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My Top 12 Biography Films

The Basketball Diaries (1995):

Girl, Interrupted (1999):

Blow (2001):

Thirteen (2003):

Lords of Dogtown (2005):

Alpha Dog (2006):

Marie Antoinette (2006):

Factory Girl (2006):

Into the WIld (2007):

The Social Network (2010):

The Bling Ring (2013):

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013):


that’s the great puzzle.

I will not write pretty when Donald Trump is president. I will be hard and sharp and nasty for real, not for respectable, white feminists. I will eat pussy in bathroom stalls at gay clubs and I will not wipe my mouth or brush my teeth when I go home. I will fight in the streets when Donald Trump is president. I will fight dirty, I will tear at hair and rip flesh with my teeth. I will yell back when men yell at me. I will yell louder. When I attack them I will aim for the crotch. I will not say ‘sorry’ when Donald Trump is president. I will not stay still when I hear racial slurs. I will not let Islamaphobes off the hook. I will mail my dirty tampons to Mike Pence. I will smear my period blood on KKK hoods. When Donald Trump is president I will hurt anyone who hurts Black women. I will hurt anyone who hurts trans women. I will not write pretty. I will not be pretty. I will make my body a nightmare and I will make sure everyone knows. I will do cocaine and drink until my teeth rot down to the gums. I will howl out bus windows at night when I’m hurtling through South Central. I will not let neoliberals rest. I will give communist literature to my fourteen year old brother and three different daggers to my sixteen year old sister. I will not fuck men when Donald Trump is president, but if I do I will not let them come.I will use words like 'cunt’ through mouthfuls of blood. I will not patch up my scraped knees. I will not clean up my messes. I will be so ugly that just the sight of me will have you scream your throat raw.
—  I Will Not Write Pretty When Donald Trump is President, by Rachel R. Carroll
Director Vance,
spending time with your team has been… enlightening, to say the least. In clinical terms, they’re a disaster. But their selfless dysfunction is ultimately why it works. It’s clear to me we all react to life’s challenges in different ways. Your people are no exception. Some fight death, and some embrace its solace. Some recognize their fate, and others do whatever is necessary to alter it. Sometimes we defy other’s expectations and, occasionally, we rise to meet them. But the constant, is being true to ourselves. We do what we have to, when we have to. We react, for better or worse. It’s why your team succeeds. But be careful. Eventually, it might catch up to you. A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water. The bartender pulls out a shotgun…
—  NCIS - 08x14 - Dr. Rachel Cranston (Kate’s sister)

I know that all these tweets have been posted but I just wanted to post them too and say this. Seeing all these cast members sending Jared love really warms my heart. It just shows and proves that Supernatural is not only just a show with a fandom, it’s a family that always comes together for anything when needed. ❤️

“Painting responds to painting.” —Carroll Dunham, who has looked to art historical figures as varied as Courbet, Cézanne, Renoir, and Pontormo.

Installation view of America Is Hard to See (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 1-September 27, 2015). Photography by Ronald Amstutz