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One of the things that bothers me so much about this Broadway season is that many of Great Comet’ defining aspects were things repeatedly praised in Hamilton only last year, yet they were largely ignored in GC’s production. 

Everyone (not just the Broadway tumblr fanbase, I’m also referring to the mainstream media) praised Hamilton for its diversity, and rightfully so. And while Great Comet was not as diverse as Hamilton, its use of racially blind casting should be used as a model for all future productions. Denée Benton, a black woman with natural hair playing a romantic lead of a prominent musical about old Russians, is damn groundbreaking. Oak’s upcoming turn as Pierre proves this commitment to diversity by the show. Yes, Hamilton did this last year, but one show acting in this way does not excuse ignoring others for doing the same.

Everyone praised Hamilton for seamlessly blended together multiple genres of music; again, rightfully so. Great Comet did this to an even greater extent. Dave Malloy’s score beautifully combined seemingly every genre to create a cohesive, genius piece of work. He utilized these different genres to describe his characters so subtly no one realizes he’s doing it. I could take for pages about how his score is a damn masterpiece, but the point lies in that Hamilton was widely praised for doing the very thing Great Comet is being ignored (or even downright criticized) for.

Finally, many praised Lin’s using of an unconventional source material to tell an excellent Broadway musical. But, again, Dave Malloy looking at a tiny sliver of a classic novel and deciding it should be an electropop opera musical? How? He took something so frequently adapted and made it incredibly original in ways many do not realize. It’s quite frustrating to see writers using the War & Peace origins as only an introductory statement instead of the praise it should be.

tl;dr: I’m just really pissed so many people ignore Great Comet’s successes in the very categories they praised Hamilton for okay sorry for the rant


Some explanation on types non traditional casting based on a recent lecture. Basically “colorblind” doesn’t quite cut it for what we’re trying to achieve here.

Almost all of these types can be used positively or negatively, and even some of the examples I give are highly contested.

The Kendall Jenner x Pepsi Ad Made Me Want To Vomit

Before you do anything else watch this if you haven’t seen it already: 

Did you watch it? I hard a hard time making it through the entire spot myself without a few grimaces, “wtf were they thinking” faces and a “i can’t believe this shit” to a coworker. 

Let’s look at a few scenes to examine why this isn’t just the worst ad of all time but an ad that is insensitive, offensive and completely thoughtless. 

1.) Co-opting a movement 


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These are all very nice sentiments and shit we should strive for every single day but they aren’t the typical signs you see at real protests. The protests where people are putting their safety in danger because they’re afraid they might walk outside with a hoody on and get shot, or that their family won’t be able to return to America if they board a plane to see their family in their native country are the images of protest people actually experience. The protestors certainly not as happy as the perfectly casted multi-racial group of actors walking down this very well lit street with no menacing or threatening police officers present any step of the way. Hell, they even found time to place pretty people to eat next to the protests while it was happening. The police aren’t in riot gear, apparently seeing no threat from this massive group of protesters singing and dancing their way towards them. 

Now look, I work in advertising for big brands™.  I know major corporations are risk averse and don’t want to alienate potential consumers who don’t share in what should be non-controversial views like equality and freedom of expression. But they are. But that’s why no one has ever asked a corporation to make a fucking resistance commercial. If you aren’t going to be on the ground with organizers and protesters, or helping to pay legal funds for those wrongly incarcerated or even at the very fucking least, providing food and beverages to people who are taking hours at a time out to speak out on something they believe in, then don’t use a movement for your own commercial gain. 

2- Tropes, (Un)intentional Racism, More Tropes 

All black people are good for in commercials are for hip hoppity dancing, tattoos, giving dap and staring lustfully at white women. 

All the people of color in this ad are mostly used to check boxes provide accent color to what is an otherwise whitewashed scene. 

This is an especially embarrassing lack of effort in representation when one considers the context in which the subjects are being portrayed. 

3- Our White Savior 

Ohhhh boy what in the actual fuck?!!?!

Another white woman swoops in to save the day. I wish Pepsi had Melania Trump’s number so that I can get past a few of the issues currently concerning me. 

I would’ve had a problem with this closing scene if it was from just about anyone but we’ll get to the actual ending in a bit. The fact that it’s a fucking Kardashian Jenner – the physical embodiment of wealth, entitlement and privilege in America – shifts this ad from just terrible advertising toward the realm of parody, absurdity and offensiveness. 

Do you remember the protests in Baton Rouge after Alton Sterling was gunned down by police officers? 

This is the lasting image of those protests. Ieshia Evans is walking up to a group of white police officers dressed like they’re ready to confront ground troops in Northern Iraq, and able at a moment’s notice to gun her down. 

The ending of this thing is even more absurd. Once Jenner hands the very peaceful policeman the can of Pepsi, the crowd goes crazy, like they were all Tyrone Biggums and it was time for the free crack giveaway. 

If I knew all I had to do to avoid being shot by the police while black was carry a Pepsi around with me, I would’ve been doing it this entire time. 

It’s so very ironic that white people use the fact that Irish and Italian people were systemically oppressed a century ago to justify some kind of reactionary narrative. “SEE?? White people can be oppressed too!!” It’s precisely because they weren’t considered white a century ago that they were more harshly oppressed. It should demonstrate that race is an arbitrary social construct and that whiteness is a particular designation at the top of a racial caste system, but no – it has to be a talking point for the “All Lives Matter” types who just want to silence people of color. My Italian grandfather is a textbook example of this. I wish his struggles could have given him some feeling of solidarity for the people who disproportionately experience police brutality and systemic impoverishment, but alas he had to absorb the ideology of whiteness and “bootstraps individualism”.

Capitalism and white supremacy are scourges upon the earth.

  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that is new and exciting!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that isn't set around a high school setting!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga whose main characters are in their 20s or 30s!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that has a main character with disabilities!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that has strong female characters!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that deals with PTSD and anxiety!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that respects and talks about issues facing women in the sex trade!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that recognizes that men can be in the sex trade!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that has a diverse cast racially!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that has black/mixed characters that aren't walking stereotypes!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that deals with (sexual) abuse!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that deals with addiction!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that deals with sensuality and gender!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that deals with racism!
  • Me: Gangsta
  • Tumblr: We want an anime/manga that-
  • Me: Gangsta

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Do you think maybe instead of ther prison system we have now, we could focus on rehabilitation programs? It's been proven they reduce recidivism, why is it that they aren't being funded?

Our criminal justice system is broken; it fails to keep communities safe, perpetuates a racial caste system, and costs taxpayers billions of dollars. Fear-mongering and the false, but persistent belief that punishment will somehow right the wrong for survivors and prevent future suffering keeps this broken system funded.

But people are fed up and fighting for change.

Crime survivors, the formerly incarcerated, faith leaders, local community residents, and criminal justice reform advocates, including EJUSA, are fighting for a new system that invests in true community safety and health, grounded in proven strategies that work to prevent harm, promote racial equity, address the trauma of survivors, provide true healing and accountability, as well as reduce recidivism.

We will be successful when we all collectively get involved in calling for this new system to be funded at the level required for every community to be safe. It will take all of us working together to call for a system that works.

Five Favs: Books with LGBTQ Characters

What do you read if you love fantasy and representation? I highly recommend the following:

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

A fantasy heist novel featuring a racially diverse cast of characters, including a bisexual gunslinger and a gay demolitions expert. Part of a duology (book two is called Crooked Kingdom).

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

What’s the opposite of bisexual erasure? Because basically everyone in this series is bi. V.E. Schwab has stated that “it is a world that cares about magical hierarchy more than heteronormativity.

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

How many fantasy novels do you run across with an asexual main character? Not enough (and in fact, this one is technically a novella). Here you will also find a transgender character and explicit discussion about gender roles and nonconformity.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

Each of Riordan’s novels is more inclusive than the last, but we don’t meet my favorite argyle-wearing pottery-making genderfluid einherji until book two (The Hammer of Thor). Book 1, of course, is still well worth the read (Muslim Valkyrie? Yes please.)

The Will of the Empress by Tamora Pierce

The Circle of Magic books were a staple of my childhood. Imagine my delight when one of the main characters comes out as a lesbian in book 9! Plus, in books 1- 8, we get Lark and Rosethorn, two ladies living together in domestic bliss who raise our main characters. Start this series with Sandry’s Book.

Happy Pride, and happy reading!

See more of Robin’s recs…

Donald Trump misled Americans about terrorism once again in his first speech to Congress

“The vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of our country,” Trump said, citing unspecified “data” from the Justice Department. “It is not compassionate, but reckless, to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur.”

The irony is that the United States has been a sanctuary for extremists for centuries. Homegrown white American terrorism has been key to maintaining our nation’s racial caste system ever since its foundation. Slavery, Redemption and Jim Crow were all fueled by campaigns of racial terror — both judicial and extrajudicial — committed by whites against blacks. Between 1877 and 1950 alone, more than 4,000 lynchings targeting black people took place. White right-wing terrorists have killed 50 Americans since 2001.

Yet Trump’s data is skewed such that it ignores this history and its antecedents, including the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and Dylann Roof’s attack in Charleston, South Carolina, in July 2015. Instead, the president relied on a technicality to frame foreign-bred terrorists — specifically, Muslims — as the real threat to Americans’ safety.

Here’s the truth: the primary reason why the “vast majority” of people convicted of terrorism since 9/11 have been foreign-born is because there is no federal statute to prosecute homegrown terrorism. By definition, the crime of terrorism — under federal law — requires there to be a foreign connection, experts have confirmed to Mic.

That’s why Roof could massacre nine innocent churchgoers in an act of racial and political violence and still not be charged with a terrorist offense. Read more (3/1/17 11:34 AM)

  • Winn: Good morning!
  • J'onn: Good morning, everyone.
  • Alex: ... good morning.
  • Maggie: Good morning!
  • James: *mumbling under his breath* no such thing...
  • Mon-el: Good morning, DEO!
  • Lena: Good morning, Kara.
  • Kara: you all sound like robots! "good morning, good morning", spice it up!
  • Cat: Hello, attractive yet nonthreatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show.

“I really like how Disney Studios is actually looking to cast racially-appropriate actors for their upcoming live action Mulan and Aladdin movies, unlike other studios that whitewash Asian characters (like Ghost in the Shell). They said that Mulan’s cast will be entirely Asian and that they’re looking for those who are fluent in Mandarin and Chinese, and they just recently sent out a casting call for Middle Easterners who are interested in auditioning for Aladdin.”

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it’s an indie series by Parafable called the Uncanny Upshurs ( we have a tag for it! www.accio-shitpost.tumblr.com/tagged/UnUps ) and it features a racially diverse cast of canonically autistic, LGBT (including trans and non-binary!!) characters, a bunch of whom are women. i’m personally very close to the actress who plays Agatha Upshur (who is a trans woman, irl and in-show!!) and the show is incredible tbh. check it out!!

can i just say that is really nice to have a tv show where the cast ACTUALLY look its ages??? the characters in thirteen reasons why don’t look like a 25-year-old beautiful and all sorted out adult playing a teenager

and the fact that they also have such a racial diverse cast and amazing representation 

this show is amazing ok

10 Reasons why Jesus Christ, Superstar (1973) is the greatest movie of all time:

1. The framework is a bunch of hippies driving into the desert on a bus to reenact the crucifixion story
2. Racially diverse cast
3. Jesus has a lazy eye
4. Supremely gay dance number @ Herod’s palace
5. Actually shot in Israel
6. Ted Neely’s vocals
7. Carl Anderson’s INCREDIBLE EMOTION like holy shit is he the real Judas???
8. The line “Hey JC, JC would you die for me?” and then it freeze frames on Jesus’s face
9. The very raw and genuine depiction of Jesus and Judas and Pilate and their motivations and inner struggles

There is this trend on Film/Comicbook Twitter where people are actually accusing DCEU fans of being white boy Trump Supporters who are naturally members of the alt right.

Yes really.  For starters there are many DCEU fans of various races, religions, and genders. And I have yet to encounter a single one who supports Trump. Not even the cisgendered heterosexual white guys.

And second, why the fuck would anyone from the alt-right would like the DCEU anyways?  The DCEU has:

A cast of racially diverse actors/actresses who aren’t just sidekicks to the white male lead.

Three iconic characters(Lex Luthor, Barry Allen, Wonder Woman) being played by Jewish actors that I can think of right on top of my head.

Women of all races playing major roles in this universe and are not the disposable girlfriend.  There’s three movies planned that will feature female leads.  One of them is coming out next week.

Hell even the cisgendered white male actors don’t always conform to what many alt right guys are comfortable with.  I can’t imagine Richard Spencer being able to casually make jokes about fucking his male costar the way Ben and Henry did during the BvS promo tour.

And many of the cast members aren’t Trump Supporters either.

Look I get not liking a franchise. There are franchises I don’t care for. But trying to present people who like what you hate as a part of a group that would despise the majority of the actual fanbase is beyond the pale.  Not everyone will hate what you hate. Not everyone will like what you like. Grow the fuck up.

Sofia Coppola Says “The Beguiled” Is About The Gender Dynamics Of The Confederacy, Not The Racial Ones
“I feel like you can’t show everyone’s perspective in a story," the filmmaker said.
By Alanna Bennett

When asked if Hallie’s [the Black slave’s] presence might have altered the tenor of The Beguiled’s explorations of womanhood and girlhood, Coppola said, “I feel like you can’t show everyone’s perspective in a story. I was really focused on just this one group of women who were really isolated and weren’t prepared. A lot of slaves had left at that time, so they were really— that emphasized that they were cut off from the world. [Hallie’s] story’s a really interesting story, but it’s a whole other story, so I was really focused on these women.”

The casts of Coppola’s six feature films so far — including The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, and The Bling Ring — have been almost entirely white. But Coppola said she’s more than open to changing that. “I would love to have a more racially diverse cast whenever I can,” she said. “It didn’t work for this story, but of course I’m very open to stories about many different experiences and points of view.”


I completely understand everything Sofia Coppola is saying.

You can’t tell every story in every film. She picked this dynamic of white women isolated from their surroundings and adding Black women to the story would indeed make it twice as long and would’ve absolutely muddled the plot. There’s no way to tackle race within this context without making a completely different movie.

Instead of having the only Black character in the movie depicted as a slave, Coppola chose to erase that character. I too am tired of the token character being the maid, the mammy, the slave, the butler, etc. so I understand her thought process.

I understand why Beguiled is the movie that it is, but here’s my issue with Sofia Coppola. Don’t say that you’re open to diversity, you’re open to stories of women from different backgrounds, and you’re open to different points of view when you CHOOSE to make movies in this white woman-centric universe.

There’s no way to cast The Bling Ring without a roster full of white women because the story is a true story based on a bunch of white women. You could add some more splashes of color to The Virgin Suicides, but again, that’s Detroit in the 1970s – how integrated do you think those friend groups were? The movies she directs do make sense with the casts she chooses, but the fact that she keeps choosing to helm projects for, about, and starring white women is most of the problem.

The remainder of the problem lies in the fact that it’s so much harder to get stories from a Black point of view on screen, and making movies in settings where Black people were ever-present but telling the story from a white point of view that ignores all those brown faces is a double slap in the face. You picked a white story in a Black environment (the Confederate South, Detroit) and both your characters and your casting director ignore all the Black folks that come with the setting.

Sofia, for all of her talk of wanting to be diverse, keeps going back to white women. She is a white woman. So I understand gravitating to those characters, though I feel it’s your responsibility as an artist to dig deeper than “these characters look like me so I can tell these stories.” But if that’s your mojo, just own it, and let people receive that truth however they may. Don’t pay lip service to change and pretend to be so open to diversity. Show me. Find more stories that speak to you outside of the same thin white woman’s point of view or just own that prejudice.