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If you haven’t watched The West Wing, you absolutely should (it’s my favorite non-science fiction show). But if you’re not going to watch the whole show, you should watch one episode, “Isaac and Ishmael”.

“Isaac and Ishmael” premiered about a month after September 11th, 2001, and was the show’s response to the attacks and the anti-Islamic fervor that followed them. A bottle episode set apart from the show’s continuity, the story features the President’s staff unable to go home at the end of the day due to a lockdown precipitated by a possible terrorist threat. Also stuck in the White House are a group of touring high school students. Nervous and frightened, one student innocently asks the character, Josh Lyman, “Why is everyone trying to kill us?” (that’s the beginning of the video above).

Every once in a while I’ll see a post on Facebook explaining how Islamic extremists are analogous to the KKK, or how terrorist groups taking over Middle Eastern countries are analogous to the Nazis, and I’ll think, “Well, you’re right, but The West Wing said it before you, and better.” While people in America were harassing and killing Muslims (or even just people they thought were Muslim–many Buddhists, for example), The West Wing defended Muslims on national TV and calmly explained the difference between terrorists and, you know, people.

A sub-plot in the episode investigates the cause of the lockdown: a terrorist who is rumored to have recently entered the country is discovered to have an alias with the same name as a current White House staffer. The man is detained by the Secret Service, and the President’s Chief of Staff, Leo McGarry, questions him for several hours–Joe McCarthy-style, revealing some underlying prejudice towards Muslims. By the end of the episode it is discovered that the terrorist has been accounted for and that the staffer is innocent. He is released and returns to his work. Leo feels guilty and later goes to apologize to the man. As he’s leaving, he turns back and says, “Way to be back at your desk.”

Islamophobia was rising in America, the Bush administration was gearing up for its wars in the Middle East, and Congress would pass the PATRIOT Act by the end of the month. But the West Wing crew decided to write and produce an episode in record time (about three weeks) encouraging everyone to take a step back and reflect for a moment. To confront the facts and their own prejudices. To be reminded that America is meant to be pluralistic society that accepts more than one point of view, and that such an ideal is precisely what separates democracies from oppressive regimes–an ideal that lost would devalue us, weaken us.

Anyways, The West Wing is a great show (until Aaron Sorkin leaves after the fourth season–then it’s just a good show) and this is a special episode. It’s all on Netflix. I’ll leave you with this clip from another episode of the show, featuring the President delivering an epic verbal takedown of a gay-bashing conservative radio talk show host who disrespected him.

I hate to put it in these terms, but a lot of women don’t seem to get it… Muslim women are to ex-Muslim women as white supremacists are to non-whites. Muslim women are to ex-Muslim women as the Aunts in The Handmaid’s Tale are to the Handmaids.

I do not stand in solidarity with my oppressors, thanks. And as an Afghan who experienced and continues to experience racialized Islamophobia, please stop pretending like ex-Muslim women do not understand racialization and intersectionality, either. And no, before anyone tries, I don’t give Muslim men the time of day.

Please stop acting like ex-Muslim women are supportive toward white supremacist misogynists and maybe start addressing how many Muslim women living in the West hate, demonize, ostracize, mock, belittle, silence, and even call for the death of apostates, just like their male supremacist, violent, pedophile idolizing cult does.


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hi i’m the girl that’s been harassed by the people who run @kpopmeetsblackwomen and i saw that you’ve gotten an ask about the situation that’s accruing. basically they’ve pretended to be me in order to keep my video with myungsoo from infinite, at first i asked my friends to message them and ask them nicely to remove it with they then backlashed with “the owner should should ask”. The YouTube clip was first uploaded by a viet inspirit who didn’t know much what was going on so one of my mutuals from Twitter to tell the girl to take it down nicely, and out of no where random account popped out of no where claiming to be me and that they wanted the video up, the innocent girl ended up falling for it until I reached out and told her that they’re catfishing me in order to keep the video on that one blog, I was called a monkey, Muslim bitch, mocked for my race and religion by two trolls. Anyways I managed to get video removed but the trolls ended up reuploading and randomly the link of the video on kpmbw had a cr link that didn’t exist before that’s when i knew it was something to do with them doing all of this to me for no reason. i ended up reporting them to tumblr and managed to get the post removed, but they ended up submitting another video on purpose. They’re purposely doing this to me to the point i actually don’t know what to do, because I’ve already stated i want nothing to do with that blog because of how much they’re fetishising Asian men to the point it’s sickening, I don’t want my content to be used to brainwash young black girls and think that it’s okay to fetishise. I just want people to know that those that run kpmbw are disgusting racists and islamphobic people, i hope people report them and get the blog removed and i can’t do it alone so I’ve reached out to you guys because you have a wide range of audience in your blog.
- munira

-Admin Edit: 

Usually we don’t publish stuff about this blog because of how much we get harassed by them, but this is too much. Please guys, do not support this type of behavior. This is disgusting.

-Admin Nia

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Why do you call ughsocialjustice anti-sj when they are clearly anti-social justice WARRIORS. if you'd read their blog you'd see that they are all for social justice, but against all the bullshit social justice warriors come out with..

Nope. Anti-sjws, faux-egalitarians, “real social justice” are all anti-sj in my book for as long as throw out ‘sjw’ to anything and anybody. Plenty of ‘sjws’ never identified as such, never identified as activists or anything else but are still labelled as sjws. Don’t get mad when the practice is turned back on you.

And don’t talk about these fucks being for social justice, logic, reason and whatnot when (tw ahead, racism, transmisogyny, homophobia, ableism, etc read the tags):

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If it were a white boy who brought in the self-made clock, he would be praised in the highest regards. But since Ahmed isn’t white, he was addressed with suspicion and profiled as someone with an intent to kill or terrorize. If this is not a form of racism and islamaphobia, then I don’t know what is. I pray that this experience will only empower him to continue to pursue whatever it is he wishes to achieve.