rachel's tattoo

When you can’t make yourself happy, try to make other people happy so maybe their happiness will infect you (temporary solution to a larger problem, I know).

Dakota and Scott (mine) | Cora (obvious and random) | Gemma (@theherocomplex) | Victoria (@dearophelia) | Ahnzo (@sentinelviktorcullen) | Artemis (@ferociousqueak) | Rachel (@black-rose4 and happy birthday!) | Sirius (@vorchagirl) | Carrie (@probablylostrightnow) | Zoe (@servantofclio)

I hope you guys like them and sorry if anything is off about them. Ya’ll’s screenshots don’t show eye color that well.

i’ll be your partner in crime, if you be my partner in time💙☄ @lifeisstrangegame

(Note I edited my wig more blue cause I don’t have any blue hair spray atm also I edited the tattoo on🙊💞)