Episode 2 review

1. I love love love Dick and Rachel father and daughter moments. You can already tell he’s so protective over her. “Game of thrones? Are you sure you should be watching that?” And she just gives him a look like “I’m not a kid.” But yes baby. You are a kid. And he will be your father.

2. Dawn and Hank became one of my favorite DC couples. I love how Dawn is so understanding of him and when he couldn’t perform in bed she was just like “its okay baby.” Also jealous Hank is adorable. I understand where he is coming from. Dick would be considered Dawn’s ex so it’s natural for him to feel uncomfortable with him around his girlfriend. 

3. Poor Dawn. Dick obviously hurt her in the relationship and she still hadn’t gotten any closure from it. One thing about girls is that we tend to overthink too much and feel like we’re the issue when something like that happens. So I really hope Grayson mends is problem with her and apologizes.

4. The cliffhanger! God damn I really need to know what happens. Does she live? Does she not live? Why DC? Why do this to me? I highly doubt they would only have her in for one episode. But if she does live then you bet Hank will kick Dick’s ass. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. 

5. Alfred Pennyworth. 

Titans: Hawk & Dove

Warning, Spoilers Ahead…









Wow!  So many feelings!

Hawk and Dove were spot on! From the costumes to the personalities – everything was perfect.  I never shipped the duo in the comics but I love them in the tv series.

The bathtub/room scene deftly shows the effects of a vigilante-lifestyle on a human body.

It appears Dick, Hank, and Dawn were the original Titans along with an unnamed dark-haired lady. Of course, the obvious choice for the unnamed lady is Donna Troy.  

Flashback time! Batman doesn’t want Robin hanging with the “bad kids”.  Somewhat true to comics.  Look at Dick flipping around!  His acrobatics are noticeably missing in his present-day fighting style.

Raven’s soul-self is brutal – rupturing all of the body’s internal organs? Ouch!

I knew the stuck in a time warp family was the Nuclear Family as soon as they appeared onscreen – nice to receive confirmation in the end credits.  They are rather obscure villains.  If I’m remembering correctly, they fought the Outsiders in the 1980s and an updated version appeared in Super Sons.  They are much creepier in the Titans series.

Poor Amy – I hope she survived her encounter with the Nuclear Family.  Not sure how the Nuclear Family tracked Dick and Raven to Ohio after “talking” with Amy.  Amy only knew that Dick was “working a case” – did they use Amy’s phone to track Dick’s location?

The writers didn’t wait long to start the “Dick’s a ladies’ man” angle – we have Dove, a possible connection with Amy, and the incoming Starfire.

Less than four years seems a rather short time to go from joining the police to becoming a detective.

Dick is trying so hard to resist the “big brother/dad” role: “Is that Game of Thrones?  Should you be watching it?”  Just go with it, Dick, it will make your life easier.


Dick can’t bring himself to call his dad so it’s a good thing he has a grandpa!  Yay, Alfred!

It’s not cool to promise to stay with someone and then drop her off with unsuspecting friends!

Comparing the flashback fight scene to the present-day fight scene clearly shows the evolution of Dick’s anger.  Very brutal. Not that I had any sympathy for the torture guy.

You know you need to slow your role when Hawk thinks you need to calm yourself.

Dick broke poor Rachel’s heart.  Apologize, young man!

The creepy Nuclear Family is back!  Dove better survive!  I will be very upset otherwise!

It would be a great time for Rachel to discover her healing abilities – she could also see that there is good inside of her as well.

So many thoughts but I have to go to work.  Boo!

So, I watched the first episode of the Titans new show aaaand…..

It wasn’t bad! I’ll restrain myself from saying it’s good for I’ve only seen one episode so far and I might be proven wrong, but my hopes are up.

A lot of people are angry because it’s not loyal to the cartoon series, but the thing is: it has no intention of being so. It has a lot of similarities with classic comic book content though (Dick being a police officer, Raven being unable to control her Deamon side, etc.).

Will it be perfect? Probably not. Did I enjoy it? I must say I did!

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If you can, give it a shot.