Ladies of X

Ladies in Red Carpet Dresses

This’ll be a print that ill have available at SDCC this year.

More info on that coming tomorrow and what not.

As suggested by Cricket, this was an idea I’ve wanted to do for YEARS. and she suggested it at the right time for me. 

I’ve also always loved the Women of DC piece Adam Hughes did years ago, so this is a thematic sister to that piece, coming from a huge fan of it.

I ALSO apologize if your fav lady didn’t make it on here, there are a couple that i’m saddened about for not being able to add (armor, surge, polaris, etc), but it came down to a time thing, so I decided to only go with characters that were particularly important in the current books.

Wanda Maximoff - Kitty Pryde - Rachel Summers - Jubilation Lee - Ororo Monroe - Anna Marie - Betsy Braddock - Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina - Emma Frost