Images from our 3rd year Massey University group collection, entitled “PRIME TIME”. This was a hypothetic design project for New Zealand designer, Andrea Moore. Our concept was based around the surrealism movement. Usually I wouldn’t make a point of modelling in my own garment but we had an issue with one of our models at the last minute so I stepped in! More from out collection pitch; 

Our ideas progressed to include growth and evolution in spite of time as opposed to because of it, the defiance of conformity and acceptance of the illusion of your own pseudo-reality. This inspired our interest in the succulent – a floral that we feel encapsulates our idea by growing despite season or environment while remaining beautiful.

Our concept, in conjunction with relevant market research, has greatly influenced our print and garment design. We have taken Andrea Moore’s favoured motifs of garment splits and notches and reinvented them as consistent design and structural motifs, all the while injecting our own ideas by using illusion construction and prints in order to deceive the eye. In doing so we are aiming to produce both an appealing, flattering and innovative garments to become a quick staple in our customers wardrobe.

Our print development has evolved to focus mostly on our succulent inspired florals and abstractions of minor elements of timepieces such as cogs and clock faces. We hope to achieve a depth and mystery within our prints that illustrates the idea of the freedom of being able to create your own reality.