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Requests To Complete

Harold screencap collection for totaldramagraduate

Best of Sierra gif set for rachel-totaldramafan

Chref gif set for weeniehatjrs

Best of Scott gif set for hardlyabadboy

Badge scene from Muppets: Most Wanted trailer for my bff MidnightDevont

Duncney screencap collection for cherriquitecontrary and tasha-loves-duncney

Chrindsay screencap collection for cherriquitecontrary (and before anyone says anything this is being made AS A GIFT for her, I am not a fan of the pairing and as I’ve said before I’ll do screencap collections and gifs of pairings and characters I DO NOT LIKE cause seeing the complete collection/set makes those that do like it happy which is why I make these and why I have requests set up in the first place -which means I’ll make a gif set/screencap collection of Dott, a pairing I’ve stated to not like because seeing one of that pairing will make all Dott fans happy- since other people being happy is more important to me)