Someone said today they’re sick of gay people putting the rainbow everywhere because adidas have launched the LGBT+ edition clothing and they havnt dont a ‘straight line’. She said no one will accept gay people so why do gays have march’s and stuff when they’ve been given equal marriage. They say the fight is over people don’t and wont accept gay people that we should ‘just get over it, dont see people having a ‘straight pride. I explained to her we dont march to make people like us. We march to show homage to our fallen brothers and sisters who died fighting for our rights as HUMANS, for us to be able to hold the hand of the person we love in the street without abuse, to marry the person we love, to be parents. Straight people dont have to worry about that. We march to celebrate who we are, who we love and how far we’ve come as a community standing strong and still fighting to be treated equally and that no matter how much the hateful homophobic world tries keeps us down, We are a strong community, we stand together and we wont be put down and boxed away because people don’t like the way we are born or what hate their god has told them. Then she had the nerve to say homophobia doesn’t exist anymore… I gave her countless examples of homophobia happening now, Orlando Pulse , Russian torturing and killing suspected LGBHT+ people… Men, women even kids all over the world are being KILLED BECAUSE THEY’RE GAY. Then I showed her this picture of myself from last year, having my jaw dislocated cause someone in family who i have nothing to do with found out I’m gay, they followed me dragged me to the ground out of sight punched me and dislocated my jaw and stamped on me and cracked my gum then called me a 'disgusting faggot’. So believe me homophobia a real. Straight people can walk down the street without prejudice, without slurs, go where they want and feel safe. They can go in a bar have a drink with the person you like/love without being starred at or refused entry, or being verbally abuse or even being asked to leave and sometimes physically removed. THATS WHY WE MARCH AT PRIDE EVENTS, WEAR RAINBOWS ON SHIRTS, PUT FLAGS IN WINDOWS . This isn’t straight-phobia. Its there to show gay people are welcome here, we support you, we love you, you’re equal to us. Thats why you see that, you don’t see a sign outside a shop that says straight people are welcome here, this is a safe place because they’ve never needed to worry about it things like that happening. This fight wont be over for a long time and we will keep fighting to be treated EQUALLY. Not to rub out sexuality is peoples face. We are ALL EQUAL WE’RE ALL HUMAN IM GAY AND IM FUCKING PROUD OF IT AND I WILL FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS OF MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Sophie Mercer

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