Sex Is No Proof

Summary: Dean walks into Cas watching some adult films. When he finds out the reason is not for Castiel’s pleasure, Dean must convince Cas that he’s enough.

Word Count: 560

Warnings: Mention of Porn (no description) A/N: So I got this idea after watching the Pizza Man episode. Although there is mention of porn, this isn’t smut. It’s fluffy Destiel with a little insecure Cas and comforting Dean. Hope y'all enjoy!

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“Cas…” Dean stared at the angel on the couch, his own laptop on Castiel’s lap. “What the Hell are you doing?”

Castiel never took his eyes off the screen. “I was alone.”

“We talked about this, dude. No porn.” He shook his head, walking over.

“You said no porn when I was around others.” As soon as Dean stole the laptop, he looked up and added, “And I wasn’t around others.”

Dean had a confused face at the site. “Red-tube, man? Where did you even get the account?”

He stood up. “Crowley.”

Dean rolled his eyes, then closed the site. “Of course. But why are you even watching this? You can’t understand jack about it.”

“You like porn, yes?”

Dean quirked an eyebrow. “Sure, as much as the next man, but-”

“And you like the way sex is portrayed in this films, correct?”

He nodded. “Skip to the punch line, Cas.”

“Crowley told me that you like people with experience. Well,” Castiel flicked his eyes away for a second, “before you, I was a virgin. I was just hoping to learn more efficient ways to please you in sexual activities.”

At that, Dean burst into laughter, placing his hand on Castiel’s shoulder for support. When the angle did not join with him, Dean calmed himself and took a breath. “Wait, are you serious?”

“You have never disappointed me, Dean.” His face held a slight hint of worry. “I just want to show you the same.”

“Do you honestly think I’m judging our relationship on the quality of your sex? Cas, please.”

“Members of those adult movies are very talented, I assume. It seems only reasonable that you would expect the same from me.”

Dean sighed, a comforting half smile on his face. He moved so he was just in front of Castiel, hands on both shoulders and gazing straight into his eyes. “Cas, porn stars are hired because of their skills under the sheets. But I’m not dating you because you’re good at sex, which you are anyway.

“And I could pick up any girl at a bar and have a good night, but you’re the only one that understands the life, understands my struggles, and is willing to put up with me when I’m going downstream, knee high in shit.

“I didn’t choose you because I wanted perfect sex. No, this isn’t some one night stand, Cas. You’re my boyfriend because you’re perfect as my boyfriend. Sex is only one part of a relationship, and I love you for every single part. I love you, just the way you are.”

Castiel began to smile. Being human had caused some insecurities he had never understood as an angel, but it also allowed him to feel this happy. “I love you too, Dean, I just want to prove it.”

“And you do, Cas, trust me. But sex is no proof. The way you always want to heal my tiniest cuts, the way you kiss me awake in the morning, the way you try your hardest to be romantic. That, that is proof. Anyone can be good at sex, but only you could be good at being my boyfriend.”

Castiel leaned into Dean’s chest, burying his face. Dean wrapped his arms around him. He whispered, “And plus, the more bad you are at sex just means the more I can to teach you,” and winked.