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Even though I was dirt poor when I first returned to LA, I really honed in on my true desire: I realized acting was what I wanted to do. And after working so hard to get here a second time, I feel immensely grateful.


“I get recognized all the time in the States for Lost Girl. Rarely ever do I get recognized in Canada,” starts the actress. “Now, does that mean people don’t recognize me? Absolutely not; it just means they are way too polite to say anything to me. And I love it so much…although, I would rather they just come up to me because often times people will kind of be looking at me, and I’m like, “shit, do I have something on my face?” - Rachel Skarsten, Filler Magazine. Sept 2015.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a professional actress?
I faced the challenges that most actors face – not being tall enough, or the right size, etc. – I think it’s the same for pretty much any actor. It really comes down to having perseverance. But even when you do achieve a certain degree of success you have to follow it up with another success. Ultimately, you have to learn to be content with where you are and enjoy the moments and success you have. - Rachel Skarsten : FACES mag. [ x ]