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tom holland: world's best dad™

Part 6 of the White Dress series

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  • you guys have two kids, a boy and a girl and they’re the sweetest little things ever and they’ve got tom’s curly hair and your eyes and they’re just perfect.
  • when your little girl is born you knew right away she’d be a daddy’s girl when she’d wake up in the middle of the night tom was always the one to pick her up and get her to go back to sleep
  • he would whisper to her “you’re so lucky you got your mum’s genes, she’s the most beautiful woman ever, you’re gonna be a beautiful woman just like your mumma. i mean you’re already the most gorgeous little girl ever but you’re gonna be beautiful just like mumma.”
  • all four of you would sleep in your bed sometimes and tom would just say “how did i get so lucky”
  • your son has a spider man themed room but as he gets older he says he likes iron man better robert spoils him rOTTEN
  • your kids have major playground cred bc their dad is a superhero but more kids like them bc their uncle is iron man
  • “tom, honey, so the kids have career day at school next friday and i doubt a bunch of elementary students want to hear about finance, want to go in and be spider man?“ 
  • "hELL YEAH! i’ll go try on the suit!”
  • he kinda struggles fitting into the suit, maybe he ate too many chicken nuggets 
  • when he goes to career day and he’s tELLING kids they can be a superhero iF THEY BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES and he shows off a little by doing flips and stuff in the suit and your kids run up on the stage even though they aren’t supposed to and give him huge hugs and kisses and he is tearing up so he has to take off the mask bc it’s expensive and he can’t ruin it. he showers the two kids with kisses and they giggle and it’s aDORABLE
  • “hey dad… so i kinda promised noah you’d make an appearance on friday at his birthday…”
  • your son loves to dance and play drums and play soccer
  • and your daughter is an amazing artist and she loves fliPs so mucH
  • and tom gets that blue mat out and blows it up in the backyard and he’s teaching her the basics
  • her dream is to be a stunt double and toms a lil apprehensive bc it’s hiS LIL GIRL but he knows she’ll kick aSs
  • he’s like “sweetheart, you can be anything you want to be, but are you sure you dont want to be a princess or something, i just don’t want you hurt is all.” and she’s so stubborn just like tom telling him “no daddy i wanna do flips and be like you!”
  • “she’s definitely your daughter.” you laugh at tom
  • you guys have dance parties every friday night in the living room
  • and you gEt sO frustrated when they wear their shoes in the house and tom ain’t good at punishing them because he can’t think up a good discipline bc they always sweet talk him and he gives up 
  • “tom you need to stop giving in to everything they say, i can’t just keep looking like the bad guy!" 
  • "i’m sorry babe, but i can’t say no to their adorable faces, they look too much like yours”
  • toM can’t cook for his life so you guys alWays keep frozen foods for when you go out or aren’t home and he has to cook for the kids turns out they’re better cooks than him
  • he watches rachel ray’s reruns before you wake up to try and cook breakfast for you but it always ends up ending in you hitting the smoke alarm he trieS so hArd
  • he pouts and sits at the table and watches you cook “ i just wanted to do something nice for you bc you do so much for me" 
  • he just wants to show his appreciation for you so he cleans up after every meal 
  • and he’ll leave cute lil notes everywhere when he’s away for you to find
  • and when he skype calls you and the kids you can never get a moment alone bc as soon as they hear his voice they come rushing to the computer and climb all over you bc they miss their dad 
  • "guys now you gotta promise me you’ll be good for your mum and clean your rooms!”
  • he brings an extra suitcase with him everywhere bc he always brings the kids back a million things from wherever he goes 
  • one time you all surprise him and visit him on set and harrison is the only person that knows about it and he’s so excited bc tom missed you all so much
  • and then toms completely wiped out bc he’s had such a long day and he’s missing you guys like mad and he’s so bummed bc he just wants to be with his family
  • so you harrison’s like “mate just go back to the trailer and rest a bit” and tom goes back and opens the door and hIs family is there and he kinda tears up 
  • the kids jump on him when he walks through the door of the trailer and he just looks at you with all of the love in the world bc he missed you so mUch
  • bIG FaMiLy hUG
  • and then the kids busy themselves with harrison and toms scooter that he rides around set and he’s just cuddling you
  • you both just watch the little rascals play around and have fun
  • “what if we had another one?”
  • and tom just smiles at you and he’s like “the more the merrier” or something stupid like that bc he loves his family and would love to see it grow into something more beautiful 
  • “that means we should probably get a bigger house" 
  • "what if we built our own?” bYE
Halloween at the Ridge - Chapter 4 Samhain is No’ Just For Bairns

Jamie’s POV  Catch up on other installments here: Falling Leaves; Trick or Treat; Maybe I’m A Ghost 

Claire had been right, after all, the flickering candles set in the carved pumpkins were striking. He saw that Roger had put the guitar down and was eating dinner with Bree and the children. The fire glowed brightly and set Jem and Bree’s hair to glow.

Jenny came and put her arm around his middle and they enjoyed a few minutes in companionable silence.

“ ‘Tis a fine life ye’ve made here Jamie.”

“Are ye having second thoughts about living here?” He asked.  He hadn’t thought so but it was a drastic change from the settled and familiar environs of Lallybroch.

“No, I’m glad of it. I spent my whole life within a few square miles. I raised my bairns in the home where I was born, seen many grandchildren born there, too.” Jamie smiled at her. “I think of Mam, how much more….well, seems wrong to begrudge the bounty, aye?” Jamie nodded.

“When Fergus arrived falling off Donas with the deed of seisin clutched so tight in his hand, we needed to thaw him out by the hearth to uncurl his fingers, I kent we’d never see ye again. And ye’d made your intent plain enough. At least Lallybroch would survive and ye had some legacy on this earth to be remembered by. But it did seem a small thing compared to the courage needed to preserve it and not worthy of the sacrifices ye made.” Jenny blinked away tears. “But this place? This foothold ye’ve carved from rock and mountain and forest? It makes me rest easy seeing Fraser’s Ridge. It’s a rare man that can do both– honor his past and build a new future. Mam and Da would burst wi’ pride seeing this, Jamie. I ken I dinna tell you such things enough.”

At this Jamie snorted, “Ever!”

“Yer wife is calling, get you gone, lad.” Jenny gestured over by the bonfire where Claire was waiving her hand to them.

“Care to take a turn?” Jamie turned to look into Brianna smiling eyes.

“Think you and Mom can beat us?”

Jamie’s eyebrows rose fractionally and he gave her a confident smirk. He and Claire shared a smile.

“Oh aye, certainly.“ He told her. “Sassenach?”

Jamie had, much to his surprise, thoroughly enjoyed the day. Catching unexpected little glimpses of what life was like then and how it was for Bree as a child. Claire had told him on a number of occasions that Bree had been happy, that the life she’d been given was worth the cost. He’d understood it in his head but now he could feel a little more of that in his heart. To share a whole day such as this with bairns, friends, family, a luxury he didna ken existed.

There were often times in his relationship with Claire that a rush of feelings would overwhelm his heart: heartache, regret, anguish, gratitude, love, joy and he couldn’t find the words. Sometimes he could show her, but now, having been together so long all he needed to do was stand nearby and watch her eyes fill with understanding. He was blessed many times over with her. He always knew it in important moments, as anyone would. Yet, it was in times like these, the quiet, everyday moments that his throat felt tight and he had to close his eyes for a moment. He wasn’t surprised to feel her hand snake into his and give him a quick, unobtrusive squeeze.

Germaine was filling in for the Master of Ceremonies and they had gathered quite the crowd around them. The bonfire and pumpkins added more than enough illumination. Their hands were each tied behind their backs while in the low hanging tree apples were strung on twine. The goal was to be the first couple to eat the apple from the string. Roger gave Brianna a nod. His look saying there was no way he’d let his father-in-law beat them. Ian and Rachel and Amy and Bobby Higgens also joined the race. At Germain’s command, the couples furiously tried to get control of their swinging, twisting, twirling apples.

All manner of helpful, and not so helpful tips, were called out by the crowd of onlookers. Ian and Rachel were hopelessly giggling as the apple bounced and rolled between them. Amy and Bobbie were able to trap the apple but couldn’t quite manage to get teeth anywhere near it, though nearly everywhere else by the shocked noises each one was making. Well, Jamie knew all about that, right enough.  

He watched Roger and Brianna for a moment. They were almost the same height making it much easier for them to trap the apple between them. Roger had the apple firmly wedged in his teeth and Bree was nipping and biting on the other side. When it slipped out, she would capture it back again and he could continue nibbling away at the fruit. A good balance to them that he was gratified to see. It was good between them.

Claire managed to seize the apple just under her chin. She notched her head down and he stalked toward her, the deliberative nature of his movement catching the attention of the crowd. Jamie heard a raucous cheer go up as he stalked toward her, sliding up under her bosom as she rocked her knee between his spread legs.

Firmly thus braced, Jamie moved his mouth up to her neck. He made a low rumbling noise in his throat which caused her to visibly shiver. He laughed, a little loudly but she’d caught him by surprise. Jamie cast his eyes out around the bonfire. He noticed that even Bree and Roger had stopped what they were doing. Fatal mistake, that.  

Jamie sensed the throng of eyes on them and, having a feel for the theatrical, played to the crowd. He heard all manner of suggestive tones but paid no attention to the words, for he was focused on Claire.

He heard her breathy “Oh!” Then he bit down hard.

She shrieked but pressed herself up against him and held still as she could. A third of the apple gone in a bite. Jamie made quick work after that in two more bites. Germain declared them the winners and untied his hands. Just as he reached behind Claire, Jamie stopped him.

A small bit of pulp remained on Claire’s upper jaw and he’d had just enough to drink to be loose in his behavior. He drew up to her, wrapped his arms around her still bound ones, paused dramatically with his head bent to the side and then held her as he untied her hands, deliberately and suggestively licking the last bit off to calls of Mac Dubh! Mac Dubh!

“You might have warned me that he ate the whole apple, core and seeds! An unfair advantage, that. Doesn’t he know how bad that is for you?” Bree said huffily to Claire afterward.

“As if you really needed me to tell you your father isn’t the sort to scruple over a bit of forbidden fruit!” Claire retorted.  

The cherry bounce flowed and Jamie liberally distributed the two-year whiskey the sat down with a sigh. Roger Mac started telling tales again. This one about a dark night and a fog, a man with a hook. Good thing Fergus was living in the city now. He was only half listening anyway, he was enjoying the kick and glow of the fire, the way the wind caused lights to flicker and dance inside the pumpkins.

Jamie sighed and shifted his weight a bit to draw Claire closer. He was leaning back against the oak, Claire braced against his chest, using his bent knees as arm rests. Mandy was curled up asleep at his side. Brianna’s head shifted and her cheek came to rest against him.

From the cadence of the story, Roger was winding up to a point, a scary point judging from the apprehensive expressions reflected around him. Just as he neared the last few words, something dropped out of the tree causing Jamie to scream along with the audience for the story. 

An undignified sound that woke Mandy and had Bree giggling. Claire was doing her best to hold herself to a smile but could not look him in the eye.

“Jemmy, that wasn’t nice. You scared your grand-da out of his skin!”

The boy popped around the tree trunk with the pulley in his hand as three of Bree’s spiders spun in the air just above him.

“I was hoping to get you Mom, not grand-da.” Jem and Mandy giggled together.

Jamie attempted to stay on his dignity, “Promise ye willna do that again, aye? We lads have to stick together, surrounded as we are by three generations of fearless Fraser women.”

“Cross my heart!” Jemmy said.

“Oh, and Jem, roll them up and put the pulley out of sight, if ye would.” He was taking no more chances.

Roger had begun to strum his guitar.  That quickly got everyone’s attention.

“I’d like to share a story, if you’ll indulge me, that I heard recently.” He strummed for dramatic effect. “It happened near the Mohawk River on a battlefield in upstate New York.”

Jamie felt Claire start and shift her weight forward a bit. She and Bree exchanged a look that seemed at once excited and apprehensive. Reflexively, Jamie curled his hand into a fist so he didn’t inadvertently stare at his missing ring finger. Battle of Saratoga, Claire must have told Roger a little about their adventures after Fort Ticonderoga.

The clouds were breaking in the night sky overhead and there was a full moon, the wind started to blow a little harder and the candles, fluttering sweetly before were now casting more dramatic shadows, a few folk moved back from the bonfire as the flames whipped a bit more unpredictably. The steady, almost menacing plucking of Roger’s guitar only added to the spooky atmosphere.

Roger, pitching his voice to increase the tension and build the suspense, broadening his accent, held his audience spellbound.  He unfurled the story of the Hessian soldier whose head was blown clean off by an American cannon.

“They do say that on nights with a full moon ye can hear him riding his black beast of a horse hither and yon trying to catch an unsuspecting traveller in order to replace his missing head!”

Suddenly, off in the field that had only a few hours before been home to all manner of games, a great black beast of a horse came flying to a stop. The moonshine illuminating the area around them as the horse, with uncanny timing reared up on two legs and whinnied loudly. Jamie shuddered and Claire giggled a little as did Bree.

As the beast regained it’s footing several ladies, and even a few of the men, cried out in terror. The rider was headless, sword in hand. The clouds moved in and suddenly horse and rider vanished as if nothing had happened. Jamie’d ken that horse anywhere, the son of Gideon and impossible to tame. Though Germain could occasionally get near, Jamie had no idea he’d been able to sit upon Lucifer’s back.

Claire glanced back at Jamie and he gave her a tight smile. “Best tell Germain to return my cloak and small sword, Sassenach, I’ll see to rubbing Lucifer down and giving him extra oats. I’ll meet ye back at the big house.”

Claire ignored his scowl and gave him a resounding kiss. “In 40 years, that story will be called The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and scare children all over the world at Halloween for the next 200 years.” She told him.

“It’ll scare enough folk tonight as well. So I expect you to check under my bed for wee ghosts and keep me safe, aye?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” She murmured.

“I’m counting on it.” Jamie kissed her hard and left for the stables.


Jem, Mandy and Germain were settled down upstairs. Jenny left to return with Ian and Rachel, Jamie poured drams for Bree, Roger and Claire as he joined them at the table next to the hearth.

“So, Da, how was your first Halloween?” Bree’s eyes sparkled and Roger reached out to hold her hand.

Jamie smiled seeing them thus. “I’m wondering how the bairns are going to sleep tonight! And no’ just the weans, I think Roger Mac scared the piss right out of their parents, too.”

“Sorry about Germain, earlier with Lucifer. Jemmy told him all sorts of things about Halloween in Boston and about a similar trick played on him when we were camping with a group of his friends back then. I guess the lads cooked it up among themselves. It worked though, perfect timing.” Roger told him.

“Aye, dinna fash. Though he and I are still the only ones who can ride that spawn of Satan. So are all the games mostly for bairns or are there other things adults do to celebrate?” Jamie inquired.

“Well, most of the grown up games are drinking games.” Bree told him.

“Ye need to play a game for that?” Jamie was confused.

“Sort of, it’s fun!” Bree laughed seeing Jamie’s raised brow.

Bree explained two truths and a lie. By agreement the coupled played as teams against one another. Roger Mac still hadn’t learned how to lie effectively and so ended up drinking shots and Claire knew Bree too well, so her turn was unsuccessful as well.

Jamie exchanged a look with his wife. Now? Her eyes seemed to say and he nodded giving her leave. She cleared her throat.

“Well, I graduated tenth in my class at Harvard Medical School. It was two hundred and twenty years between my first orthopedic surgery and my second one and I have been married twice.”

Bree gave her mother a hard look as did Roger. Jamie watched as they looked at one another.

“Well that’s not much of a challenge. I know for certain you graduated tenth and that you were married twice, so the surgery as the lie.” Bree said confidently.

Claire shook her head.

“You weren’t tenth?” She asked.

Claire shook her head again. Her eyes were a little weepy.

“No. I was. It’s that…You father and I travelled separately back from Scotland. He came a few months after I left, and brought Jenny. He sent word of the ship they’d be on. John Grey brought me word that the ship h–had b–.” Claire stopped her mouth too dry to speak.

Jamie saw her panicked glance and put a stilling hand on her arm. “The ship we were supposed to be on went down, all souls lost. Our berth was given away and I hadna time to post a letter telling her we needed to change ships. She, well, everyone, thought we’d died. John also brought word that your mother was about to be arrested for carrying pamphlets for Fergus. John stepped in and protected her.”

“Protected her? By marrying her?” Bree’s voice shot up higher and higher as she spoke. Her mother was nodding.

Suddenly Roger’s guffaws could he heard from behind his covered face. He was unable to contain his merriment.

“I’m s-so-sorry! It must have been awful for you, truly but oh God, poor John!” Roger turned to Bree, “You ex-fiance…so that makes him Jemmy’s—-”

“Dinna finish that sentence, if ye please!” Jamie warned, though his lips visibly curled with the hint of a smile.

“That man is as much a bloody fucking hero as Da!” Bree said.

“At least to this family.” Roger added looking hard at Claire but she wasn’t giving anything away.

Jamie smiled ruefully.

“Aye, well. A long time ago in Paris I challenged Jack Randall to a duel and yer Mom wanted to protect Frank.” Jamie flushed a bit as he heard the words come out of his mouth. He wasn’t sure he ever spoke the man’s name aloud in his daughter’s hearing. “I had to decide whether my pride was more important than your mother’s honor. At the time I wasna inclined to be graceful about it. My feelings were Damn all Randalls! Now I maybe think poor John must think to himself Damn all Frasers now and again. I wouldna blame him a bit.” Claire managed to chuckle at that, which had been his hope.

“With Da’s return then….?” Jamie shot her a wolfish grin.

“Annulled.” He confirmed.

“Hmmm. That’s good then. Ok, Da, your turn.” Bree told him. Jamie felt Claire’s hand squeeze his once more.

“Well. Let’s see. I’ve supped with Washington and Benedict Arnold, the happiest day of my life was when yer mam walked into my shop in Edinburgh and after your mother was shot, we saved her life with blue cheese, given to us as a gift by Lafayette.”

Roger laughed aloud. “Arnold and Washington– I can’t wait to hear all about it. Your fatal mistake was adding in the bit about Lafayette– makes it too cute a story.”

Jamie poured extra shots for Roger and Bree, watching his face fall as he put the bottle back down. Bree looked hard at her mother. Claire lifted her shirt a little so they could see the scar.

“Jesus!” Bree breathed. “Blue cheese? You must have smelled awful!”

“I haven’t been able get near cheese, any kind of cheese at all, mind you, since!” Claire confirmed.

“So, then what was the happiest day of your life?” Roger asked, but suspected he knew.

“When we ran down the hill yonder,” at this Jamie gestured toward the front door. “And kent it was you come home.” Jamie smiled. “Seeing Mandy running –God the sun on her hair, quick as lighting….with the lad—” At this Jamie abruptly closed his mouth. He looked away.

“We do need to explain. There is a lot more to it.” Roger started.

“Yes.” Claire said, standing up and leaning over to hug both Bree and Roger and kiss them each on the cheek. “Trouble is coming. But not tonight. It’s been a long and wonderful day.” She said firmly, then gave him a kiss.  “Jamie, will you smoor the fire?”


Jamie checked the windows, proud every time he walked the home’s now finished floors, enjoying the few luxuries he’d managed to get for Claire. It was a grand house, built for the future. Maybe even for the next generation of Frasers.  

He heard Adso greeting somewhere off Claire’s surgery.  He opened cupboards and swung doors wide but couldn’t find him. Eventually he wandered into the summer kitchen.  

He ducked down under the low shelf…ARGH! He reared back and fell hard on his ass.

Ifrinn!” He shouted.

For a moment, by the dim light of the moon, he thought Adso had turned into a demon.  Rushing into the room, Claire placed a hand on his sweating back and knelt beside him.

“Jamie! What’s happened?”

His heart was in his throat, but she’d steadied him and he now felt a little foolish.

“Yon “monster” Bree and Roger made. The wolf? ‘Tis stuffed into that shelf, just there scared the piss out of me!” Jamie smiled sheepishly and Claire chuckled softly.

“What were you doing out here?”

“Och, I thought I heard Adso, but he wasna here.”

Just then, both of them heard the cat’s furious hiss and cry.  

As one, they rose and went to the front door, swinging it open. The wind blew hard, the rustling dry leaves and the bonfire crackling and scratching. In the distance a wolf howled; it was impossible not to feel a little disconcerted.

A screaming laugh that rose the hackles on Jamie’s skin was followed by the sound of hoofbeats, beating a menacing tattoo in the black beyond.He and Claire both cried out as a streak of gray, moving at a million miles an hour, shot by their feet and into the safety of the parlor.

They stared in astonishment as a black horse complete with headless rider galloped straight by the porch. Lucifer! Even though they knew it was another prank they both shivered a bit. Jamie stepped back to close the door and turned to Claire.

“Germain! When I see him next, he’d better be running in the other direction. I havena taken a strop to anyone in years but it’s high time someone did!”

“Grand-pere? Did you need me for something?” Germain materialized just behind Claire.

He shot Claire a bewildered look, looking back at the yard again.

“Who the devil?” He asked no one in particular.

In the quiet of the stables, Jenny Murray slipped her son’s cloak off her head and unsaddled Lucifer. She rubbed him down once more with straw and made sure he had plenty of water.  

As she made her way back down to Ian and Rachel’s snug cabin, she chuckled to herself. She wondered if Jamie had remembered how good a rider she had been in her youth? Maybe most women wouldn’t want to start over at 60, but the challenge of it had awakened something deep within her.

She sighed deeply, looking at the moon. She felt him, then. Her Ian, knew he would be watching over her tonight and every night, in this place and in every place. God, I hope I made ye smile and ye are still proud to call me yours, as I am proud to call ye mine.  

No, she hadn’t regretted coming here to the Ridge, not one bit.  

Girl Meets Season 4 - Episode 23

Girl Meets Season 4 - The Continuing Saga of Riley and her friends as they tackle their Sophomore year in High School. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. What will their sophomore year be like? Read and find out.

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A/N: A continuation of the Fluffiness from the last chapter

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Reasons Why Percabeth Doesn’t Work For Me

Note: If you like Percabeth and get aggressive and hurtful when someone disagrees with you then this isn’t something you’re interested in, I’m going to have to ask you to move along :D I’m entitled to my opinions as you are yours. Any aggression targeted at me because I don’t ship what you ship will be treated with demeaning responses

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-Smut alert-

-Longer than usual (around 2990 words to be exact, oops) hehe-


Special Place

First day of camp. You could do this. Nothing was going to stop you from enjoying yourself at this years camp. Nothing.

That’s what you thought until you received the campers that were assigned to you. Four extremely energetic and crazy girls stood in front of you on the first day with something that resembled mischief in their eyes. Another girl stood a bit away from the others and looked down on the ground clasping her hands in front of her, reminding you a little of yourself. For some reason these 17 year olds scared you. Maybe it was the fact that you would be responsible in keeping them safe and out of danger or maybe it was the way they glanced over at the boys side of the camp ground as if they were looking for their next prey. Either way you would be blamed, as their camp counsellor should, when and if something goes wrong. 

The reason you still came back to this camp to be a counsellor every year was because of your mom. She was one of the main shareholders and it looked good on your family if their daughter attended. But you had this tendency to mess up in the worst ways. Such as one year while you were attending as a camper you were convinced by a few of the older girls that you needed to remove your clothing to help one of your friends. It was a long story, one for another day. You were found the next morning naked in one of the extra tents huddled in a corner. None the less each and every year you were forced to be there. 

You had decided to make the most of this year, no matter what was thrown at you, you would enjoy yourself! It wasn’t like you didn’t get along with the other counsellors but for some reason most of them stayed away from you when they weren’t required to be around you. 

The first day you were required to show the girls their cabin, bring them to the workshops set up for them to know what they would be doing for the next few weeks, and make sure they ate. You also had to do introductions which was easy with the four lively girls but a little tougher with the quiet one. Juna, Rachel, Hyemin, and Brianne you found out were the four girls names. As for the last one you had thought you heard something like Rita but you couldn’t be too sure. 

As you ushered them into the outdoor forest auditorium you couldn’t help but feel nervous when you had to leave them. A group of male campers were the last ones sitting down and you glanced up at their counsellor to see if you knew him. You were met by fiery red hair and the most beautiful brown eyes you had ever seen, though unfamiliar to you. He must be new you thought to yourself. He looked your age though and most of the counsellors your age have been there since camper days. It was also strange considering you hadn’t see him at training last week. You were about to look down and walk past the stranger when he smiled at you. You instantly felt your face go hot.

“Hi, I’m Jooheon.” He said as he stuck his hand out to you.

“Hello…” You shook his hand and you couldn’t help but like the warmth that his hand engulfed yours with. You smiled involuntarily, though you had trouble meeting his gaze. You took a peak at him again and he was smiling even wider. When you saw this, you pulled your hand out of his and scurried away to wait in the main hall for your campers to be finished. 

While you waited you thought of that regretful encounter with the boy named Jooheon. For some reason you couldn’t help but remember the way he smiled. His eyes scrunched up and disappeared and his mouth full of pearly whites. You felt your face becoming hot again and shook away the thoughts. 

“You okay?” You look up to see Hyolyn, your favourite head counsellor, and one of the few counsellors that spoke to you. She seemed concerned, probably from seeing you red faced and clasping your hands tightly. You unclasp your hands and smile at her. 

“I’m fine, just a little nervous about the first day.” It’s not like you were lying, you were nervous about the first day, but that wasn’t really the reason you looked so dishevelled. 

“Ah, okay. That makes sense I guess. But you know you have nothing to worry about, right?” She smiles at you like a mother would and grabs your hand.

“Yeah, I know.” You also smile to reassure her. Suddenly Hyolyn looks upward and waves someone over. You turn around to see who and glance the boy from earlier, Jooheon, making his way over. He still has that cute smile plastered on his face and you look away quickly telling Hyolyn how you need to leave. 

“Don’t be silly. Wait until I introduce you two and then you can leave. Maybe you two can be friends.” She grabs you by the arm, Jooheon makes it to you a few seconds after Hyolyn stopped talking. 

“Hi!” Jooheon says sweetly and you look at him reluctantly when he sits on the other side of the table you and Hyolyn sat at. 

“Jooheon, this is Y/N, and Y/N this is Jooheon” Hyolyn says.

“Yeah we met, though I never got her name until now.” He laughs slightly looking straight into your eyes with an intense look, you had never seen before, even while he talks to Hyolyn. You cringe at what Hyolyn will say after, though nothing bad comes. 

“Oh, really? Well she’s been here for years now so she knows everything there is to know about this camp. You should stick around her to learn the ins and outs also if you ever need any help with something just ask her,” At this point Jooheon doesn’t seem to be paying attention to Hyolyn, too busy looking at you stare back at him. Hyolyn looks back and forth between you, laughs and continues, “since I’ll be too busy that might be better.”

“Yeah that sounds good.” He finally breaks eye contact and acknowledges Hyolyn. “I did have one question.” You finally find your voice,

“Yeah sure I can help,” you think about how your mom told you to try to make more friends this year and decide to take this opportunity. Jooheon looks back at you and you can’t help but sweat slightly at his look, again. Hyolyn excuses herself looking pleased that she got you two talking. 

“It says we need to bring the campers to this area on the camp grounds but I can’t seem to find it.” He looks down seeming to get slightly nervous after asking.

“Yeah sure. What’s it called?” You begin to feel more comfortable despite his beautiful eyes looking at you closely. 

“It’s this one.” He points at the program book that all the counsellors received and you instantly understand why he didn’t know. 

“It’s in the middle of nowhere. That’s why you couldn’t find it. It took me two years of camp to remember how to get there.” you smile at him finally and witness his face lighting up. You look at your watch and see that you have 10 minutes until you have to escort your campers to another 1 and a half hour workshop for the day. “How about we walk over together and bring our campers to the next place, then we can meet back here and I’ll show you?” You start to feel more and more confident when you see how responsive he is to what you say. 

“Yeah!” He says a little over excitedly “Let’s go.”


You stand by the door of the main hall waiting to see red hair walk out of the forest where you saw Jooheon and his campers disappear. 

“Waiting for me?” You jump at the voice whispering in your ear from behind you and turn quickly. When you see Jooheon you smile and slap his chest involuntarily, retracting your hand quickly after you realize you didn’t know each other that well. Though by then Jooheon is staring at you in a strange way, like he was ready to kiss you. He stared down at your lips. 

“You scared me,” you say to break the silence, ignoring the way he looked at you, “come on we only have so much time before you have to get the campers again.” You grab his hand and lead him behind the main hall and past the first bundle of trees that opened up into a clearing. 

There was a big building at one side of the clearing next to the soccer field and another smaller building sat at the other side of the clearing. 

“Here it is,” you gestured at the clearing and soccer field.

“What’s that?” he pointed at the larger building in the clearing.

“That’s where they keep the equipment.”

“How about that one?” he points at the smaller building then. 

“Oh, no one really uses that one. It was the old equipment building but since they built the new one it hasn’t really been in use. There are just a few old tools and water floaties inside.” You are about to turn to leave but Jooheon’s voice stops you.

“Can we look inside?” He’s looking at the small building, avoiding eye contact with you. You hesitate slightly, trying to read his face.

“Yeah, sure. Not sure why you’d want to see it though. It’s not really that special inside.” You begin to walk over with Jooheon slightly behind you, following. You creak open the old rusted and wooden door and glance inside. You step in slightly to allow Jooheon access also. You’re standing face to face with Jooheon since there wasn’t much space to move any other way. You can feel him breathing and see him looking around until he looks back at you.

“See, not reall-” You’re cut off when soft lips caress yours. He pulls away quickly looking confused and embarrassed. Your mouth is agape looking at him not knowing what to say. The feeling of his lips on yours left your mouth feeling slightly cold after he moved away. Then you do something you had never done before, you made the first move. Well technically the second move but whatever. 

You reach out for his hand and move in towards him. He realizes what you want and smiles that same cute smile from when you met earlier that day. You close the distance between you two and he takes his hand from yours and instead places it on your waist to pull you closer. You reach helplessly for the door and find it after a second of searching. You slam the door by accident, which make you two jump and giggle to each other. 

He pulls you closer again and continues to kiss you with so much passion. Your skin starts to feel hot again but in a good way this time. You reach your hand around his neck to rest you arms on his shoulders. Jooheon moves you backwards until your butt hits something. You break the kiss to glance at it and laugh. It was a perfectly placed table and despite it being slightly dirty, you sit down on it immediately. You look up at Jooheon and he’s staring at you intently again but this time he’s smiling. 

“You’re cute when you laugh, you know?” You look down shyly when he says this but he doesn’t allow you to be embarrassed for long before he’s lifting your chin and kissing your lips again. Wrapping your arms around his shoulder again, he places his hands on your hips this time. He is massaging your hips with his fingers, eliciting small moans from you. Moving down his chin and toward his neck you taste him, loving every second of his groans he leaves in your ears. 

Jooheon grabs your face from his neck aggressively but without pain and locks his lips with yours again. still making you feel bliss with his hands all over your body. Moving his mouth downward he attaches his lips to your slightly exposed collar bone and sucks making you grab onto his bright red hair from the pleasure. You try to pull him closer to you and he laughs against your wet skin.

“Eager?” He pulls away and grins. You don’t know what you look like but you can imagine it probably looks hungry. Glancing at your watch you see that you still have 45 minutes until you need to be with your campers. 

“Yes.” Is all you say as you bring him closer again to kiss him. Soon his hands are reaching toward your belt hoops and he starts to tug on them kind of asking for permission. You reach down and pull down your shorts and wrap your legs around him now. Placing his fingers on the inside of your thighs he starts to massage you again. You grab at his hair again. Making its way to your clothed core you feel pleasant fire wherever his hand touches you. He starts to caress your pussy and you can feel your panties getting slightly soaked with your juices. 

Jooheon starts to rub harder and harder until you’re gasping into his mouth and your fingers are just about pulling his hair out. His breath is heavy on your chest as he parts from your lips and looks down to where his fingers are working. Slipping past the cloth, he sticks one finger between your folds. He finds your sensitive nub and rubs circles into it. You also look down to see his veined arms rubbing you, sweat glistening on them. A bulge has formed in his pants and his other hand rubs at it to relieve some of the tension. 

You grab his hand from his bulge and replace it with your own, unzipping his shorts and sticking your hand over his clothed member. You rub him up and down and stare at him as his mouth gapes open and little pants come out. His hands are still working magic on you and he moves your panties to the side as he finally sticks one finger into your pussy. When you’re used to the one he slips another in, pumping you as you rub him through his boxers still. Gasping loudly, your one hand is on his dick and the other in his hair tugging. While his two fingers work your hole, his thumb rubs your clit to give you the ultimate pleasure. You pull his dick out of the front hole in his boxer. Licking your hand sensually while you two look into each others eyes, you grab his dick in your lubricated hand and start to pump him making him throw his head back and his pace in your pussy falter slightly. Despite that you start to feel your climax nearing.

“Faster, Jooheon!” You scream, not really worried about being heard. He listens well and goes faster. You wrap your legs tighter around him and finally feel the pleasure take you. You rest your head against his chest as he finger fucks you through your high. Riding his fingers still, you kiss him lightly when you’ve come back down, still enjoying the feeling of him inside of you. 

You realize in your ecstasy you had let go of his dick so you grab it again and pump him, looking into his eyes again. His face is covered in sweat as you assume is the same for you and his eyes are fixated on your mouth. You kiss him as you work his dick between your hand. You let go of him for a second and you hear him whimper. Giggling, you place your hand on your soaked core and wet it enough to use it on his dick. All the while Jooheon is watching you closely with lust in his eyes. 

Soon you feel him start to become frantic when he starts humping into your hand. Rubbing him faster you can feel him start to get closer. His dick starts to twitch in your hand as you feel him let out a loud sigh against your cheek. Jooheon starts to cum and you are careful to aim him away from yourself. You continue to touch him until he has slumped into you and you are forced to hold him up. When he has come down from his high you feel him chuckle against your body. 

“That was amazing, Y/N.” He states as he gets his footing back and looks at you again. He grabs your shorts from the floor and watches you put them on as he slips his dick back into his boxers and pulls on his own. He has a smile on his face and asks you, “Have you done something like this before?”

“Why would you assume that?” You ask back slightly offended by the question. 

“No, no I don’t mean anything bad,” He falters slightly but continues, “It’s just that you were so good.”

When you realize what he said, you smile and look down. 

“No I’ve never done this before.” You say shyly.

“Wow, you’re amazing.” Is all his says as he grabs your hand so you can make your way back to the main hall. 

As you walked beside Jooheon you couldn’t help but think that maybe that little abandoned building was more special than you had previously thought. You also thought that maybe this years camp wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.


I’m done exams! YAY! and here it is! Another smut! I hope you guys like reading it as much as I liked writing it. Enjoy!! 

wishiwould  asked:

5 The Predator

Short opinion: Nothing can make you hate Visser One quite like reading this book. 

Long opinion:

Although he can be loud, and obnoxious, and can take a joke waaaaay too far, Marco also might be the most adult member of the team as of the beginning of the series.  After all, this book opens with its 13-year-old protagonist buying groceries for his family using a budget he balanced himself, with every intention of going home and cooking dinner for both himself and his dad.  Not only does Marco take care of his dad, he treats that caretaking as a fact of life.  He might whine and joke about it, but he also stops in the middle of that process to save some random stranger getting beaten up in an alleyway.  (In the same situation, one could imagine Jake deciding that the risk to the team was too great for it to be worth morphing, Rachel or Tobias planning out some elaborate revenge scheme, and Cassie or Ax waiting for the situation to blow over before offering the victim help.)  Marco might be a little ruthless, and kind of a brat at times, but he also understands how the world works in a way that most kids his age—including his teammates—do not.  

Edna St. Vincent Millay has a poem, “Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies,” that makes the point better than ever I could: childhood ends with the first major loss in one’s life.  Adulthood begins with the understanding of death and grief and mortality that can only come from a world-shattering loss of a loved one.  Marco has to assume a lot of very literal and very mundane adult responsibilities at a young age—he is essentially acting as the head of his household in the absence of a competent parent—but he also has a brutally realistic understanding of death in a way that no one else* does.  Right from the first moment that Tobias suggests the Animorphs should get involved in the war, up through Marco’s decision to quit midway through this book, he has asserted the same point over and over: that death is very, very real and will find them if they fight this war.  He’s correct, of course, since by the end of the war they’ve not only lost Rachel but also James and Collette and Jara Hamee and David and hundreds of foot soldiers and loved ones.  

Other people have commented on the skill with which Applegate portrays the horror of the ants, and the ongoing motif of Marco being the weakest morpher (and also the one who stays the closest to human, with the only primate battle morph on the team), but the other moment from this book that I think is really important for the character is when Marco wakes up from a nightmare about The Lobster Incident, and his dad treats it as more or less routine.  Rachel and Cassie and Jake all get some combination of concern and shock from their families when they start showing signs of PTSD, but Marco’s dad doesn’t seem surprised at all.  That suggests to me that Marco is already dealing with a lot of negative mental health experiences as a result of Eva’s loss, well before he ever gets dragged into the bloody life-destroying hell of war.  

Marco can see where they’re all going, well before Jake and Ax lose their idealism or Rachel and Tobias lose their war-hawk tendencies (pun not intended).  He has already spotted the bright, clear line from Point A (six idiot teenagers charging off to save the world) to Point B (two teenagers dead in battle, one totally disengaged from her friends, and three rushing off on a suicide mission to combat depression).  It’s not cowardice that keeps him out of the fight at first, the way Tobias accuses, and it’s not selfishness, the way Rachel says.  It’s the calm, certain awareness that they are definitely in over their heads.  

When Marco does tell Jake he’s quitting—and Jake takes the news with his usual airbender calm—he gives a very specific reason.  He says, “a year from now I don’t want my dad going to leave flowers at two graves,” which is such a gut-punch of a line because it tells us that Marco has already pictured that exact scene (#5).  Marco understands exactly how it would play out if he did, in fact, die in the war.  When Marco says that he refuses to throw his life away because his loss would destroy his dad, he’s making a hugely adult decision with a degree of empathy and horrible pragmatism that none of the others have yet learned by force.  None of the others really seem to give much thought to their own deaths.  Cassie lightly dismisses her parents’ and friends’ concerns when she is (apparently) dead, first in #19 when she and Aftran/Karen disappear into the woods, and again in #44 when she takes an involuntary vacation to Australia.  Rachel struggles to wrap her head around her own death even as she goes into the battle that will cost her her life (#54).  Jake, Tobias, and Ax never really seem to think about it at all, unless Jake is looking to throw himself heroically between Crayak’s Hessian bullet and his friends.  Marco has calculated the possibility of his own death, played out scenarios in his mind, and concluded that that outcome is unacceptable based on a very personal degree of experience with exactly what death means for those left behind.  

And then, of course, we get to the final sequence of the book.  And Marco gets this enormous heap of revelation dumped on his head: all of his own grief, all of his father’s devastation, all of the myriad ways that Eva’s loss destroyed his life… is all a lie.  Marco’s entire existence—suburban house, brilliant engineer dad, gruffly affectionate mom, best friend two doors down, comfortable certainty in his universe, clear role among his friends and classmates—exploded into nothingness the day that the Coast Guard pulled an empty sailboat onto the local pier.  And it wasn’t horrible happenstance, it wasn’t a cosmic accident, it wasn’t a disaster at all.  It was a deliberate decision on the part of a yeerk who couldn’t be bothered to play the role of an ordinary mom anymore when she could instead move on to better things.  Visser One lived in their house, ate at their table, kissed Marco goodnight, and chose to destroy that all.  Marco doesn’t even know for sure anymore—not for a long time—how many of his memories are actually of his mother, and how many are of the imposter.  

But Eva’s mere existence, there on the Blade ship as a convenient tool in the middle of an arms race between Visser Three and Visser One, means that Marco also has the chance to go back.  Once he knows she’s out there, he knows that he has the chance to undo that terrible life-shattering event.  There is a chance that he can bring her home.  That he can give his dad new life.  And so Marco embraces that chance, even though he still knows perfectly well that the war will probably cost him his life.  

*I’ll save my rant about how we get such beautifully terrible depictions of Jake’s grief for Tom and Rachel, and Marco’s grief for Eva, but almost nothing on what it felt like for Ax to lose Elfangor, for another time.  

What’s Worth It

Kurt is Blaine’s - an upcoming star - assistant. Blaine’s beard Rachel keeps him a tight leash for the sake of their reputations. Behind closed doors, however, Blaine’s allowed to love Kurt.

“…and please remind him that my dress is red so his bow tie has to match,” Rachel babbled on to a very uninterested Kurt. He tapped on his iPad, nodding whenever it felt appropriate.

“He has a radio interview on Friday and I know they’ll take pictures so make sure he looks presentable. And on Saturday he…”

“…has an appointment to fit the suit,” Kurt finished for her. “I’m his assistant, Rachel. I know his schedule.”

Rachel waved her hand dismissively, the ring on her finger catching the light of the hotel hallway.

The engagement had been her idea. This whole arrangement had been her idea.

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In celebration of the mpreg holiday aka ecklainer’s birthday (<3), here’s a little birthday story in which Kurt gets the best present ever!



Kurt startled, jumping several inches away from the door and right into his husband as a chorus of excited voices boomed as soon as he stepped in the foyer. Blaine’s hands fell to his hips, steadying him as he swayed, and then the lights flickered on, showing off the group of people hiding in his living room. Burt and Carole were sitting on the sofa; Rachel, Mercedes, Sam, Santana, and Brittany were scattered around the room and, coming out of the kitchen, was Elliot. The dark haired man had a large sheet cake in his hands, a few dozen candles burning bright on the icing, waiting for someone to blow them out.

“Happy birthday, Kurt!” Everyone cheered, grinning at the man as he stepped out of Blaine’s grasp and walked towards Elliot. For a moment, he studied the cake, smiling when he realized it was from his favorite bakery; then he sucked in a deep breath, only pausing when Blaine stopped him so they could sing the birthday song. As soon as that was over, he huffed and puffed and blew out all the candles, rolling his eyes when his friends and family cheered.

“I can’t believe you guys did all this!” Gesturing the streamers and balloons, Kurt took another look around the room, slightly in awe at how fast they put everything together during the hour that he and Blaine had been out of the house on their daily walk.

“You deserve it. Happy birthday, honey.” Blaine murmured, sliding one arm around his husband’s waist to press his palm against Kurt’s belly as he kissed the side of Kurt’s neck. The sight caused Rachel to coo and Santana grumbled, muttering to herself about PDA while pregnant and how she didn’t need to see them partaking in any of their creepy fetishes. “It’s not a fetish,” Blaine argued, rolling his eyes at their friend. “I just so happen to adore my husband and his tummy. He is carrying our child, you know?”

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Manwhore - Part 9

Thanks so much to those that liked, shared and commented on the previous parts to this fic; Ramblings , I’m pleased that a so many of you are still onboard with the slow-burn.😘😘  also an added thanks to those sweet enough to like my silly Road Rage fic (also found in my Ramblings).

Thanks to my lovely beta @redprairielily for advice and finessing and to the adorable @nenita1978 for your advice and reassurance.

WARNING:  There’s a bit of a binge session in this part.  Appended warning as some have said they’ve found it a bit sad, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day.😃

Manwhore - Part 9

Rae stepped into her home and headed straight to her mums cupboard, the need to settle her emotions in some way was just too much to bear.  On this occasion if she hadn’t turned to food, it would have resulted in something that she had managed to control for a good four or five years.  That was a path she didn’t want to go down again.  Her scars had healed so well that people very rarely noticed them anymore.  

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Alphabet Klaine: King

So day 14! I keep looking at my paper and seeing the list slowly disappearing. It’s weird. Only a dozen left, and this one was definitely one of the most fun to write, purely for world-creation and just inventing a place.

So NC-17 rating here. No triggers or warnings I can think of.

K- King

            “Your Majesty, there are reports of another dragon family loose in the marshes.”

            Kurt gripped his silverware so hard he almost bent them. It was the third time this week he’d heard that news. All the reports had come from the same general area. The southern border with the Dalton kingdom. Ever since King James IV had died and left his oldest son, Cooper, in charge, dragon sightings had shot through the roof. There was a long strip of mountains that marked the edge of his own kingdom, a mountain range inhabited with fierce, enormous monsters that had always been Dalton’s responsibility as part of a long held treaty of friendship between their two lands. Kurt’s great-grandfather and King Cooper’s grandfather, a young, newly-crowned king, had forged the document almost a century ago.

            Now, that whimsical, lazy fire-breather was dishonoring it. Or more likely, as Kurt suspected, Cooper was too busy charming as many royal women as he could find. He’d never cared much for the older Anderberry son. The two youngest, Rachel and Blaine, were odd, but distant friends of his.

            “How many?” he asked as his aid continued to bow. “Stop bowing, Finn. Honestly. I’ve known you since birth, our parents are getting married. Just treat me like anyone else.”

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Honeymoon Holidays - Chapter 6: Fan

Klaine, 2260 words, A03
Read from the beginning here

Kurt and Blaine’s first winter holidays together as a married couple fall so quickly after their wedding that sometimes they almost seem like a continuation of their honeymoon.  But not always.

A story in the “Season 7” series that looks at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine, written in connection with the Klaine Advent challenge.  The name of each chapter is the prompt.

December, 2014

“Do you have any idea why Sue summoned us?” Blaine asked as he and Kurt met up in front of the principal’s office at McKinley.

“Nope.  But it can’t be good.”  Despite all that Sue Sylvester had done for the two of them, Kurt still couldn’t help but worry that a call to her office didn’t bode well.

“Kurt, Blaine, thank you for coming to see me,” Sue said, indicating that they should sit down in the chairs in front of her desk, although she remained standing.  

“She used our real names,”  Blaine said in a whisper as he took a seat.  “I think we’re in trouble.”

“You’re not in trouble, Husband #2,” Sue said, “and my hearing is not as bad as you kids apparently think.  But there is something we need to talk about.”

“Fine, Sue.  Spit it out.”  Kurt wasn’t in the mood for Sue’s games this morning.  Or any morning, for that matter.

“I’ve had a complaint from the parents of Kristin Martin.”

“Kristin?”  Blaine turned to Kurt.  “Isn’t she one of the kids in your Broadway club?”

“She is,” Kurt confirmed.  Kurt had started an afterschool club for budding Broadway aficionados, which had attracted a group of freshman girls for whom Les Miserables  was still the epitome of their Broadway experience.  Kurt was working on expanding their horizons.  They seemed to be catching on to Sondheim, at least when he sang it to them.  

“What was the complaint about?”  Blaine asked.

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Nodus Tollens

A Cophine fic inspired by the post 23 emotions people can feel, but can’t explain.

Written by thatscomplex

Nodus Tollens: The realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore

Sitting on the soft rug with her legs folded under her, Delphine tapped her pen on the surface of the coffee table, the string of the hoodie she wore between her teeth as she read through the latest lab results. She had planned on going to the gym but had gotten lost looking through paperwork. She didn’t know how long she had been sitting there, just that she had barely gotten through the few days of lab results.

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