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so sanvers fandom that have a lot of clexa fans is saying that floriana lima is a poc when she is a white italian,but Always are saying that bob morley a biracial poc is white playing a white character,can't relate.

White feminists everywhere ruining my fandoms ugh this is so annoying!  Denying a MoC is a MoC and claiming a white Italian that steals latinx PoC roles is WoC.  So gross.

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taylorswift why are you such a white feminist? nicki minaj talks about how she, a black artist, is often snubbed by awards shows when she puts in just as much if not more than her white counterparts. taylor makes it specifically about her and says that nicki is “pitting women against each other.” taylor is so fucking dense in her myopic feminism that she doesn’t understand that discussing racial disparities =\= internalized misogyny. she’ll never talk about race because the only issues that are important to her are issues that affect her directly. also i illegally downloaded 1989

H*28: Problematic Asian American Youtube Stars (feat. Lucy)

This week for H*28, Chuks and Kari are joined by ragstoreverie (Lucy) to discuss Asian-American Media. In the last few years, especially the rise of YouTube stars, Asian American media has boomed with Wong Fu Productions, Fung Brothers, KevJumba, JK Films/David So, Jabbawockeez, and many more. They play an important role in the community–needed representation and control of production, for example–but they are not without their problems. For asks this week, we answer an ask from Sarah about access to social justice movement, butchrobot about developed/developing nation terminology, and 2goldensnitches about fighting with family members over the Gaza-Israel conflict.

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For the first time in our history, African-American women have surpassed all groups in college entrance based upon race and gender. That’s right. African American women enroll in college (9.7%)  more than Asian men (8.4%), white women (7.1%) - you name the group, either race or gender, African American women are number one.

Video explaining this in further detail

Break the string of lies and end the misogynoir (racialized antiblack misogyny). Shine bright!

(h/t For Harriet)
‘Beyonce; The Shameless Jezebel’. :

I have read a lot of commentary about Beyonce’s performance at the MTV’s Video Music awards which aired last night(August 24, 2014).  Beyonce is NOT a good role model for our young girls. Over the years her lyrics have gotten more vulgar and her performances have become more salacious. Last night, during her performance, she had her legs open, it was VERY sexual , and this took place in front of her DAUGHTER. Clearly if Beyonce doesn’t care about HER daughter watching and listening to heavily sexually laced lyrics and performances….she can’t care about YOURS. As you read the lyrics and (remember these are just partial lyrics), imagine our young girls singing along. Imagine these lyrics finding residence in the subconscious minds of our daughters. Not only do we have these sexually charged lyrics, but she has provided visual aids in the form of videos and performances. Also once again, here we have yet ANOTHER BLACK WOMAN, promoting the word bitch. If a male performer had showcased a raunchy, sexually charged performance, if he and a bunch of men were shirtless,and the lyrics were equally sexual and he said “bow down bitches”, if he touched himself in a suggestive manner, women would be in an uproar, we would be offended, we would call for a banning of that artist or a public apology. A woman does it and she’s applauded. This is because we are extremely hypocritical. During part of her performance , an excerpt of Chimanda Ngozi’s speech was displayed on the screen;

“We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings the way that boys are. We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls ‘You can have ambition, but not too much’,” says the voice-over. “Feminist. The person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

I take it that Beyonce thinks the first line of that speech means it’s OK to teach our girls to be whores. Feminists want all this equality but somehow the scales remain unbalanced when it comes to accountability. Go figure.A lot of people have made comments like she is grown and she is simply stating what goes on between a husband and wife in their bedroom. That would be acceptable, but it’s going on in OUR living rooms. It’s going on in the mp3 players and in our daughter’s play list. What Beyonce does in her bedroom is her business. What she does in front of our daughters is MY business, and if you care about the lack of morals that is found in our community, you’d make it your business too.“Straight sinkin, I hate thinkin that these the future mommas of our chillun”-Outkast

These Ankh niggas need to shut up. If Beyonce’s performance was directed towards the male gaze, you would have remained silent. The sexualization of Beyonce is only appealing to you if it’s “non consensual” otherwise she’s a “whore” or “Jezebel”. 

You Ankh niggas recently attempted to perpetuate this detrimental Good Negress vs. Bad Negress dichotomy with Lupita Nyong'o (good) and Nicki Minaj (bad).

I keep wanting to say something about what happens when single black mothers upset the Welfare Queen narrative, & what it means that Gabby’s father was married to her mother (twice) & is in fact on active duty right now & why her being a success with dark skin & poverty is fucking up NBC’s whole reality. But I have a feeling that if I start I might not ever stop. Because this is really about punishing her & her family for existing outside that narrative. This what happens when you don’t fit the stereotypes & you don’t have a white savior in your story & yet you succeed. They can barely accept the idea that we survive. This idea of us thriving, of parental love & sacrifice & a family that is healthy & happy & loving even if it is different? They don’t know what to do with that at all.

Gabby’s smiling & sweet & funny. Her hair isn’t done & sure there were some critiques of that hair, but even still black people showed up & showed out when whiteness tried to come for her joy. We’re scaring them. She’s scaring them. That’s what they’re not trying to admit even as the dehumanizing & demeaning patter continues. See, America has controlled the message about black women for so long, & now not only do we speak for ourselves in public, other people are stepping up to speak with us. Turns out some part of the revolution is being televised. And tweeted. And Tumbled. That’s what makes this all so fucking scary to them. We are own signals & there are too many of us in too many places to be silenced.

Why are people upset when black men are portrayed stereotypically but encourage stereotypes of black women?

This commercial that portrays black men as thugs has a majority of thumbs down on youtube, and people are rightly upset.

However, a couple of months ago, I posted two ads by Progressive and, I believe it was Discover Card, which portrayed black women as sassy caricatures. Those videos had a positive response on youtube.

Basically, whenever black women are stereotyped in the media, the only place I hear complaints are on blogs run by black women. On the other hand, when black men are treated this way, I see much larger responses outside the black community. The only people who give a damn when black women are caricatured are black women. 

I hold black men partly responsible for this as, on television and in movies,  black men feel as if they have the right to mock black women in a way that is reminiscent of a minstrel show to get themselves ahead. Furthermore, black men are quick to share their disdain for women who have dark skin, while praising “red bones,” etc, etc. (We’ve all heard it, so I see no reason to carry on about the ways black men reduce black women.) In short, I believe the racialized misogyny from black men helps to create a dichotomy in people’s minds between racism against black men and women respectively. 

If your first reaction to seeing a grown man brutalize a teenage girl is: “Well she MIGHT have raised her voice/made a sudden movement/been rude/etc.” you have a problem and pretending its because you want to “wait for the facts” is just plain dishonest.  You didn’t see any of that, but your already inventing a scenario that fits your bias.  Somehow a “what if” scenario made up by a random person trumps what you see on video. 

I don’t like how people project their racialized misogyny onto young black girls and automatically assume we have it coming from the get go.  And I hate how they treat us like we’re inherently dishonest and need to “wait” for proof because our word isn’t enough.  How do you justify hating someone that much that you see that level of violence and say “Yeah I need to defend that.”  Why, because you would do it too if you had a badge and could get away with it?  Because you wish that you could put us in our “place” just like that?  You feel “safer” now?    

I also hate how people keep just circulating the gifs and the videos like that.


“Black Girl” - Kai Davis

One of the members of our collective shares a poem about colorism and racially charged misogyny.

Black Women are beautiful.

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Why do you call ughsocialjustice anti-sj when they are clearly anti-social justice WARRIORS. if you'd read their blog you'd see that they are all for social justice, but against all the bullshit social justice warriors come out with..

Nope. Anti-sjws, faux-egalitarians, “real social justice” are all anti-sj in my book for as long as throw out ‘sjw’ to anything and anybody. Plenty of ‘sjws’ never identified as such, never identified as activists or anything else but are still labelled as sjws. Don’t get mad when the practice is turned back on you.

And don’t talk about these fucks being for social justice, logic, reason and whatnot when (tw ahead, racism, transmisogyny, homophobia, ableism, etc read the tags):

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One of PEI’s Only Non-White Political Candidates Had Signs Defaced with Racist Slur

An aboriginal candidate running in the Prince Edward Island provincial election says she’s “moving ahead” with her campaign after someone vandalized one of her election signs with an offensive slur.

Jacqueline Tuplin, an NDP candidate for the Island’s May 4th election, discovered her sign had been vandalized yesterday. In what looks like black sharpie, someone scrawled “squaw” across Tuplin’s face.

“Yesterday morning wasn’t the greatest of mornings for me,” she said in a Facebook video.

“I am very disappointed, to say the least, and saddened by this act of animosity directed towards me.”

Tuplin is a Mi'kmaw woman, and the second aboriginal woman to run for office on PEI. Her riding includes the Lennox First Nation, of which she is a member.

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You think that lesbians dating men isn’t “really a thing that happens”?

You honestly think that lesbians haven’t been pressured into relationships with men before?

Do you not understand how compulsory heterosexuality works? Do you not understand history? Do you think that women (and especially poor women/ women of color) are and always have been given that level of agency over the romantic and sexual relationships that they engage in? Do you not understand that our culture coerces women into centering their lives around men?

White Feminists are hilarious. They’ll make post after post angry at White dudes for refusing to examine anything and dismissing criticism as “reading too much into things”, but Emma Watson questions whether Beyonce is doing feminism right and suddenly we can’t say she’s saying Beyonce isn’t really a feminist because she didn’t EXPLICITLY say those exact words.

- Mod D.

people using pictures of skinny white women with short hair and tattoos to disprove others when they say “butch lesbians are ugly!!!!!!” is my least favorite thing like …y'all are taking your shitty standards of what a Proper Butch looks like and using them to say “Not All Butches!” while throwing all your “less” attractive butches including woc, fat women and hairy women under the bus i see all of you
Alberta trucking company says racist slur sticker 'a joke'
Aseniwuche Winewak First Nation said it's discouraging this behaviour seen on the Grande Prairie company's equipment persists in Alberta workplace

A photo taken of a truck with a sticker above the front grill has gone viral on social media as a result of its derogatory language towards indigenous women.

The sticker, which read “One Squaw Too Many,” was spotted in the area of Grande Cache, Alta. and has some wondering if charges should be laid for hate speech.

Grande Cache RCMP confirmed they received a complaint about the truck and have dealt with the matter, declining to go into anymore detail. No charges have been laid against the company.

Metro reached out to truck owner Larry’s Water Hauling and spoke to a representative, who declined to give a name. They said the sign was meant as a joke to talk one driver into leaving his significant other.

The company also said the individual who took the photo was standing 10 feet away and could have walked up and said they were offended instead of posting to social media.

The representative said the sign was taken off five minutes after the photo was taken.

Aseniwuche Winewak Nation (AWN), a nation of six aboriginal settlements surrounding Grande Cache, has said it’s discouraging to see this type of behaviour in the workplace and added discriminatory language of any kind should not be tolerated anywhere.

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Also like, if you aren’t white it’s even harder to get roles as you age…..
How many moms of color do we really see? Grandmothers? Even a woman too old to be the young protagonist’s token sidekick of color?

EDIT: Oh I totally agree. The breakdown of his bullshittery can branch off into so many different arguments. Roles for POC are already limited as is, tack that on with being a woman, and further tack that on with the ageism in the media. 



First of all: When I say “Don’t send mail”, when I close the inbox to ensure it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean “Don’t send mail unless you’re a White girl who can hit "reblog” when she wants to derail but won’t do it a second time when she wants to talk to me about feminism and how pro-woman she is while telling me I’m overreacting in the same breath.“ It means "Don’t send mail.”

Second, no, the post was not about “other girls shitting on other feminists” (nice try, but you don’t get to distance yourself from White Feminists here - they’re still feminists). Saying it is is akin to barging in on a class where they’re discussing their assigned reading and droning on about whatever book you feel like, because “you were discussing books.” No - we were discussing A book. Likewise, the post was about White Feminists being terrible to and about Black feminists. It was not a general post, and claiming it is just so you can talk on it is derailing and dishonest.

And something else - let me just put to rest this excuse that derailers who are determined to generalize specific posts use, that they firmly believe in rights and respect for *group the post was talking about*, but they also want it for everyone!

No, you don’t. When you see a specific post and go, “ALL GIRLS” or “ALL PEOPLE” or whatever, what you’re saying is you don’t believe OP. You don’t really believe that Black women’s feminism is constantly policed by White Feminists. You don’t really think there’s any problem with misogynoir. What it says is you don’t trust them to know about their own experience, that you know better and it’s really a far more general problem, that it doesn’t affect any one group in specific ways that need to be talked about.

You derailed the post to make it all about you and your feelings. You trampled over a clearly set boundary because you think your feelings are still the most important thing here. Don’t want people to think you’re a racist annoying White woman? Stop being racist and annoying!

- Mod D.

No one wants the see the female characters be pit against each other but WITHOUT FAIL it’s always the opinionated brown girl who gets the most shit while the pale girls- no matter how girly or tomboyish or bubbly or abrasive- don’t get half as much hate from the fandom. After constantly having my thoughts and feelings dismissed, belittled, and made fun of, you’ll have to forgive this opinionated brown girl for not rushing to the defense of the light skinned, slim, super femme, rich girl.

Offensive Big Bang Masterpost

Okay so I might regret this but I feel as though Big Bang do a huge amount of offensive things and often get away with it, especially among VIPs. I used to be a massive Big Bang fan but felt myself finding it increasingly more difficult to continue supporting them. Especially in comparison to some other groups, I often see Bigbang’s offensive actions excused by fans or completely brushed off. I feel like this post will be a useful resource for people who want to know what Big Bang have done and will also help people stop ignoring the problems. Before contacting me about this post please read this, otherwise your message will be deleted.


G-dragon / Kwon Jiyong

Taeyang /  Dong Youngbae

Seungri / Lee Seunghyun

Daesung / Kang Daesung

T.O.P / Choi Seunghyun

If I missed anything please do not feel afraid to message me about it, I’d really appreciate knowing so I can make the list thorough :-) Equally, if anything on here is wrong (and you have sources) please let me know! Thank you for reading, and don’t forget, nobody is perfect.