“That Can Only Mean One Thing” - Kurt/Blaine

please disregard the clunky title I literally listened to nothing but Hotline Bling on repeat the entire time I was writing this

Inspired by – don’t click if you’d rather be surprised! – this post, have young twentysomethings Kurt and Blaine working together in the Vogue.com offices, with a side order of Rachel Berry and Adam Crawford and a dash of “social media mishap” for dessert

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“Kurt, where are you? You know I have an extremely limited amount of time between my diction class and my next rehearsal.”

“Rachel, I would be able to meet up with you a lot faster if you didn’t call me every two minutes! I texted you that I was still finishing up. You could’ve just texted me back. Or relaxed and waited like a normal person,” Kurt hisses into his phone, hurrying down the hallway of the Vogue.com offices with a stack of thin files in one arm. Stress has been high ever since he clocked in this morning, the lifestyle and entertainment department working to finish up preparations for the party happening the following night.

“You would’ve ignored me if I texted! I would have gone ahead to the restaurant if I’d known you would be late–”

“You still could,” Kurt mutters. “The funny thing about having a job is that sometimes, important things come up that are out of your control. You wouldn’t know anything about that, but you could at least be sympathetic.”

Rachel’s voice is getting louder, but also echoing in a strange way that makes Kurt pull the phone away from his ear. “Kurt, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here–”

“You? Unreasonable? Never.”

“–but, honestly,” she continues, suddenly turning down the hallway towards him and ending the call to confront him in person, “I thought having a job like this would make you more prompt.”

“Scratch that,” Kurt sighs, closing his eyes so that he can’t see Rachel tapping the toe of her knee-high black boots impatiently. “Who let you in?”

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“12 Shoes for 12 Lovers” by Sebastian Errazuriz

12 uniquely designed shoes, inspired by the personalities and defining characteristics of 12 former lovers, each with a suiting nickname & accompanying story to match.

  1. “Honey” Natasha
  2. “Cry Baby” Alexandra
  3. “Gold Digger” Alison
  4. “Heart Breaker” Laura
  5. “Ice Queen” Sophie
  6. “Hot Bitch” Caroline
  7. “The Virgin” Anna
  8. “Jetsetter” Jessica
  9. “The Boss” Rachel
  10. “G.I. Jane” Barbara
  11. “The Ghost” Valentina
  12. “The Rock” Alice

THE iDOLM@STER Gets American Release!!

Every girl’s dream when they grow up is to be a Pop Star, and all of the girls at the New Alternative Music Company, or NAMCo, are no exception. Follow Hannah Anderson, who’s a bit of an airhead, and Mr. Manager as they try to climb their way to the top! Also along for the ride are Christina Kennedy, who sings so her parents and her little brother can see her on TV, Sam Taylor, who may look tough but she’s also super cute, Daisy Hamilton, who’s a little shy, Ashley Moore, a grown-up with no sense of direction and who loves apple juice! There’s also Zoey and Chloe Bowie, the prankster twins, Maggie Twist, who’s working hard for her family, Lori Morris, the prissy rich girl, Luna Celeste, a mysterious girl whose parents come from far away, Kyoko Sakura, a cute animal-loving girl from Japan, and Haley McDonald who treats Mr. Manager just like a big brother! With the help of their bosses Rachel Parker, Mr. Manager, and their secretary Courtney Butler they’re going to try their best to become super famous pop stars! Will they be able to become the Next Top Pop Stars? 

Watch Next Top Pop Star from 4Kids TV to find out!

I can’t exactly say it’s exactly what I expected but Westerners will finally get to see idolm@ster


Lady Boss

The star of the CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” takes on workplace inequality with an original performance for Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair.

anonymous asked:

are you okay ? :) I see you reblogging lots of stuff about anxiety and depression...but hey it's okay Rachel YOU are the boss and I like you <3

I’m… alright? I guess? I’m hanging in there. It’s okay. Thanks for asking!

Here’s Why the Women on ‘Unreal’ Are Unlike Anything Else on TV

Lifetime’s explosive summer hit “UnReal,” which brilliantly tackles mental illness, aired its season one finale on Monday night. The show has been renewed for a second season and achieved something few TV shows have been able to do. As some have pointed out, it has nailed the art of the female anti-hero, not just in main character Rachel, but in her female boss Quinn.




Stay seated Rachel while the boss bitch speaks
Fix your eye patch and go play hot wheels
Oh, wait, never mind, is that top speed?
I’m Cormier and I’m you now, enchantée.
You’re a bully, hater, psychopath, absolute zero
I warned you this was personal, more than bone marrow
I bet knowing I’m in charge hurts your ego
Just me in your office, sipping Mojitos
You thought to be invincible in your stride
My way to your chair was a joy ride
You have no skill, I don’t get your pride
Look at my PhD, it’s certified

Your presence inconvenient, your rhymes are irksome
You suffer from delusions, check your symptoms
There’s a lack of French elegance, your style is cheap
No wonder Cosima issued an upgrade
Frankly, your leadership is a nightmare
DYAD is now a girlfriend day care
I’m not just a few, I’m self aware
I genuinely doubt you could ever say the same
Your most important asset is your hair
And you look like your liver could use a repair

Let me be blunt
Unlike that pencil in your eye
You put up a front
But doesn’t worth a dime
You’re not even a person, just a toy
I’ve seen preschool kids be more coy
I’m a natural genius with expertise
I’m the host, you a nasty parasite
You don’t shake me Duncan, have no doubt
I’ll just light my cigarette and smoke you out

Relax doctor, I can see you’re fraught
Is there something wrong with that neat parking lot?
We know who’s a goner, I’m advancing the plot
For two months your body’s been left to rot
You couldn’t keep your girlfriend, you can’t keep your life
Catch me the next season, if you got your invite
Topside doesn’t need you, neither neolution
Spreading your legs is your only solution
You climbed the ladder on your back
Don’t wait for your master, Aldous is dead

[Delphine] YOU PETITE- *bitch slaps Rachel*
[Rachel] NO ONE LAYS HANDS ON ME!!!!!!



To Make Me Bright - Chapter 4

Summary: When Emma Swan takes her son to parent teacher conference night at his school, the last thing she expects to find is the guy she’s been hooking up with the past few weeks sitting at the desk across from her. CS Teacher / Parent AU. Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Read it on ff


The once perfect and pristine white table cloth had exactly four imperfections. The stitching on the left corner was coming undone slightly from one too many washings, a small red wine stain hidden strategically under the salt shaker, a barely visible tear along the bottom edge, and the fact that it was the most interesting part of Killian’s evening.

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danisnootoonfire  asked:

Sorry to bother you but I was looking for a fic where Phil is the boss and Dan is the assistant of Louise and Phil asks Dan to be his fake husband while his parents are in town? Please and thank you 😊

How to Get Away With MarriageDan works at a small office doing coffee runs. His boss, Mr. Lester, needs Dan to do him a favor while his parents are in town for the next couple of weeks.


Oh, how I’d like to tell you the first thing you will see in Season 2 of Lifetime’s clever, cutting drama series UnREAL.

Tracking the behind-the-scenes shenanigans at a fictional The Bachelor-ish reality show called Everlasting, the first season was about its principals sinking deeper into the muck of betrayals and counter-betrayals. And at its end, it left producer Rachel and her boss Quinn with only their viscerally felt, mercilessly managed friendship. This season, we open on them together, riding high, swearing to a three-word code that starts with “money” and ends with “power” and has a word in the middle that I’m not allowed to write here. In this context, it doesn’t quite mean “sex” and doesn’t quite mean “men” and it doesn’t quite mean “unapologetically getting what you want without getting your feelings involved,” but it means all those things at once.

This is what UnREAL is: uncomfortable, unexpected, confidently noncompliant television.

‘UnREAL’ Returns With Three Little Words And No Apologies

Photo: James Dittiger/Lifetime