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 …always faberry

1. Magical Mystery Tour by  poetzproblem

It’s impossible to keep pretending that this future, or dream, or whatever it turns out to be, isn’t exactly what she wants.

2. My Best Intentions Keep Making a Mess by kbs_was_here

Maybe Quinn’s the one who needs to get it right. And she’s going to keep reliving the same day until she does.

3.Ten Minutes To Change Your Life by AeonUS

   Ten Minutes To Change Your Life by AeonUS

Quinn thinks its just kitschy gift from Brittany, but she’s really been given the gift of time travel. Unfortunately its only for ten minutes, and there’s so much she wants to tell Rachel.

4. Ten Years, Two Thousand Stomach Aches by PrettyLittlePoutyMouth

A prompt from Saywhatbuck about the fickle flow of time. For Faberry Week Day 1: Second Chances. Mostly deals with the episode On My Way, and only canon compliant through Season 3.

5. The Crash by padme789

Time Travel!Quinn with a twist. Quinn/Older Rachel. While recovering from her accident Quinn is placed under the care of one of the more radical doctors in Lima. With his eccentric and what some would say out-of-date methods Quinn is pulled from reality, and given a chance to view the world after her ‘death’. Will include Rachel’s POV.

6. Simple Parts by FlyingFleshEater

That awkward moment when you travel thirty years forward in time and find out you’re married to your high school nemesis? Yeah, it totally sucks…except…maybe it doesn’t.

7One Year Later by FlyingFleshEater

Quinn Fabray is thankful for time travel. Sequel to Simple Parts 

8Somebody Save Me by DAgron01

Harmony, Sugar, and Rory travel back in time because someone unexpected needed their help. Can they accomplish what they were sent there to do? It could mean the difference between life and death if they are unsuccessful. Spoilers through 3X08

9.The Time Travelling Wifeby Talwyn

Quinn is getting married but a desperate call to Rachel in the middle of the night may just mean things don’t work out as everyone thinks they will. Warning: Minor mentions of physical abuse and murder.

10. La decisionby sara-nadia

Quinn regresa a través del tiempo justo en el momento en que iba a quedar embarazada, lo hara? o no?, cambiara las decisiones que hizo ahora que ya sabe lo que va a ocurrir.

11. I Loved You First  by thesameasmine

Faberry Time-travel fic. Slightly A/U-ish “You and I are married in the future. Yes I know it’s difficult to understand. I mean, me… gay? But yes, it’s been almost three years.”

12. The Way Back by nahnah4

In the year 2024 Quinn wakes up and finds herself in a hospital without a clue of what happened. She’s supposed to be somewhere else doing something important: impeding Rachel Berry’s wedding. Set immediately after “On my way” then it’s AU. Two time frames, one story. Faberry with lots of Brittana.

13. The Little Time Traveler by Cygnus07

A little girl appears at Mckinley High one day and claims that she’s Quinn’s daughter. But Quinn doesn’t believe her plus the girl won’t even reveal who her father is.

14. Past Mistakes by InvisiMeg

Rachel makes a wish and finds herself in a place she never thought she’d be again. Now she’s she reliving her senior year, trying to fix everything that went wrong and trying to find what she’s been missing in her life.

15. Curative Coma by Light-Ace

For Day 3 of Faberry Week: Time Travel. Of all the things to be grateful for, Quinn never suspected a coma would make the list.

16. Day after day by Writeaboutus

Quinn didn’t make a wish. Nothing life altering happened. She had no fairy god mother. So why is it that she keeps waking up to live the same day over and over again? Slightly AU Faberry with side Brittanna.

17. Glad You Came by ImaginaryPoet

Quinn’s accident has torn a hole in the space-time continuum. She finds herself back in sophomore year, pre-pregnancy, pre-chaos, pre-Finchel. Will she use her knowledge of the future to finally make things right? M for language

18. Un viaje en el tiempo by  yulen cero

Ver la foto de Rachel Barbra Berry en el vestíbulo de aquella casa para ancianos me hacía quererla más cada vez que visitaba al abuelo, había sólo un problema: Ella había vivido en los años treinta y había muerto hace quince. Será que me la encontraría en otra vida? No, yo iría a la suya.

  • prompt: Rachel wrote a list of the ten things she wanted in her future husband when she was about seven eight. Jesse found it one day, ticked them off, and smugly framed it.

It’s their second day in their new home – a brownstone, like Rachel always dreamed of – and Jesse’s done about 90% of the heavy lifting.  While he lugs in box after box, Rachel skips passed him with small items, a vase, some books, a bag of clothes. A smug smirk, too.

Some would say he’s whipped. Those who wouldn’t would be wrong.

His main task of the day has been to go to Rachel’s storage locker – which she’s had since she returned to New York – to pick up all the things from her childhood home. Her apartment was never big enough to fit her entire life into, but now that they have three floors and seemingly endless space, she’s decided it’s time to bring back the obnoxious yellow and unnecessary amounts of glitter.

Jesse is just thrilled.

Two and a half years into their relationship and a mere six months away from getting married, now seems like the perfect time to upgrade from their old apartment. Rachel moved in with him eighteen months ago, officially, and about two years ago in reality, and Jesse’s decided that his place just isn’t big enough to house the two of them and his Tony Award.

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After much discussion with my manager, family, and close friends I have decided to make a public announcement. If you have recently heard the rumors that I am back in Cotton Plant I would like to take the time to confirm that they are true. In light of significant changes in my life I made the decision to move from my longtime home in New York City and get a new outlook on life here in my hometown. While I am here I plan on working with the town to perform fundraisers and do what I can to assure that the children and adults receive the funding they deserve when it comes to the arts. I will also be spending my time working on my freshman album as I embark on a music career. 

My decision to move back was drastic and emotional and I hope that my return is as positive as I hope it will be.

Much love, 

Rachel Barbra Berry☆

Well then.
I think we can all agree that it is time that this Berry also makes an introduction and brings some much needed star quality to this place.
For those of you who don’t know me yet. The name is Rachel Barbra Berry, triple threat, future star. Pleasure to join all of you.

New Age Olympics Interview
  • [Rachel wasn't at all worried about the NAO interview. If there was something she was good at, it was presentation. She had prepared her speech ahead of time and went into her interview feeling very confident. She sat down where the interviewer told her to and then began once they started filming.]
  • Rachel: Hello, my name is Rachel Barbra Berry, and I am here as a part of Team Thundercats to explain to you, my fellow NYADA peers, why we should be your representatives in this year's New Age Olympics. First of all, we may be a small team, but we are a well-rounded group. We have almost all affinities represented, including two electricity affinities, which means that we will be able to face any challenges the competition throws at us. We're also a very tight knit team, so there will be no drama. The five of us are all friends who are very capable of working together. And finally, and most importantly, we are winners. We're very ambitious and we will stop at nothing to win at a competition. That's why I think we will be able to make NYADA proud at this year's Olympics. Voting for Team Thundercats is voting for a winning team!