rachel x frank

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: Are we ever going to get answer for the Chloe/Rachel/Frank love triangle? And how Mark Jefferson got involved? It’s clear Rachel had some sort of feelings for Chloe. (Spoilers for BtS Episode 1). She basically tells her she feels the same way if Chloe confesses, even though she wasn’t sure what to call it. But isn’t she already in a relationship with Frank at that point? At the beginning of the game you could argue that she is the only reason he distracted those punks, Chloe certainly wasn’t. Does that mean they already knew each other? Or did he just see a cute girl and decide to defend her? Did he know that at the time that girl was probably 15-16 years old? And if they did start dating then, does that mean she cheated on Chloe? Chloe obviously didn’t know about Rachel’s relationship with Frank. Did Frank know about her? And what about Mr. Jefferson? How does he fit into all of this? Like, was he blackmailing her into it? Or did she actually concent to him taking her pictures/sleeping with him? Did Mr. Jefferson know about Chloe? About Frank? He seems to have a lot of disdain for Chloe when talking to Max, but he and her never get a chance to interact (besides when he shoots her). Also, Chloe had no clue about Mr. Jefferson given the fact she commented on how hot he is when she sees him with Max, implying she’s never met him before. So did Rachel intentionally never mention her hot photography teacher to her best friend? Why? And again, how does Frank fit into all of this? They were sleeping together before she died, that’s how he got her bracelet. But she was also sleeping with Mr. Jefferson? And Chloe? We’re never going to get the answer to this anyways, because Mr. Jefferson doesn’t make an appearance in Before the Storm! Why can’t they just let queer teenagers be queer teenagers together and———

  • Square Enix: *Announces Life is Strange:Before the Storm*
  • Me: *Crawls back from FFXV's Promptis and Promdyn hell*
  • Square Enix: *Shows game trailer*
  • Me: *has wild flashbacks to everything LiS, remembers the theories, the fanfics, the fever, the hype...*
  • Me: My body is ready

*!!!SPOILERS!!! for Life Is Strange and LIS: Before The Storm, duh*

If you actually take the time to read this “review” of sorts, this is probably gonna be long. Haul up, take a seat.
*Spoilers, duh*

This game, I had extremely high expectations due to how bloody much I loved the first game. Not to hard to know that with how much I screech about it.
But this game, even though the first episode is the only one released of the three (four, if you got the deluxe) ((kill me emo heart I’m gonna die playing one last time as a young max rip me)), is honestly beautiful prequel.
Originally, I was quite disappointed it wasn’t being created by DONTNOD, but instead created this time by Deck Nine Games, but after looking into how much they admired the source material and wanted to do it justice, I gave it hope. And they pulled through, 10 times more than what I’d expected.

Now I’m gonna get into my pros and cons with this. (Obviously more pros than cons but ya know)
So obviously, the voice actors are different. Nothing could be helped there unfortunately. Yes, majority of the voice actors are so far off it hurts, but so far the once you hear most is Chloes new VA. And to be honest, she isn’t half bad. Sometimes she sounds like she trying to hard, but other times it sounds much like OG Chloe.
I wanna quickly note Dana’s and Justin’s VA’s.
I know there’s a strike going on but whAT. They couldn’t have tried to find anyone who’s pitch is even remotely close to Dana’s and Justin’s OG VA??? Like cmon. I know they’re only side NPC’s in this game and we will *probably* hardly see them since this prequel focuses on Rachel and Chloe, but come onNNNN man.

Now what I love about this game (which is a lot more than what I dislike)
The animation on these characters is something I love so much. It’s such a subtle different in the facial expressions, the eye movements and slight smirks and smiles that are made by characters that just wasn’t there in the OG Life is Strange, and honestly it just makes the immersion that much better. It gives the characters so much more character and emotion. It makes them feel much more human and more alive.
Also wanna quickly point out the cool as heck feature of getting to choose the outfit Chloe wears??? Like heck yes thank you I am
DOWN for this.

The diary function for Chloe (the same kind as max had in the OG) gives you so much more insight into how Chloe is feeling and it adds so much more to her already interesting character. It shows how she is dealing with the death of her father, her mum and Madsen, and her feelings of abandonment by her best friend Max when she left with her family to Seattle.
In the OG game, you see people kinda viewing Chloe as being a bit selfish and bitchy for thinking everything’s about her, and that her finding anger in the fact that Max didn’t speak to her after she left Arcadia bay as an irrational feeling. It makes you view Max as someone who is basically incapable or hurting anyone, which while she wouldn’t purposely want to, she is humans and humans can and will hurt people whether they mean to or not. Chloe’s feelings of anger and abandonment toward Max are so extremely valid, but this is something you don’t really see or feel while you’re playing the OG as Max. You only see Chloe’s actions as something fuelled by unnecessary anger and selfishness, when that’s not the case.
She’s feeling hurt from her father dying and her mother moving on with some guy who does NOT respect her at all, and dealing with her best friend since childhood just leaving her behind. Anyone would be hurt and distressed by that.
All the diary entries and her own opinions of the different characters, add to the character development of Chloe. Along with that, her inner monologue also lets you into her thoughts a lot, yet again adding more to her personality and just allowing you to really feel what it was like for her in the events leading up to the first Life is Strange.

Okay next, Rachel. My sweet bean. My lil princess rebel bbbbbbbbby.
Quick thing why do her and Chloe’s VA have to sound LITERALLY. EXACTLY. THE SAME. Way to confuse a girl. But hat fact aside, Rachel is beautiful. Such a beautiful character. I have seen some people worrying about Rachel’s character ACTUALLY being realised and put into reality, since her whole appeal in the OG was the fact that she was so appealing BECAUSE of the mystery behind this missing girl that everyone absolutely adored. And they’re not wrong, that was the whole appeal. There’s this girl that we have never met that everyone adored so much and was loved by everyone, of course you’d be worried that it would be ruined once she’s actually put into game as a real life person and character.
Thing is, I don’t think it ruins it. It only cements the fact that Rachel IS that character that everyone spoke of her as. The perfect and popular girl that was friends with everyone. I don’t know what else I can really say about Rachel except hat I LOVE HER and the ending scene with her breaks my DAMN heart.

Now I wanna talk about the junkyard scene with Chloe and Rachel. I need to because DAMN BOI MY EMOTIONS. Quick run down: Rachel is acting quite weird with Chloe, Chloe calls her out on it and Rachel isn’t having it. Chloe tries to get her to not leave the junkyards and confesses her feelings for her, and even though Rachel feels the same thing due to whatever has happened she can’t be there right now so she leaves.
Chloe is hurt as heck by that. She does her Chloe thing and smashes everything in her sights and that scene alone with Chloe crying, her anger, and the DAMN background music is already emotional enough. But then they show Chloe finding her dads wrecked car in the junkyard, the car he died in. And oH BOY the feelings.
They way they showed Chloe’s emotions when seeing that car, but also mixed with her anger and her then smashing the car due to that mix of emotions, honestly worked so well in creating an immersing and emotion filled experience for the player.
The final scene, they show Chloe reuniting with Rachel and Rachel apologising for the way she acted and you find out what is upsetting her (spoiler: her dads having an affair and she’s angry af)
She then burns a photo of her and her dad in a trash can, kicks over the van and it lights a tree on fire.
Then, obviously being filled with rage and sadness, she screams out in pain toward the tree and oh boy oh man oh mAN, I don’t think I’ve ever had a SCREAM feel so painful. I felt the pain in each scream. I don’t know how they did it and made me actually cry with a simple scream, but damn. Bloody 10/10.

A few smaller things I want to mention: they NAILED it with the soundtrack. That was one thing I was worried about but I think they smashed it.
I’m curious to see how much we see of Nathan in this game as well since seeing him briefly in this first episode. Is he gonna be as prevalent as the first? Or just a side character?
Also, the dialogue in this game is actually so good. Obviously a lot is cheesy monologue because it’s coming from a bunch of 16 year old teenagers, but for what it is it’s really accurate and portrays a lot of emotions so raw and genuinely.

I went into this game obviously being so hyped because I love this game, but also cautious BECAUSE it is being created by a different studio and I didn’t want this game to be ruined for me, but I can honestly say with 100% confidence that this game did NOT disappoint and they did it so much justice.
It may only be the first episode of three but damn, I really cannot fault it all too much, if any at all.

There’s probably so much that I missed talking about but I guess these are the main things that stood out.

If you actually read all this you deserve some kind of a medal so thank you

hear me out

ok yeah every lgbtq+ character in Percy Jackson is GREAT and I love that Rick Riordan has put so many diverse lgbtq+ characters in his books

(I mean we get gay, we get bisexual, we get PANSEXUAL, and we get GENDERFLUID! no one’s ever done it better. fight me)

but you know who doesn’t get enough recognition? Josephine & Emmie from Trials of Apollo.

The sixty-years-old lesbians who gave up being Artemis’ hunters to age together and have a beautiful life with a family.

now THAT is true love my friends


- Annabeth is not a fan. She hates October and despises Halloween.
- Percy, on the other hand, has already planned out a theme and picked a costume. He was ready in June.
- But he cares about Annabeth, too, so once every October, they run away to the woods and spend a weekend camping with marshmallows and tents and crunching leaves.
- It’s also Annabeth’s second favourite thing in this gloomy month.
- Her first- and she’ll never say it out loud- is the big Jackson party Percy hosts.
- Her liking it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a Halloween bash; she just loves watching Percy get so excited about it.
- And because she cares so deeply for him, she doesn’t throw a fit when she comes home from work one Wednesday to find the entire house all “decorated”
- With Jack-O-Lanterns and black cats and bloody legs hanging off the ceiling.
- Percy’s careful not to put up any cobwebs until the day of the party, though, because he wouldn’t put it past Annabeth to burn the house down if she were to come across one when she’s getting a glass of water at night.
- SO much cuddling.
- Winter’s about to set in and her toes are starting to get cold and Annabeth’s favourite thing to do is to curl into Percy’s body.
- Percy’s Halloween party, though;;;
- It’s the biggest thing in New York or something.
- Everyone wants an invitation and it kills Percy to not be able to give everyone what the want.
- He always sends his mom and Paul one, though, knowing fully well that they would rather spend the night at home.
- His little sister would love to come, but he isn’t about to let her into a party like this.
- Annabeth’s costumes are always the worst. She usually slaps on a choker or cat ears and pretends that was her plan the whole time.
- She always complains about how people always take the most innocent ideas and make it too sexy.
- Percy thinks it’s adorable every time she goes off on a rant and kisses her lightly to get her to stop.
- He doesn’t want her scaring off all the guests.
- Piper is queen of sexy costumes. This year she dresses up as a sexy Barney the Dinosaur.
- Annabeth’s speechless, and Percy can’t stop laughing.
- Like every year, Jason reuses his Captain America get up. Nobody is impressed.
- Leo’s Jon Snow this year. Everyone loves the idea.
- Hazel, who spends half he day at the Jacksons’ house doing Percy’s intricate makeup, is a bumble bee.
- Annabeth thinks it’s adorable.
- Even Reyna comes, dressed as a Roman praetor.
- Percy calls her boring but has to swallow his words once she starts dancing.
- Clarisse comes in looking like a princess. Except for the scowl on her face, it’s even quite convincing. Percy and Annabeth are in stitches as she growls for them to shut up, she’d just lost a damn bet.
- Rachel Dare, who’d helped Percy with the decorations earlier that week, wears a costume with a blue head and a strange looking green tail.
- Annabeth wants to ask, but Percy steps on her foot none too lightly.
- Rachel looks at them like they should know exactly what she is, and after some stalling, they quickly excuse themselves.
- Like every year, Travis Stoll, the basic vampire, does a keg stand that’s got the crowd roaring.
- Will Solace, DJ and dressed as a crazy doctor, has everyone swaying to his beat.
- Even Nico shows up, never missing a chance to come out when everyone’s ready to play his game. Sometimes Percy refers to him as the King of Halloween.
- This year he’s a zombie. It’s terrifying how convincing he can be.
- Connor Stoll is Batman. His brother’s a vampire so Percy doesn’t know why he’s even mildly surprised.
- Frank comes in dressed as a werewolf, he says, but Jason insists he’s just a little Labrador pup.
- Everyone sides with Jason, for the first and probably last time.
- The party’s fun and goes on well into the next morning, and Percy wakes up with a massive hangover, tangled with Annabeth and the sheets.
- Too tired to sort their bodies out, he leans forward and presses a kiss to her forehead before trying to go back to sleep.
- It’s November, now.



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you know you’re fucked when you think about something really romantic and you don’t want it to happen to you…
you want that to happen to your otp

Lana Del Rey’s songs as LiS ships

I was listening to Lana when I realised that every song of hers can link with ships of Life is Strange.

Ok, yes. This is weird, but I did it. I took the ships I know from this game and put a Lana Del Rey song to each.

If you wanna see my experiment, click bellow but WARNING: there are some unpopular ships in this list so, if you are a dickhead who can’t accept different ways of thinking, dont click it and please block me, okay?

If you know another ship, please tell me :D

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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hades-helm-of-darkness  asked:

Things I want in TOA: Back story of the previous Oracle before Rachel NICO AND FRANK TEACHING APOLLO HOW TO PLAY MYTHOMAGIC and Apollo sees his figurine and is all "THIS is how you mortals see me this does not embody my awesomeness why am I so tiny"

YEEEEES MY FRIEND YEEEES !!! Rachel x Nico x Frank AND Apollo??? WHAT A TEAM, I LOVE IT, is so original !!!

And you caught very well the essence of Apollo hahahahaha