am i the only one who has people you’ve met once as friends on facebook and they make a quality status, but you don’t check to see who posted it and like it and then you have this terror well up inside you like what if they don’t remember that one time we met what if they don’t remember me what if they think im a stalker

and you just want to eat your limbs and set yourself on fire

So I went for a run. Actually two, if you want to get technical. And I didn’t die!!! Yay! :) (For those who don’t know, I have asthma, which has always made running, especially long distance running a bit difficult because I tend to forget to breathe when I exercise sometimes… teehee. So not dying because of a lack of air in my lungs= me remembering to breathe as I ran.)

The first run, I ran down to the first concession/township road that’s outside of my village heading south, which is about 1.1km from my home according to Google Maps, which is what I’m using to judge how far I ran. And I did it in about 20 minutes, which did include some walking, but still 2.2km in 20min is really good for the girl who hasn’t run since grade nine gym and hasn’t been dancing beyond the confines of her house/room for about a month. So I’m happy and kinda proud of myself. I wasn’t sure I would be able to.

And I got back and hydrated and ate some food to get some carbs in my body and started watching Amazing Grace and this was me letting my body rest for a bit. And then I went back out and ran to the second concession/township road heading south, which is about 2.5km. And I ran/walked there and back home in 40 min, which means I did a better on speed the second time around.

So I’ve run a total of 7.2km in an hour and I’m really happy and while I don’t completely enjoy it, it’s really nice to be sweaty and feel a sense of accomplishment.

I did discover, or rediscover as the case may be, that I do actually really love sprinting. I love burning up a certain distance in a short amount of time and just letting go. It was always my favourite part of the longer runs for Track and Field Day at school. As I’d come down to the last hundred metres, I’d just let myself run, no more annoying pacing :P

So yeah, just wanted to thank everyone who told me to go for it :) You guys were part of the reason I got out of bed this morning.

im just generally annoyed right now because this guy on my floor, literally every single time im around him no matter what the circumstances he just complains about his school work and his roommate. like seriously, both of those things can be resolved if you become some sort of an adult about it and when he asks me what to do i tell him and then he tells me im being bitchy like no shut the fuck up i told you how it is now stop be five years old and actually deal with it yourself god.

there’s this guy living on my floor and he used to live in britain but he’s lived here for a while so he doesn’t have an accent, but he says very british things, like yesterday he told me he liked my trousers and today he said he needed to pick up a parcel from the mailroom and then every time he does it he gets embarrassed like omg you’re the cutest ever like a little puppy stawp it.