Redbull Foxhunt with Rachel Atherton - Pentland Hills - Edinburgh

This Sunday the Redbull Foxhunt took place just outside Edinburgh in the Pentlands. 100+ riders being chased down the hill by Rachel Atherton. 

With a lot going on with opening a new bakery and a restaurant my photography side of life has as planned been resting. I did bring out my camera to the Foxhunt however with the intention to just casually snap a few shots. However the words of Seb Rogers - the brilliant mountainbike photographer that I had the pleasure to be taught by earlier this year down in Somerset - rang in my ears and I just had to get a little bit more serious about things.  

I didn’t want to stand too far up in the field since a mass start would get things messy however i didn’t want to stand at the end either where most other “proper” photographers would be trying to get the action from jumps etcetera. I’ve found myself to be drawn to leafy woods and so I hid behind a tree and decided to capture the girls as they came around the first corner in the wood section, heading down a slightly muddy narrow bit of trail. 

So below is my first attempt of event photography. I don’t think I’m born an event photographer. I want to play around and follow random ideas instantly and that risks messing up the photos you came there to get. I do however LOVE photographing some mountainbike action in general and will continue to practise. It’s technically and creatively challenging and well good for developing my general photography skills. 

The Foxhunt was a really great event to watch and judging from the enthusiasm of both Rachel Atherton and the 117 other girls that joined in for this weekend of riding it was an amazing event to ride in as well.