a riarkle au

Riley: I’m just bummed the way I left things with Farkle. I wish I didn’t lie to him about having to work. He seemed so mad at me.

Maya: Don’t be so hard on yourself. If someone I was still in love with was getting married-

Riley: Still in love with?

Maya: Yeah.

Riley: I’m not in love with Farkle.

Maya: Oh. No, no good. Me neither.

Riley: Maya I’m not going to Farkle’s wedding because he’s my ex-boyfriend and that would be /really/ uncomfortable. Not because I’m still in love with him. I mean, hey, you know, I like Farkle as much as the next guy. You know, I mean, clearly I have feelings for him but feelings don’t mean love. Do I still have loving feelings for Farkle? Yeah! I have continuing feelings of love but that doesn’t mean I’m still /in/ love with him. You know, I mean, I have sexual feelings for him but I /do/ love him. *gasps* Oh, my God. Oh, my… Why didn’t you tell me?!

Maya: We thought you knew!

Riley: “We?!”

Maya: Yeah! We all know, we talk about it all the time.

Riley: You all know. Does Farkle know?

Maya: Oh, no. Farkle doesn’t know anything.

Riley: I cannot believe you didn’t tell me!

Maya: Well, ‘cause we thought you knew! It’s so obvious. God, it, it would be like, you know, telling Smackle, “Hey, you know, you like things clean.”