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Buzzfeed’s at it again, with 22 of the Cutest Baby Animals You’ve Never Heard Of. Trust me, no matter what kind of day you’re having, even if (hypothetically) you have PMS and were at the office until 11:30 last night, this will make everything better.

My favs, if you’re too lazy to click over to the full post (or maybe you’re so happy already you don’t need a dose of baby animal? If so, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and admit that’s ridiculous and impossible): the baby gundi (or comb rat) from northern Africa; an echinda from Australia, whose babies are for real called PUGGLES; and a little baby dik dik, aka tiny african antelope. I would so not mind working late if I had one of those guys helping me sort through my email. No, I would still mind working late. I’d rather be at home with my dik dik, feasting on grapes and artisan vegan cheeses and seeing who won the race to my lap, cat or antelope.


Make a vegan brownie in the microwave! This video has been lurking online for months without me noticing. That’s ridiculous. Internet minions, you’ve failed me.

Maybe no one noticed that this recipe for making a brownie in a mug in the microwave was vegan, since it doesn’t say so anywhere. The vegan part is subtle and just kind of normal. Like baking in the microwave is normal.

If anyone tries this, let us know what you think. 

Also these Chow Tip videos include a lot of vegan stuff and are a great way to kill some minutes. DIE MINUTES DIE!

Factory Farming = Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs. Europe Gets It.

Some wonky science policy news from “across the pond,” as they say: Last month, European scientists and leaders talked some big talk about how the massive insane horrible quantities of antibiotics used in factory farming are going to kill us all. 

The bad news? The massive insane horrible quantities of antibiotics used in factory farming are going to kill us all.

The good news? At least some officials, somewhere, admit it. “Antimicrobial resistance is one of the most serious public health challenges that we face,” says the head of Europe’s version of the CDC. And yup, overuse of antibiotics in agriculture is one of the big culprits.

This story gets really wonky really fast, so if you want details I’ll refer you to Wired.com’s coverage. But I just thought you should know, so you can be saving up for your plane ticket and your villa in France. Budget option: Stay in the U.S. and buy a hazmat suit. Hipster budget option: Buy a hazmat suit on Etsy.

[photo modified from an image by friendsoffamilyfarmers on Flickr]


“Plants don’t have feelings you idiot!” <–Best line from this spectacular new video, “Vegan Style,” from Henya Perezz. No idea who this chick is but I like her! Let’s all dance! And make sure to memorize her lyrics so you can yell them real loud next time someone plays “Gangnam Style” at a party or something. Guaranteed to make you more friends. 

Igby is the coolest cat and he needs a new home! His owner has to move and can’t take him along. So sad! 

Here’s what a friend of mine, who’s Igby’s former roommate, has to say about him:

“Igby fetches (really), he’s an avid chaser of lasers and rubber bands, and when you talk to him, he’ll talk back. This one time he swallowed a whole shoelace and lived to tell the tale. On another occasion he stole a fortune cookie fortune off the dinner table only to trot it out again the next day to brag about it. The fortune said, "Nothing can keep you from reaching your goals. Do it!" 

The dude loves the spotlight, and would be thrilled to be the star of someone’s living room. Here’s his slightly NSFW glamor shot. He’s definitely the cutest cat around.”

If you live in the Bay Area and want this guy in your life, or know someone who does, email chrischlyon [at] gmail [dot] com and tell him Vegansaurus sent you. Go kitty go!

Rats are sweet to their buddies!

I am AS I TYPE riding in the car and listening to NPR (whee, iPad), where I just heard this story about how rats not only work to free their caged buddies, but then are nice and empathic enough to share their chocolate chips with them. An experiment on animals that shows why experiments on animals can be so cruel. Rats have empathy! Duh! Yay!