racialize islamophobia

You can respect public nudity without being publicly nude
You can respect head-to-toe tattoos without being tatted head to toe
You can respect plastic surgery and never go under the knife
You can respect gender fluidity and still be cisgender
You can respect POC oppression and still be your own race
You can respect vegetarianism without being a vegetarian
You can respect Islam without being Muslim

You can respect all these things and still be your goddamn self


Sikh actor and designer Waris Ahluwalia almost missed NYFW because of racial profiling

Waris Ahluwalia is Sikh and he wears a turban, a headdress that’s part of his religious identity. Ahluwalia reported on Instagram Monday that Aero Mexico would not let him board his flight to New York City while wearing his turban. This isn’t the first time Ahluwalia has been the victim of ignorant Islamophobia.

How racial profiling has made air travel a nightmare for many Muslim Americans 

In the summer of 2005, during a trip to Toronto to visit their uncle, Hasan and his younger brother were stopped by Transportation Security Administration agents at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The brothers were led into a special security room. Hasan’s brother — a “gadgety guy,” Hasan said — had been carrying two hard drives, a couple of laptops and one or two cellphones in his luggage, all of which were removed from their cases.

Hasan says the agents spent the next four hours working their way through each item, asking Hasan and his brother to charge up devices, run through ringtones on their phones, and even go buy batteries for battery-operated electronics.

They ended up catching the midnight flight to Toronto later that night and landed 10 hours later than they’d planned. Their luggage, which they were not permitted to take with them, arrived periodically in cartons over the next 10 days.

Ask any Muslim who has traveled through an American airport since Sept. 11, 2001 — or any Sikh, for that matter, who often get mistaken for Muslims — and they’ll tell you this is not an unusual story.

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Why do you call ughsocialjustice anti-sj when they are clearly anti-social justice WARRIORS. if you'd read their blog you'd see that they are all for social justice, but against all the bullshit social justice warriors come out with..

Nope. Anti-sjws, faux-egalitarians, “real social justice” are all anti-sj in my book for as long as throw out ‘sjw’ to anything and anybody. Plenty of ‘sjws’ never identified as such, never identified as activists or anything else but are still labelled as sjws. Don’t get mad when the practice is turned back on you.

And don’t talk about these fucks being for social justice, logic, reason and whatnot when (tw ahead, racism, transmisogyny, homophobia, ableism, etc read the tags):

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hi i’m the girl that’s been harassed by the people who run @kpopmeetsblackwomen and i saw that you’ve gotten an ask about the situation that’s accruing. basically they’ve pretended to be me in order to keep my video with myungsoo from infinite, at first i asked my friends to message them and ask them nicely to remove it with they then backlashed with “the owner should should ask”. The YouTube clip was first uploaded by a viet inspirit who didn’t know much what was going on so one of my mutuals from Twitter to tell the girl to take it down nicely, and out of no where random account popped out of no where claiming to be me and that they wanted the video up, the innocent girl ended up falling for it until I reached out and told her that they’re catfishing me in order to keep the video on that one blog, I was called a monkey, Muslim bitch, mocked for my race and religion by two trolls. Anyways I managed to get video removed but the trolls ended up reuploading and randomly the link of the video on kpmbw had a cr link that didn’t exist before that’s when i knew it was something to do with them doing all of this to me for no reason. i ended up reporting them to tumblr and managed to get the post removed, but they ended up submitting another video on purpose. They’re purposely doing this to me to the point i actually don’t know what to do, because I’ve already stated i want nothing to do with that blog because of how much they’re fetishising Asian men to the point it’s sickening, I don’t want my content to be used to brainwash young black girls and think that it’s okay to fetishise. I just want people to know that those that run kpmbw are disgusting racists and islamphobic people, i hope people report them and get the blog removed and i can’t do it alone so I’ve reached out to you guys because you have a wide range of audience in your blog.
- munira

-Admin Edit: 

Usually we don’t publish stuff about this blog because of how much we get harassed by them, but this is too much. Please guys, do not support this type of behavior. This is disgusting.

-Admin Nia