Okay so

I was editing my playthrough stuff of Life is Strange and I got to the part where Joyce and Max are talking about Chloe. Joy remarks about how grown up Max looks when she mentions about her pictures of Chloe. 

And then I remembered that Chloe changed her image. She actually looks extremely different back then from what she does now. 

She had blonde hair when she was younger. And then it hit me. 

Who else do we know who has blonde hair? 


And Kate. 

Normally that wouldn’t really be a huge implication of anything. But after the second episode, we find that not only that Rachel’s name is on one of the red binders we see, but Kate as well. 

If anyone’s seen Criminal Minds at all, you would know that part of someone MO can be a specific set of traits such as hair colour or eye colour. They target those people because they remind them of someone else, someone that they desire or have been hurt by in the past. 

And not only that but All three girls went to Blackwell Academy. According to the wiki, if you look at Chloe’s report card you can see that she did go to the school, but apparently dropped out. 

Now I’m not sure if Chloe had her hair changed during her time in school or before, or that if this theory holds any sort of weight. But what I’m thinking is this. 

The person at the end of the episodes was aiming for Chloe to be next. I’m not sure if the girls from before, the ones on the other binders, had blonde hair before. But because Chloe changed her appearance so drastically, it caused the person with the binders to fixate on her image, resulting on the disappearance of Rachel as well as aiming for Kate.

And as a kicker? Who else is blonde, female, and goes to Blackwell Academy?