rachel writes a novel

4771. After the events of Tokyo, the Titans decided it would be best if they “resurrected” their civilian identities for the sake of protecting their hero reputations and being allowed to go places without getting mobbed. To do this they all moved out of the Tower and got proper jobs and homes. Dick Grayson, a cop, lives with his supermodel fiancee Kori Anders. Garfield Logan, a vet and protester for animal rights (never seen without his trademark silver ring on his right ring finger) lives with his YA novel writing girlfriend Rachel Roth. And Victor Stone (also never seen without a silver ring on his third finger, many people think it’s a friendship token thing) is a world-class engineer. The five are a group of tightly knit friends that are often told “hey, you guys should TOTALLY go as the Titans for Hallowe'en!”

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