Two Little Kittens - Closed RP W/ King-Denmark

Rachel looked up at the ceilings. They were clean, and flat. The layout of this place reminded her a lot of the Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C.

She certainly was not in Washington D.C.
Nor was she even in the US, or North America. No, she was in Europe. Copenhagen, Denmark, specially.
She had started her journey over 10 hours ago, to a two year exchange student program in Denmark.

She hadn’t even been able to email her host family before she got there. But, she knew that her host family consisted of only one guy. It was sort of creepy, but dear Rachel was suppose to have another exchange student from Australia with her.

Rachel sighed, looking back down at the now moving luggage belt of the luggage claim. This, was her flights luggage.
It was only a once-a-week flight, at least non-stop here. So it was packed. As most flights in the US are. And, as she expected with flying in or out of the US, her luggage seemed to be broken when she saw it. Further inspection confirmed this once it was off the belt. Thank god for duct tape.. She waited for her other bag, also damaged, but not as bad. She pulled that one off, dragging them out of the way.

Digging through them, she checked to make sure nothing was missing. Then, grabbing her role of duct tape, she repaired both of her bags. Next, she stacked them before guiding them back towards the luggage belt. She was suppose to be picked up here by.. A Mathias Køhler, and her fellow exchange student. She had no clue what either of them looked like, since her program was late with an image of them. But, they knew what she looked like. Rachel waited, looking around for anyone, really..