squatting to a Rihanna song in a class called Gary’s Glutes Camp in an attempt to reverse-engineer a butt.

These are dark times. Back in my days, you were either blessed with a beautiful body or not. And if you were not, you could just chill out and learn a trade. Now if you’re not “hot,” you are expected to work on it until you are. It’s like when you renovate a house and you’re legally required to leave just one of the original walls standing. If you don’t have a good body, you’d better starve the body you have down to a neutral shape, then bolt on some breast implants, replace your teeth, dye your skin orange, inject your lips, sew on some hair, and call yourself the Playmate of the Year.

How do we survive this?

How do we teach our daughters and our gay sons that they are good enough the way they are?

As far as I’m concerned Kim K is still a woman of color so that’s more racialized misogyny in this veritable sea of racialized misogyny/misogynoir.  I mean she really hates women of color so yeah I stay clear of her. 

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PSA: Adopted asians are people

This story is a bit different from others, but still personal and possibly relevant for some of us.

I am adopted. I am Korean by birth, adopted into a great, Canadian family. My parents are British and French descent, and white. My older brother is also Korean adopted, but not my brother by blood. 

It BLOWS people’s minds when they see us in public. No one can understand the concept of a white family with POC children. No one realises the overpopulation is East Asia, and the stigma against abortions in conservative Korea. My birth parents were Korean and Japanese (TL;DR they don’t have the best historic relations!), unmarried and extremely young. I always understood that adoption was the best option for me. But my classmates didn’t. They don’t understand that adoption is a safe and happy option. What’s more, I don’t long for my “real parents”. I thank them for having me, and that’s that.

Growing up was hell. Canada isnt free of racism. I was always called Chinese, and I remember crying as a child when kids would pull their eyes and spit “Ching chang” at me. I remember being asked “North or south?” When I told them I was born in Korea, and everyone would talk about how they loved sushi and fried rice when my dad cooked spaghetti and beef stew. Guys wanted me to call them my senpai or Oppa. Teachers would stare at me when we talked about China’s one child policy. I was always given the Asian country to study, expecting I’d ace it and bring everyone some dumplings to sample. I loved learning about Korea and Japan. But it wasn’t my NATIONALITY. It wasn’t my culture. It was my ETHINICITY. The genes in my makeup. My RACE.

When the K-pop trend swept in, I was suddenly aware of the Asian fetishisation. I saw post after post of guys and girls praising the girl groups for their slimness and cutesy dances. I was blown to this high standard of beauty, when I was short, muscular and hairy, not a tall slim superstar. I was bullied into shaving. I was a feminist but suddenly I was expected to bow to the patriarchy: bow the hardest, because as we all know too well, East Asians are among the most submissive (*insert violent eye roll*). I was expected to know all things Asian and be all things Asian. But I was fascinated with the Ottoman Empire and learning Turkish over Korean. I studied Islam over Confucianism. I was fascinated and awed by the Middle East and it’s complicated geopolitics, over the equally as rich and complex politics of Korea and Japan. And that confused the hell out of my white classmates, who had convinced themselves I was the embodiment of Korea. I got sick of shouting I’m not. 

Now, I’ve exhausted my care cup. I will always look Korean. I will always be from Korean and Japanese parents. But understand that looking a certain way doesn’t mean acting a certain way. There are plenty of adopted POC with less contact with their country of origin. And while you might not know how “Asian” that makes us, bottom line is it’s none of your business. I am Canadian. I am not a baffling object or an exceptionally unique individual. I’m just a human. And I wish I could talk about my interest in the Palestinian conflict or the Syrian civil war instead of “What Asian are you?“ 

You think that lesbians dating men isn’t “really a thing that happens”?

You honestly think that lesbians haven’t been pressured into relationships with men before?

Do you not understand how compulsory heterosexuality works? Do you not understand history? Do you think that women (and especially poor women/ women of color) are and always have been given that level of agency over the romantic and sexual relationships that they engage in? Do you not understand that our culture coerces women into centering their lives around men?

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About that confession where the person says they don't ship Malec and basically call it unnatural, there were two other confessions that insulted Malec. And one talked about the acting feeling off. I looked at the replies and someone said they agreed and blamed it on Harry and said maybe he was uncomfortable. Which is so questionable. Like, of course they'd place the blame on Harry. It's like the people saying Magnus didn't love Alec because he didn't react how they wanted...

Hi! Yeah, I saw those in the tag yesterday. It’s the same old tired stuff that we’ve been hearing from them for years. Their wording never changes. 

As for blaming Harry thing – they have been doing that for two years now. Harry gets all sorts of accusations like these – he “can’t act”, “trying too hard”, “not invested enough”, “looks uncomfortable”, “is homophobic” etc. etc.

And they ALWAYS compare him with those whitedudes from those two shows that start with “E” and “S”. There has been so much racism thrown at Harry from the stans of those guys lately, that it’s kind of getting old now.

Anyway, these accusations of homophobia (that, as far as we know, are absolutely unfounded) actually fall into the same old stereotype that presumably ALL straight men of color are homophobes… And from my experience with fandom, straight actors of color playing gay characters always get this same accusation thrown at them, if their characters are in a relationship with a white guy that fandom loves.

For example, “You, me and the Apocalypse” fandom is tiny, it’s like ~20 people in total watched it, and blogged about it on tumblr two years ago. And yet even in such a small fandom there were two randos who accused Paterson Joseph of being “stiff” / “not delivering it” / “looking uncomfortable” – basically all the stuff they throw at Harry now. I’ve seen similar stuff said (in comments outside of tumblr) about Andrew Leung’s character in Lilting. So… yeah, this is a pattern that exists.

All the while LGBT actors of color never get as much love from fandoms, as those straight white actors from popular fanon white queerbated ships (you know which ones I mean) – people never shut up about whatever “romantic chemistry” and “sexual tension” delivered by those white guys. I have seen people saying that Nico Santo’s Mateo from Superstore is “too extra” and should “tone it down”.

Another reason why some of those people are accusing Harry of “being uncomfortable” is because he’s not giving them the queerbaited fodder outside of the show, like all those white actors, who post their kisses on instagram, or making a shippy commercial on a boat, or fooling around with sexual innuendo on comic cons. And it’s not that I’m judging those actors – they’re just giving the fandom what it wants and what it expects.

But as a woman of color, I’m glad that Harry’s not doing that Shumd@rio bating, because RPS fandoms tend to get super ugly, and I don’t want to see Shelby getting the same hate as the wives and girlfriends of those aforementioned white actors’ have been getting. Make no mistake that Shelby would’ve been getting tons of hate from those people, if Harry behaved the same as those guys (i.e. gave them the queerbated fodder). Not just because of misogyny, but also because of racialized misogyny. I’ve seen some people commenting on his and Shelby’s photos with ridiculous stuff like “his smile isn’t as genuine as with Matt” etc. etc.

Speaking of which, let’s not forget how some ugly people commented on Steven Yeun’s wedding photos saying that “he should’ve married Lauren”, “Lauren would’ve looked so beautiful in that dress”…

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(Same anon from below) I'd personally like to see you talk a bit more about how WW have a privilege in the sense that they aren't impacted by sexism/misogyny to the same extent WOC are due to their racial privilege (i.e. WW don't face the fetishism & hypersexualization that WOC do, which is basically a racialized form of misogyny.) I feel like many WW who self-identify as feminist often come short in identifying their privilege in that area and make it seem as though the sexism/misogyny (P1)

I’m not sure how long you have followed me but I’ve definitely reblogged a lot of that and will often try to mention the intersections of oppression that I don’t face as a cis white woman.

But more than mentioning seems to make people very uncomfortable, in ways I can understand and I don’t blame anyone for that, many people feel like the last thing they need is another WW whitesplaining their own issues to them especially since women of colour can say it all way better than I can and with nuance I can never have due to my own privilege.

At the end of the day it’s very hard to know exactly where your lane ends and the consequences of veering outside of it don’t happen to me, they happen to the woc who are often made to feel uncomfortable. Even IF our intentions are pure as white women and we’re honestly trying to help I can’t see a lot of benefit on making these posts over and over.

I’ve made them a few times but I cannot help but feel it’s way better to reblog women of colour. Hell, the other day I made assumptions when reblogging a woman of colour and I confronted some other white women but it seemed to make the OP uncomfortable.

I hope this doesn’t sound like an excuse, I recognise the privilege that I have as a white, cis woman and understand there are systemic forms of violence I will never experience.

I just don’t know if me saying this in posts is a good thing or just talking for woc and I don’t want to be a part of massing woc feel unwelcome.

I really appreciate you messaging me, I’m just struggling with what is the right way to approach these subjects without over-approaching.

women of color who tried to play Rey - Star Wars

Jessica Henwick

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Maisie Richardson-Sellers

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 [gif from: https://www.roleplaygateway.com/roleplay/rorschach-academy/characters/catarina-yakovlev]

Kawennahere Devery Jacobs

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 [gif from:http://naiawrites.tumblr.com/post/111803677288/kawenn%C3%A1here-devery-jacobs-is-a-20-year-old-mohawk]

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Thanks Nonny!

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I have to do some more thinking about this but honestly

Posts that go all “identifying as ase/xual or creating more labels is not helpful bcuz it ignores the ties into misogyny, compulsory heterosexuality, and oppression whatnot” just make me want to find a pillow and scream

Bcuz I’m just a woman who rarely feels romantic attraction. That is it. And yes maybe that ties into racialized misogyny but for the most part, that is it. I found this word to describe myself when I was 15 and it gave me great relief and I still use it to this day. Like will you just chill? Will you just let me have this one thing without shoving down my throat the “right” way to think about my sexual and romantic attraction??

@siriusfuck said: If this is the case why don’t the writers do the romance you’re looking for

1) because they apparently think a romance between a male lead and a WOC lead in a crime television series is overdone, and are disregarding the fact that their woman lead is a WOC and a WOC lead in a romance with a male lead is decidedly not overdone

2) they think romantic relationships between men and women are more about sex and don’t know how to put Joan in a romantic relationship without reducing her to a sexual object (i.e. Mycroft); also they’re inherently clueless about how to write Joan in any relationship that’s not with Sherlock because they don’t care about her character emotionally, whether they acknowledge that or not

3) they use the excuse of upholding the “sanctity of canon” when really they’re just upholding racialized misogyny (and again they’d rather reduce Irene/Moriarty to a woman in a sexual-screwed-up-abusive-not-romantic-at-all relationship with Holmes so idk where upholding the sanctity of canon went there)

A non-platonic relationship between two leads that are male and female is not inherently bad. It’s how mainstream society depicts m/f romance that’s bad. I don’t trust the Elementary writers to depict a healthy romance between their two leads, but nor do I think it’s right for people in fandom (and bbcl*ck fans) to act like Lucy’s Watson and Jonny’s Holmes being romantic is this huge betrayal, heteronormative, and/or homophobic.

Also my post wasn’t arguing for why the writers should make non-platonic Joanlock canon…it was about the concept of non-platonic Joanlock being so offensive to some people and why that’s wrong and harmful to a WOC lead character like Joan Watson

Norwich City are moving with the times and I’m proud to be a Canaries supporter
External image

As much as Norfolk is outwardly perceived as a lost in the ages backwater, Norwich is a vibrant and tolerant city, ready to welcome allcomers with open arms.

That extends to the football club itself. The Proud Canaries supporters group has done much to promote LGBT issues within the Norwich City community and further afield. Their chairperson Di Cunningham has talked eloquently at a Commons Select Committee about the matter and attended FIFA headquarters on the same topic. In short, our fans are front and centre in promoting equality and inclusion in our sport, for that we should be immensely proud.

These levels of tolerance haven’t always been afforded to away fans or teams visiting Carrow Road. I’ve seen players racially abused, misogyny in full flow and during the past visits of Brighton there has been a large proportion of homophobic chanting.

Friday was different. The Seagulls were here for a party, their maximum allocation had been taken and they were in fine voice. Everything was set for Chris Hughton to exact the sweetest of revenge on his old club, clinching the Championship title in front of the very crowd that had called for his sacking and theatrically launched clap banners towards him in a pantomime end to his Norwich tenure.

David Stockdale hadn’t read the script, the woodwork and his unfortunate positioning contrived to gift City a two-goal lead and the champagne was put on ice. At that point, the Brighton songs became slightly darker, definitely sexist and poked fun at the widely held and incorrect stereotype Norfolk is some kind of epicentre for inbreeding.

It would have been entirely predictable for sections of the Norwich faithful to respond in kind, with some of those overly obvious and offensive homophobic taunts previously trotted out in seasons past. Alcohol fuelled mob mentality could have taken over. It didn’t, and the fact any small murmurings were drowned out by alternative songs which celebrate the team demonstrated how far we’ve come.

All that work the club and the Proud Canaries have done may have gone unseen by many, but it has made a massive difference. Stay classy Norwich City. Stay tolerant and stay inclusive, never mind the danger.

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Why do you call ughsocialjustice anti-sj when they are clearly anti-social justice WARRIORS. if you'd read their blog you'd see that they are all for social justice, but against all the bullshit social justice warriors come out with..

Nope. Anti-sjws, faux-egalitarians, “real social justice” are all anti-sj in my book for as long as throw out ‘sjw’ to anything and anybody. Plenty of ‘sjws’ never identified as such, never identified as activists or anything else but are still labelled as sjws. Don’t get mad when the practice is turned back on you.

And don’t talk about these fucks being for social justice, logic, reason and whatnot when (tw ahead, racism, transmisogyny, homophobia, ableism, etc read the tags):

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i know in my heart all foreigners aren’t de-racialized and simply called 外人 in Japan because

every once in a while, a coworker will come up to me to ask questions about you white folks’ behavior.  

i don’t always have answers for them.

this afternoon, for example.

I was helping with a school assembly, not even prompting or looking for conversation, when a teacher i’ve only recently regularly started talking to walked up and told me about his college job at a coffee shop here in Tokyo.  

apparently he got really nervous when a lot of white folks would come into the cafe because someone would always aggressively try to correct the little English phrases he was told to use when English speakers came into the shop.

  Specifically when he said “Be careful.  It’s hot!”  and he’d pronounce “hot” with a ほ sound instead of a は sound I guess which evidently grated on a lot of white folks’ ears.  To the point where he said he was never really nervous about trying to speak English in front of any foreigner unless a white person was nearby.  another teacher chimed in and said they had a similar experience except ALTs from “white countries” would always laugh at them when they misspoke in class and it made them hate English from middle school onward.  They asked me why their accents were made fun of and what was wrong with them.  My heart eroded a bit. 

these are actually the best and most recent examples.  of course i’ve fielded some problematic/lowkey white supremacist inquiries as well, but that usually involved a very racialized form of misogyny that comes up less often these days.

tbh after hearing this it made me ( openly ) reflect on WWOOFing in south africa and selling milk to folks in the countryside and other black folks getting their life when I would sell stuff to them speaking (rudimentary) isiZulu or isiXhosa. 

 But every time I tried to speak Afrikaans to old white folks they’d read me to filth and say some awful, entitled shit that i’d have one of the full time farmhands translate for me later.  eventually i stopped asking them to translate.

anyways in other news

I try not to play favorites with my students, but we’re all human in a social landscape that offers incentives for interacting with some people over others so let’s not kid ourselves.  

One of my favorite students to speak to overheard me telling another English teacher “I think this year he’s the best English speaker in the entire school.  You should get to know him.” 

 we were discussing this while walking down a stairwell and just as I finished that statement I realized he was behind us the whole time so I’ve noticed quite a change in his demeanor since then.  

he was already fun to talk to but now he’s actively seeking out conversation.  He even wanted to chat afterschool on his walk between the school and his train station.  I wish I could give every student such a confidence boost.  

I’m trying my best.  

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As an Asian American woman, I am SO glad that Daisy Johnson exists, and that she's the first female protagonist with powers in the MCU who also happens to be biracial. But every time I venture outside Tumblr tags I see nothing but hate and apathy for her character. Which really hurts, especially since we have such a long history of erasure, that is, provided we get to represent ourselves in media to begin with. Why does fandom have such little empathy for a mentally ill WOC superhero?

I honestly ask myself this question so often.  I love her so much and yet I know only of a handful of safe blogs for Daisy Johnson love you know?  I know that this fandom apathy is partly because her Asianness has been acknowledged in the show and white people can’t headcanon her as a white girl anymore.  Which just in case you didn’t know they used to do ALL THE FREAKING TIME IN THE FIRST TWO SEASONS.  That fandom is exhausting.

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