Class Actresses

Vivian Oparah as Tanya Adeola (8 episodes)

Sophie Hopkins as April MacLean (8 episodes)

Katherine Kelly as Andra’ath Quill (8 episodes)

Pooky Quesnel as Dorothea Ames (4 episodes)

Shannon Murray as Jackie MacLean (4 episodes)

Natasha Gordon as Vivian Adeola (3 episodes)

Ellie James as the Female Student (3 episodes)

Anna Shaffer as Rachel Chapman (2 episodes)

Pooja Shah as Miss Shah (2 episodes)

“'Hey, Mom? Dad? Can one of you help me with this math problem?’

It was Melissa. She was halfway down the stairs. She stopped and glanced hopefully at her parents. Or at least at the people who had once been her parents.

‘We’re busy right now, Melissa,’ Chapman snapped.

'Besides, dear, you should do your own work. That’s how you learn,’ Ms. Chapman said. 'If you still can’t figure it out later, your father will help you.’

Melissa’s face fell. She forced a smile, but there was no happiness there at all. 'I guess you’re right, Mom. It’s just this square root stuff.’

She hesitated, like she was hoping her parents might change their minds and go back upstairs with her.

Ms. Chapman smiled. It was a smile as empty as Melissa’s. 'Square roots are hard to understand, aren’t they? But I know you can do it.’

'I’ll come up and check on you before you turn in, sweetheart,’ Mr. Chapman said.

The words were normal enough. I guess my own mom or dad could have said exactly the same things to me. 'Dear.’ 'Sweetheart.’ But the way they were said… There was something missing. Humanity. Love. Call it whatever you want. The words were right, but they were completely wrong.

It was horrible. Horrible in a totally different way than the monsters we had fought in the Yeerk pool. This was the kind of horrible that made you want to cry instead of scream.”

- Book #2: The Visitor (Rachel), pg. 105 (by K.A. Applegate)


January 31st

Favorite Episode: For Tonight We Might Die

“  Look at you! What an amazing team! You’ll be able to handle anything that Time throws at you. Oh, come on! Cheer up! It’s not that hard. It’s no harder than all these exams that you have to take these days.  “

Class Appreciation Week, January 30th - February 5th

Book 5: The Predator, Chapters 15-16

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Chapter 15

Back home in PTSD-land after the ant disaster, everyone’s dragging themselves through the school day, dead-eyed and sleepless and trying to shake off the memories of being chomped in half, etc.  

For added fun, Marco is also watching the days on the calendar creep closer to the second anniversary of his mother’s death and the fact that his dad appears to be doing even worse than usual as it draws near.  He’s thinking pretty hard about how badly his dad came untethered when his mom died and never really got his shit back together, and how quickly any of the Animorphs could snap in a similar way under the kind of stresses they’re under.

As if setting out to prove his point, Rachel gets into a cafeteria fight, when a girl named Jessica bumps into her and things escalate rapidly.  Marco tries to break things up right around the time Rachel’s got Jessica pinned over a table, and gets an accidental fist to the face for his troubles.  (Which: I appreciate what you’re trying to do here in keeping your anger-prone friend from getting in trouble, buddy, but I’m not sure you made that situation better at all.)

Jessica, Rachel, and Marco get dragged off to Chapman’s office for cafeteria fights, which: awkward.  Chapman asks Rachel if maybe she’s under some sort of stress, and Marco worries for a minute that she’s about to completely lose her shit and just straight-up tell Chapman that she’s having a bad day because she nearly got eaten by ants in his backyard last night.

So he does the only thing he can think of: interrupting to explain that really the whole thing is all his fault, Jessica and Rachel were fighting over him because they’re crazy in love with him.  Jessica screeches angrily, but Rachel is entertained enough to cool her off a bit, and they eventually make it out of the office with a scolding and instructions to talk to the school counselor.  

Rachel thanks him afterwards for keeping his cool and helping keep everyone’s spirits up with his sense of humor.  Aw. I’m here for children being nice to each other between bouts of body horror.

Chapter 16

Oh, good. It’s time for the children to make a plan. I bet this won’t go wrong in any way.

Ax’s distress beacon is ready now with the transponder attached, and they need to decide where to lay their trap.  Tobias comes through with the suggestion of a gravel quarry about an hour away that can’t be traced back to any of them.  They’ll have to fly, so Ax needs a bird morph, but as usual Cassie’s barn is well stocked with birds in various stages of healing and rehab, so that’s easy enough.

The kids spend a while longer planning their Yeerk ambush for Saturday, and then split up to head home.  Jake and Marco walk together and spend a while distracting themselves with normal kid talk - sports, music, Marvel vs. DC heroes, the important stuff.  But eventually Jake calls Marco out on the fact that he’s obviously avoiding or talking around something, and it gets serious.

Marco’s out, he tells Jake. He’s in on this Yeerk ship plan because he’s committed now and wants to see it through, but after that he’s quitting the Animorphs.  There’ve been too many close calls, and he can’t risk leaving his dad all alone if he gets killed.

Jake doesn’t fight the decision, just asks Marco what he and his dad are doing in memory of his mother on Sunday.  (Assuming we don’t all get killed on Saturday goes unspoken.)  Marco doesn’t know yet, but it’s nice of Jake to remember and ask. Again, I am here for friendship. Yay, friendship. Try not to get eaten on Saturday, kids.

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Zodiac Signs as Characters from Tv shows

Aries: Arya Stark (Game of Thrones)
Taurus: Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Gemini: Piper Chapman (Orange is The New Black)
Cancer: Rachel Berry (Glee)
Leo: Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
Virgo: Stiles (Teen Wolf)
Libra: Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
Scorpio: Hanna Marin (Pretty Little Liars)
Sagittarius: Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)
Capricorn: Regina (Once Upon a  Time)
Aquarius: Violet (American Horror Story)
Pisces: Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

Paralyzed Woman Poses In Lingerie To Prove Disabilities Don’t Limit Sexuality

Disabled bodies are just as sexy – and just as good at sex – as abled bodies are. Rachelle Friedman Chapman was 24 years old when she was paralyzed from the chest down after a freak accident the night of her bachelorette party in 2010. Now, a public speaker and author, the married mother of one shares her story often to show that being disabled means her life has changed, but it’s definitely not over. 

griffinguy24  asked:

Possible idea: Five things that never happened to the Animorphs. Melissa Chapman was at the construction site

Five Things That Never Happened to Melissa (and one that did)


“Come with me and Cassie to the mall,” Rachel said. “You don’t go out as much as you used to. Wouldn’t it be fun?”

My dad had told me I should focus more on my homework, stop wasting time on pointless things. So I’d stopped going out with friends and thrown myself into gymnastics and school.

But no matter how hard I studied, no matter what grades I got, he still ignored me. Maybe it didn’t matter what I did. Maybe I should be more like Rachel and just do what I wanted.

“Yeah,” I said. “That would be fun.”


“Marco, you were right. Tom is a Controller.” Then Jake turned to me. “So is your dad, Melissa.”

I wasn’t surprised. My parents getting abducted by aliens made more sense than them not loving me anymore. But I could see my future clearly, and it was cold and bleak as ice.

“That means my mom is one of them too,” I said. “And it means I can’t morph anymore.”

“What?” said Rachel. “But we could save them!”

“And if one of them catches me morphing? What then?”

I walked away, right then and there. Before I could give them away.


I still helped the Animorphs spy on my parents, even if I refused to morph. Which is how I found out about the bargain my parents made with their Yeerks.

Tears rolled down my face as Rachel in Fluffer morph told me the story. “How long will it last?” I whispered. “The Yeerks are so powerful. If they really needed me infested, would the bargain really matter?”

«I don’t know,» Rachel said miserably. «But we’ll do whatever we can to protect you, Melissa. I promise.»

Of course they would. I knew all their secrets. They couldn’t afford to lose me.


«We can get you out,» Rachel said, an eagle perched outside my window. «We’ve made new allies. The Chee can protect you.»

“If I disappear,” I said, “I can’t come back until the Andalites come, and the war is over. Right?”

A pause. «Right.»

I thought about my life. The loneliness, the constant fear that I would be infested, the love I felt for my parents but couldn’t show. I would give all that up. Not exactly a loss. Especially if it meant I could fight for my parents’ freedom.

“Okay. I’m out. From now on, I fight with you.”


This is what I learned from living with robots as an exile from humanity.

The Chee are liars. They don’t lie about the war. They do lie about themselves.

You have to fight to stay human, if you can’t live among humans anymore. Humanity is something you forget how to do if you don’t remind yourself. Tobias taught me that.

Seeing my parents act like monsters never made fighting them any easier.

Even when the fight in me died, it never died in Rachel. Even when hope ran out, she didn’t. As long as she fought, so could I.


They infested me, by the end. They had to. I’d seen too much.

Knowing that my parents really loved me gave me the strength to fight. They kept us in separate cages at the Yeerk pool, but it didn’t matter. All we had to do was meet eyes across the pool, and we knew.

When my Yeerk learned the names of the Animorphs, it was even easier. I played back my memories of Rachel, protecting her sisters, laughing down bullies. If she were a Controller, her Yeerk would shrivel up with fear.

If she fought the Yeerks, so could I.

If you ever are ever feeling down, you should go through a playlist on YouTube I’ve called “smile videos”. They are a collection of videos from various YouTubers I adore (mostly sprinkleofglitter xx) that make me smile, laugh, or just makes a sad situation turn around. Most of them are collabs, which are my favorite types of videos. At 52 videos and counting, there will be more videos added as new ones come in so stay in tune.

The playlist includes:
• SprinkleofGlitter
• Jack Howard
• Tyler Oakley
• ThatcherJoe
• danisnotonfire
• AmazingPhil
• Marcus Butler
• PointlessBlog
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