rachele brook smith

my alternative wonder woman casting of diana

i very much enjoyed gal gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman however there were certain visual attributes that i would have also loved to see in diana that weren’t there so here is my short list, in no particular order, of other potential wonder womans that hit other various desirable attributes… all just for funzzies with absolutely no shade at gadot

1) Sandrine Holt

like gadot she is tall and skinny with dark eyes and dark hair. The only difference being that holt is racially mixed. she is french-chinese which would bring diversity to the character.

2) Aishwarya Rai

going with the iconic wonder woman piercing light eyes and a bonus of a beautiful brown completion, that is worthy of a greek goddess, the indian actress, rai, would be an excellent choice for diana

3) Trace Lysette

a beautiful transgender actress with a proper amazonian build and stunning blue wonder woman eyes

4) Rachele Brooke Smith

smith is not only an actor who looks like wonder woman, but she’s also an actual athlete. look at these warrior goddess abs!

5) denise vasi

vasi is a tall, dark hair, blue eyed greek-dominican actress who looks so much like wonder woman, it’s just so beautiful and amazing and i love it!!!!

this completes my list. please feel free to add to it if you think of anyone else!

Cold Moon will be released in select theaters and on VOD on October 6 via Uncork’d Entertainment. It’s based on the novel Cold Moon Over Babylon by the late Michael McDowell (Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas).

The tale of supernatural vengeance is directed by Griff Furst, better known as an actor on Banshee. Josh Stewart, Christopher Lloyd, Robbie Kay, Candy Clark, Rachele Brooke Smith, Frank Whaley, Tommy Wiseau, Madison Wolfe, and Laura Cayouette star.

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