rachelaldridge replied to your post “My sister’s boyfriend wants her to pay him $200 a month to help him…”

She needs to drop him like it’s hot.

Yeah…he’s a nice enough guy but he’s weird about money and basically wants them to split the cost of everything, even when it’s not stuff she wants. Like if they go to the store one day and he pays, he wants her to pay next time they go to the store even if he bought stuff that only he is going to use. And right now she just got laid off, and mutual friends wanted them to go do something with them but she didn’t have the money for it. So she told him she couldn’t afford it right now and he just said “Guess we aren’t going then”.

I mean I get splitting costs and whatnot, but he takes it to an extreme. And I feel like when you’re in a long term relationship & one person is making more money, it should be no big deal to cover more costs.

She’s basically conceded they aren’t going to ever end up married, I think she’s just slowly easing into the idea of ending it.