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The Rachel Johnson comment article in DM is really on point.

I only just read it, most of it is pretty good but I really need to press to stop pretending the so-called Dino Date actually happened… The Museum was contacted and they said that date never happened.

The only other thing that bothers me is the criticism towards:

“Even if I was king, I’d do my own shopping”

Because people are pretending he was talking about his possibility of becoming King, but he wasn’t.. He was talking about doing his own shopping, saying he finds that important in order to have a semi-normal life. The comment he made had nothing to do with him becoming King, it only tried to underline how important he finds it to do his own shopping. 

That was one of the most ripped-out-of-context quotes tbh, and I don’t think he deserves the aggression with which people are telling him he’ll never be King so it doesn’t matter, he never meant it in that way, and if you read the full paragraph and not just that one sentence, that’s crystal clear, and not misworded.

The rest of the piece is pretty good though, I wouldn’t mind if he read that and facepalms himself. Thanks anon :)

In the green room, Ivo introduced (our son) Ludo (then seventeen, doing politics A Level) to Alastair Campbell, lounging on a sofa before his gig on the Guardian stage.
Naturally, I (Rachel Johnson) could not resist  “going in”…“Who’s this?” said Alastair Campbell. “The mother” I said. “Well, your son has just told me he wishes you’d sent him to a state school, not Marlborough.”
Ludo has always rejected suggestions that we save 30k a year and send him to our excellent state school down the road, Holland Park Comp, alma mater of many successful West London media executives and Tony Benn’s children.
“Did you, darling?” I said accusingly, spinning round to face Ludo.
“Alastair’s spinning you, you twit” said Ivo, as Campbell grinned at me from the sofa. Apparently Ludo, when Alastair dutifully asked where my son was in education, had assured Campbell he was very happy there. When I tipped up, Campbell had flipped this conversation 180 degrees so that the new line was that I, against my firstborn’s will and stated preference, was sending him to a posh private school rather than the local state school…It’s what Alastair Campbell does.
I didn’t like when Hezza came out and said my brother had lost the plot. I didn’t like it when Major said his campaign was “squalid” and he was a “court jester”….Or when fellow Tory Amber Rudd said Boris isn’t the man you want driving you home at the end of the evening. I wince and I think of my parents, listening to these things being said about their son, in whom they are well pleased, and I mind (probably more than Boris does-water off a duck’s back.)….
I hope Remain wins..My husband, however, doesn’t believe me. “You will vote Boris because you have no politics at all” he raged at me as we watched the ITV debate, and I shouted down Amber Rudd’s below-the-belt jibes and clapped my brother’s final summing up. “You only believe in Johnsons.”
But I gave him my word he was wrong. Though no Remainiac, I will vote in. After all, membership of the EU is like marriage. You don’t leave a 40-year-old union over one tiff, even if it is your beloved big brother ordering you to go.

Rachel Johnson, who voted Remain, sums up the difficulties around her loyalties to her brother Boris Johnson.

Aww, I love the Johnsons.

So because I backed this Kickstarter project like 18 months ago, I got to livechat with Misha and the film’s producer Rachel Johnson for an hour along with 60 other backers. The film she’s making, Henrietta Bulkowski, is an awesome project which you should definitely check out, and much of the chat and the questions revolved around it and we got to learn some fascinating stuff. But this post is about Misha. Because, my darling minions, we got some heavenly Misha tidbits!

  • The chat was held at Misha’s house, they informed us. You recognize those star shaped holes in the wall?
  • Misha on being creative: “You need to be more interested in the process than the product.”
  • Misha was informed of his PCA win and invited to the award show, but he said no because he’d just got back from Japan and would be taking off to Vancouver and he just couldn’t squeeze in another journey. He didn’t realize that the awards were held within walking distance of his home! “I literally could have walked there… It just shows how little I know about the industry.”
  • The old McDonalds commercial going around is not the correct one. Misha is not in it.
  • Rachel is working on a project with Vicki – “the Boob Short”. Misha is not allowed to see it.
  • Misha played saxophone as a kid. He had an alto sax which was lost in that house fire when he was 16.
  • Misha gets his inspiration in various ways: talking and brainstorming with others, in isolation, while running…
  • He still writes poetry.
  • When Misha was a struggling actor, he saw other actors sort of fall away because they took normal full-time jobs for the secure income. He didn’t want to do that, he’d rather put himself in a situation where he’d beg, borrow and steal so it just HAD to work out. And he did borrow – he was 200K in debt! His parents supported him during that time, especially his mother, but Vicki’s parents (although they did support him) also kind of thought he should maybe get a job as a PT or something.
  • Can I squee a little on a personal note? Can I?? I was the one who brought up Russia, which led to Misha speaking Russian at us for some time. Rachel, although she’s known Misha for many years, didn’t know he spoke Russian (she was hilariously incredulous – I think she STILL thinks he was bullshitting). The more disbelieving she got, the more Russian he spoke. Mmm-mmm. :)
  • Rachel also didn’t know about the PCA (which we congratulated him on!) or about the intense Mishamania in Moscow. He got a little bashful trying to explain the PCA thing to her. That was cute to see. Apparently Misha doesn’t bring up awards and celebrity life to his old friends. To her, he was clearly still just the goofy guy who was friends with her husband and showed up sometimes to steal food out of their fridge.
  • Misha reiterated that he is not on tumblr.
  • It was such a sweet hour. Misha looked happy and relaxed. Both he and Rachel got to speak equally. People in the chat asked good questions. Misha recognized a couple of the backers from their names – one he’s played Words With Friends with and one he knew from Russia or the Russian fandom, I think.
  • Misha and Rachel ended the chat as they began – with some technological fumbling. Misha joked about how that was actually very satisfying from a storytelling point of view: bookending. “This thing was well written!”


Ahem. So it was quite nice!


All uploaded.  Here’s the full 1 hour Q&A Session with Rachel Johnson and Misha Collins.  Feel free to gif or w/e you need it for.  Enjoy!

I was in the chat as myself: Sarah.  *waves*