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Rachel Summerlyn - Anarchy Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion [11/11/2012]

Went out last night and caught some wrestling downtown here in Austin. Everyone had a good time, new champions were crowned, Jerry Lynn celebrated his last match in Texas by being completely covered in streamers; needless to say, all updates will be later than usual today once I return home from work and sort out my mess of a drafts folder.


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 588:
MsChif Vs. Rachel Summerlyn

LWA Wrestling [March 7th, 2009]

Two gals who seem to come from the opposite ends of the spectrum. From the dark side of life comes MsChif, and from the peppy and maybe even upper class realm comes Rachel Summerlyn. One thing these two have in common is that neither are a stranger to competition and the ability to greet a challenge with ease. MsChif’s roars keep Summerlyn both at bay, and fighting harder to deter the wrath. A lot of great reversals in this match which could easily be cited as a solid competition. I enjoyed it, and you will too!


10,000 Thumbtacks:
Athena Vs. Rachel Summerlyn

ACW Guilty By Association 5 [January 16th, 2011]

Even though this type of match isn’t up Athena’s alley, she quickly adapts and introduces the thumbtacks into the match. She learns, very quickly, that Rachel Summerlyn’s experience is nothing to take lightly, as Summerlyn takes control of the hazardous environment. To be fair, Athena does well for herself, calculating Summerlyn’s every move and spending the match taking the brutality to the next level with each passing minute. This match leaves thumbtacks all over the building, but maybe more are left stuck in both competitors!


Athena vs Rachel Summerlyn - Anarchy Championship Wrestling


Must watch video of @rachelsummerlyn right after Sunday’s blood bath.

Rachel has been just amazing in recent months and deserves to be in the conversation with the likes of Sara, Portia, Hailey, Serena, Mercedes, Melissa as one of the absolute best.