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At some point, the pack decides to host an Easter egg hunt for the kids back in Beacon Hills. And every year, without fail, Scott and Stiles stay up until about 2am hiding all of the eggs. They end up constantly finding each other’s eggs instead of new hidden locations. Now, the majority of these eggs are filled with candy, of course. But there are five special golden eggs with $10 each in them, and those are placed in super secret, difficult to reach locations. 

The kids are unleashed onto Scott’s lawn the next day and most of the parents are sitting on the deck drinking Lydia’s mimosas. Scott and Stiles, however, are not-so-subtly following around their daughters, Gabrielle and Adalyn, to see who is going to find the most eggs. (”I know it’s not a competition, Lydia but..Jesus she found four eggs in a row. Four of them. And I was the one who hid those!”) 

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“You can’t love someone, unless you love yourself first.”
I have never loved myself.
But you.
Oh God, I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. [insp.]

It’s Halloween tomorrow and I am trying to cope with LiS’s ending so have Chloe and Max as the spookiest couple; Jack and Sally.

2015 US Nationals - get excited! August 13-16th 


“Hey, I’m Aaron Tveit, and we’re here in Brooklyn filming the Wicked studio sessions. There’re gonna be some really good songs from the show done in ways you haven’t seen before.” (x)

^ In case you hadn’t seen Aaron’s tweeted teaser! Then if by some strange chance you haven’t done so, check out the first video in the series - Out of Oz: Wicked Studio Sessions “Defying Gravity” - where he duets with Rachel Tucker. “Out of Oz” appears to exclusively be a web series at this point, so do make sure to hit up the official YouTube video to repay their work in views!