(written by Rach)

I think its so easy to misread people and at times we may be prone to form opinions, and also make assumptions on individuals of whom we know very little about. So, this is just a reminder, that we should always opt for kindness - even when it’s not reciprocated - because as Maya Angelou quotes: “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”

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I’m so glad I’ve learned of compulsory heterosexuality as a concept, because I’ll tell ya…I literally used to assign myself crushes on boys, it would be like, girls would talk about having a crush on a certain boy and then I’d be like ‘alright I too will have a crush on this boy now’ like all the way back in elementary school. like grade 3. I didn’t even know what a lesbian was until 5th grade

I was gonna stop this post there but listen. by the time I was in 7th grade I thought I was bisexual but still felt very bad about it, very bad about being attracted to girls. I distinctly remember thinking ‘I’m like 90% gay and 10% straight, I’d feel bad if I left boys out’ like I literally thought like that. I wasn’t legitimately attracted to boys, I just didn’t want to ‘leave them out’, like that 10% would make me feel a little more normal and accepted 

It wasn’t until high school when it took me having to make out with a guy to realize Hey Wait A Minute

and that’s fucked up


Learn how to sing it. Just write it in a poem, or in a letter attached to flowers. Carve it in a tree, in a sidewalk with cement, tattoo it on your arm. Just tell her the truth. Tell her anything and everything you want.

(written by Rach)

We were landing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. “What if I don’t make friends?”, “What if I hate it here?” These sorts of questions dawned in on me upon arrival. I was excited, nervous and in the midst of an internal break down all at once. After being in transit for over 24 hours this was not at all surprising, but the thought of being here in Sweden all the way from Australia was a little frightening to be completely honest. In retrospect, it is clear that these feelings were completely natural; being uncertain in the face of uncertainty and also having general anxiety over a new experience. As I look back though I wouldn’t change any of it … read more to find out why and some tips on why you should consider studying abroad too.

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