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‪me starting today until Novemeber 19, 2017‬

‪what she says: I’m fine.‬
‪what she means: Ben Platt is leaving Dear Evan Hansen. He has made an impact on many lives, including mine. It hurts to hear this news, it’ll be hard to say goodbye. Ben Platt is an incredibly amazing and talented human being. He may have been given the role of Evan Hansen eventually, but it was his decision that he wants to give the audience the best experience whether it’s their first time to see the show or not. It was his decision to cut some food he likes. I mean, he was even giving up his favorite breakfast cereal. But aside from that, Ben himself admits that playing Evan really took a toll on his social life, on some occasions his health, and his lifestyle in general. But he did all that because he wanted to give his best performance every night, eight times a week, to make sure that the audience are experiencing the best and that they will never forget their experience, there at the intimate stage-audience set up at the Music Box Theater. But the other side to this is that I am very thankful for Ben for making an impact on my life through this character. Words fail to express how much this show and his performance means so much to me. He has made many sacrifices to give the best performance onstage and give the best experience to the audience. He really deserved the Tony, the Drama League, the Obie, and the Lucille Lortel awards. But it’s also nice to think that things won’t completely go back to normal. He will always be remembered as the youngest Drama League awardee in history. He will be remembered as part of the 2017 Time 100 Most Influential People. He will be remembered as the award-winning actor who originated the role of Evan Hansen. I will really miss the OBC so much but I’m happy, thankful, and grateful for them because they really made sure that the issues discussed in the musical are heard and seen not just in Broadway or in the cyberspace but also all over the globe. As a fansen, the departure of the Original Broadway Cast from the show this Novemeber will be a bittersweet thing. They will finally get to have rest. Ben doesn’t have to sob-sing eight times a week. Mike doesn’t have to suffer from finding himself to be repeatedly hitting his head on the back of a chair after he runs off to his dressing room from onstage, that he has to stop himself from doing so. It’s sad to see Ben leave the show soon. But I am thankful and grateful that he finally (and hopefully) gets to have rest. I just hope he comes back to visit on December 4 if there’s going to be an anniversary special or something.‬

Honestly, I think I wouldn’t have any problem with Jessica if she actually owned up to her actions and knew she was a bitch. She goes around acting like she’s the innocent victim, and her whole “Miss Congeniality” thing is just annoying. Like own up to your actions. Become a Rachel Reilly or Amanda Zuckerman. Be a bitch. I’d love it.

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