racial diplomat


“Yes, black lives matter. Yes, white lives matter, asian lives matter. All lives matter,” she said. “And that’s kind of what my focus is. But it’s hard because, you know, you’ve got sponsors and you’ve got this and you’ve got that. And you don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. And you’re trying to be politically correct, but at the same time trying to uplift your people.”~ Laila Ali ****“They no longer have to steal our legacy, we give it away for free.”~ The Tao Of Blackness

We at The Tao of Blackness bear in mind each of us have our own growing to do, no matter how tall our mothers or fathers might have been. We know you can’t take the children’s noble blood of our venerated leaders or heroes, to market and it will net us nothing. America knows this but knows the masses are unaware of these simple truths, they purposefully trot out these play it safe negroes that have bloodline but nothing more offer the people but having a bloodline and that’s it. Black people dying and she talking being politically correct and losing sponsors….Really? Carlos Cook describes it as a flunky Caste a yearning to belong to the forbidden circle. It’s really shame we have too many of our celebrities that belong to the heartless fraternity.