Made with blood and fire sweat (and partly breathing), this shooting challenged us in all kinds of possible ways. Maybe, it’s our tradition? I mean, have some challenges? We tried to picture that period of agony, when Chloe was looking for Rachel.
I’m so tired, so I’ll just leave it here. We made our best, and I’m really proud of us. I’ll post some extra snapshots later, I guess.
Lana as Chloe Price

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I have 2 questions, one: what does Phandom Little Pop mean? Two: I was gonna look that up, but couldn't find your page of fanfiction words meanings, you have that right? where is it?

@phandomlittlepop is basically just a writing event where people write drabbles for people (: it’s not under our fic terms but that page is here


Vacation in Paradise

Rachel counted the days to get to Jamaica and be able to spend some time alone with Finn in a place where they would worry about literally nothing. Their bags had been packed a week before and the day of their flight, which would only leave at 10am, Rachel was up and ready at 6, hussling Finn so they would leave to the airport. There was just something in her mind telling her that she neede to enjoy his company as much as possible. She didn’t know hot to explain it, she just knew it was happening.

As soon as they got to their resort in Jamaica, Rachel couldn’t hide her excitment. “Oh my gosh, it’s so stunning here! Finn, this is the best place we could have picked. Thank you.” She said, looking up at him and smiling wide.


Screw Coleman. And screw your mom. ‘Cause believe it or not, all that crap that happened to you…made you exactly who you are. And you’re perfect.

Amazon.com: Like Clockwork: Steampunk Pasts, Presents, and Futures (9781517900632): Rachel A. Bowser, Brian Croxall: Books
Amazon.com: Like Clockwork: Steampunk Pasts, Presents, and Futures (9781517900632): Rachel A. Bowser, Brian Croxall: Books

Once a small subculture, the steampunk phenomenon exploded in visibility during the first years of the twenty-first century, its influence and prominence increasing ever since. From its Victorian and literary roots to film and television, video games, music, and even fashion, this subgenre of science fiction reaches far and wide within current culture. Here Rachel A. Bowser and Brian Croxall present cutting-edge essays on steampunk: its rise in popularity, its many manifestations, and why we should pay attention.

Like Clockwork offers wide-ranging perspectives on steampunk’s history and its place in contemporary culture, all while speaking to the “why” and “why now” of the genre. In her essay, Catherine Siemann draws on authors such as William Gibson and China Miéville to analyze steampunk cities; Kathryn Crowther turns to disability studies to examine the role of prosthetics within steampunk as well as the contemporary culture of access; and Diana M. Pho reviews the racial and national identities of steampunk, bringing in discussions of British chap-hop artists, African American steamfunk practitioners, and multicultural steampunk fan cultures.

From disability and queerness to ethos and digital humanities, Like Clockwork explores the intriguing history of steampunk to evaluate the influence of the genre from the 1970s through the twenty-first century.

Contributors: Kathryn Crowther, Perimeter College at Georgia State University; Shaun Duke, University of Florida; Stefania Forlini, University of Calgary (Canada); Lisa Hager, University of Wisconsin–Waukesha; Mike Perschon, MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta; Diana M. Pho; David Pike, American University; Catherine Siemann, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Joseph Weakland, Georgia Institute of Technology; Roger Whitson, Washington State University.


So, obviously, Rachel and Audrey were working on a project together and when Audrey was taken in for questioning in season one after Rachel’s death, she hardly told what their project was. Erin, pointed out, that what if it wasn’t just Audrey who brought Piper to Lakewood? What if Rachel knew too and we in on it? And what if, that video they were working on was one to expose Nina? But, because of that, and Rachel catching Nina and Kieran on video at that bar; Piper and Kieran knew they had to shut Rachel up before anything got out, that could potentially expose Kieran (which it did, but Emma wasn’t about to listen to that.) Not to mention, when Audrey and Emma went to the abandoned hospital, Audrey told Emma she and Rachel used the voice modulator app for ‘Rachel’s zombie movie’, which really makes me believe, that they weren’t making a zombie movie, and that it was related to Nina, or even possibly Piper.

And in season two, Eddie told Noah he saw Piper fighting with a girl, which was Audrey and because of that, and that it was the night Rachel was killed; leads me to think it was Kieran who played out the actual killing, since Rachel did catch him on film. And this is where, blackmailing Audrey comes into play and carries out through the second season; because she obviously loved Rachel, and if Piper wanted to stay close to Audrey and her friends, it would only make sense of them killing Rachel, not only to keep her quiet, but also to keep Audrey on the line, making it impossible for her to escape all this until Piper go what she wanted. The letter’s that Kieran still had from Audrey to Piper, was just more leverage to Kieran, to keep Audrey quiet as it was shown in the show.

Also, we never actually got answers as to why Audrey stole those files, but me and Erin figured, that what if those files were connected to the separate video she was making? The one she was supposedly getting help from Piper with? That’s the only reasonable explanation for those files, and why she burned them with her letters; because while it could have linked her to Piper, it could’ve exposed her, and what her real video was if they had found those papers and dug deeper.

Long story short; maybe rachel was killed, because she was connected to it, and not only just because she caught kieran on video, but because she wanted out (if she did help audrey bring piper to lakewood to scare nina) because she connected the dots of kieran with nina, and then nina being killed that night too & didn’t want to be apart of it, and because piper wanted to have that leverage over audrey

Day 2 - Fantasy AU

The Princess, the Dragon Tamer, and the Witch

OT3: Rachel x Reyna x Annabeth

The King’s plan was to face the menaces before they could invade the castle and put his precious daughter at risk.
He wanted someone to face a dragon.

A beautiful young lady appeared claiming that she would face said dragon in exchange for a place to stay.
The King got worried, 6 of his best men had failed the task before, but his daughter asked him to give the brave lady a chance, and so he did.
Having a woman to save his kingdom from a fire-breathing creature wasn’t the plan, but it happened.

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Okay, so this is mostly for my own future reference, but if I were going to sort the Voltron characters, this is where I’d put them all.

  • Shiro has some room for argument, incidentally.  I will accept either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.  It mostly depends on whether his initial priority is adventure or helping people.  I like either, honestly.
  • Keith is a Gryffindor.  He’s courageous and throws himself into danger willy nilly, not to mention he’s willing to sacrifice for the greater good.  (This boy is definitely not a Slytherin.)
  • Lance is, I think, a Hufflepuff.  That boy builds community and fosters a sense of family like no other.  He is constantly collecting new friends and comrades.  He has a “rivalry” that he immediately casts aside when he realizes he can be Keith’s friend instead.
  • Hunk is a Slytherin.  But Rachel, you might say, Hunk is so kind and compassionate!  The yellow lion is the caring lion!  You’re right.  He cares–about his family.  He is more than willing to leave the Balmera as it is–except that Shea helped him.  He owes her Lance’s life, so as soon as Lance is safe, he makes sure they go back.  It’s a matter of pride and honor to him.  He owes her.  And listen, Hufflepuffs are comparatively willing to trust strangers.  Benefit of the doubt is not something Hunk practices.  Hunk is the slowest of the paladins to trust people, and he doesn’t demure when he’s right.  He gloats and reminds them often.  Slytherin.
  • Pidge is a Ravenclaw.  That girl is made of curiosity from head to foot.  Pilot error?  No, can’t be, I’ll investigate and find the Truth.  AliensMessages from space??  Tell me more.  I have a lion that I can fly?  Okay, let’s see how this works.  Hacks space robots for fun and profit, etc.
  • Allura is Slytherin as well.  I mean, I kind of think she’s a cusp?  So, like Shiro could be either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, I think that Allura is either Gryffindor or Slytherin.  Her methods of training the paladins suggest Slytherin to me–she’s sneaky about it rather than forthright–but I think either could be argued.
  • Coran is a Hufflepuff.  Same reasons as Lance, really.  He’s a caretaker type, trying to help people as best he can, etc.  He helps hold the team together.  (Space Uncle.)


Culinary student McCree AU because my friend brought up Gordon Ramsey in our chat for some reason.  

In this situation, Jesse decides that Blackwatch wasn’t for him, and tells Reyes he wants to be a chef instead.  Reyes, being the great but underrated dad he is, arranges for Jesse’s GED exams and helps him through the entire process.

Morrison isn’t too happy with this (because Jesse is still the best shot they have other than Ana) but Reyes is all, dgaf.  Ana is amused but very supportive, and Fareeha is Jesse’s favorite so she gets to eat all of Jesse’s food first

Click here to support Fix Rachel's hairline and forehead! by Rachel Scherer
Hello, my name is Rachel and I’m a 21 year old male-to-female transgender woman. Hormone replacement therapy has done wonders for me, but unfortunately it could not fix some of the damage already done by testosterone. In the years prior to transitioning, my brow bone became increasingly more prom...

For those of you that reblogged this last time – THANK YOU SO MUCH! Although I’ve only gotten a few donations, I really appreciate you guys :). This surgery is extremely important to me, and any help would also be greatly appreciate. I love all of you :)

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(1) He was her teacher, when it started. Although, if you asked her, she wouldn’t be able to tell you what ‘it’ is. A tryst? A fling? A serious relationship? It doesn’t matter. Rey’s willing to take what she can get, for as long as she can get it. But that’s not something she should be thinking about now—not in class. Not when he’s standing at the front of the room, arms raised, scribbling equations and talking too fast for anyone to keep up. She shouldn’t think about his shoulders, and how they


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Beloved and Loyal Wolf

“Wow~!” Ruby gasped in awe as the story concluded. Her gaze was transfixed to the old gentleman standing stoically aside setting the table.

A living legend. A hero. A veteran who had laid his life on the line and returned alive. A warrior proud and fierce as his claws and fangs gleamed in the midnight moon.

Savagery tempered by duty.

The girl beside her chuckled gaily. “Yes,” she smiled as she twirled a lock of shimmering blond hair. “Valkenhayn is certainly awe inspiring.”

“You are too kind, Lady Rachel,” he responded as he placed a fragrant cup of tea in front of his mistress.

One whiff was all Rachel needed to know quality of tea before her and an elegant smile graced her features. “Ah, excellent as always.”

He turned and Ruby saw a platter perfectly balanced on his arm. “Scones, Lady Ruby?”

“Yes, please,” she chirped.

“Since this is an excellent opportunity, shall we have Valkenhayn teach you something?” Rachel spoke after sipping her tea. Her eyes glinted with mischief. She had seen Ruby’s speed briefly and watching a hot blooded spar between two wolves would be quite fitting with her blood red tea.

“Really?” Ruby asked excitedly, completely unaware of Rachel’s intent. She quickly finished off her scone and turned to the aged wolf.

“Can you teach me how to make these scones then?” she beamed.

Anyone can fight. To serve someone faithfully and make them smile is truly special.