11 question tag
11 question tag


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1. What’s your favourite quote from you favourite book? I don’t have favourite quote,but my fav book is “Remember me?” by Sophie Kinsella.
2. How many children do you want and what would you call them? 2,Catheryn and Stephen.
3. Have you ever wanted to be a singer/actor/actress, why? I wanted to be singer because of Madonna,I wanted people to like me as they like her.
4. What does ‘normal’ mean to you? Well,in my school,normal girl is girl who’s not whore,and there are just several normal girls.
5. Do you think ‘true love’, like seen in fairytales, really exists? maybe,somowhere :)
6. What’s your favourite thing to eat with pasta? I love macaroni and cheese :)
7. London, Paris or New York? shop in NY,get married in Paris,go to journey through London :)
8. Define ‘best friend’ Person who will always be able to talk to me when I’m sad,person who will help me no matter what I do,person who knows everything about me and person who makes me laugh like crazy
9. How often do you shower? every day,at summer daily several times when it’s hot
10. Would you rather have guaranteed happiness for yourself for the rest of your life but never be in love or work through life’s twists and turns and be in love but have to face the reality of situations? guaratee happiness but never be in love
11. Would you spend a day with a lost love one if it meant spending a month without any contact from your Mom? I think I could do that…

I ask:

1.Best place to spend summer there?

2.Your favourite clothing brend/

3.Favourite ice-cream taste?

4.Ideal friday night?

5.Last time you embarassed yourself?

6.Name of your best friend?

7.What always make you laugh?

8.Rock or pop music?

9.If you had an opportunity to live in one foreign country,what would it be?

10.Song that you can always listen,no matter if you heard it million times?

11.Your fav perfume?

I’ll tag you,so if you guys are in good mood,answer :D