rachel skartsen

About Rachel Skartsen Being a Homophobe

I wasn’t going to say a damn thing.. I wanted to stay out of it. But i think this is becoming a huge problem. Who really cares? If she is well that sucks but guess what that is her choice.. She has a right to think whatever she wants.  She has a right to do whatever she wants. And she has a right to go to whatever church she wants to go to. Now do I like this pastor/Church that is causing all this Bullshit discussion? Hell no… I am all for LGBT.  But do i think that Rachel herself is a Homophobe?  Honestly? No… I mean she doesn’t seem like she is.  I mean she is on a damn show that is pro LGBT… She plays a damn Bi-Sexual Charrie who kisses Woman… And not only that she may just may end up having to pretend to sleep with a woman on the show? I mean if she was Homophobic would she really be on Lost Girl? I don’t think she would. And didn’t i read some where in some interview where she said she found it easier kissing a Woman then a guy? Honestly People I think we need to let this drop.. it’s stupid to be fighting over it. It’s really none of our Business. And another thing this has nothing to do with fucking Ships. So if Doccubus fans are bitching at Valkubus fans and whatever stop it. Not all Doccubus fans are shit heads who have to make life hell. You make us… The Doccubus fans that ship both ships look bad and i don’t want people thinking that i am one of them. I already posted something about how i felt about the shipping wars. So all i am gonna say is lets fucking stop this shit.. Who really cares. seriously Rachel is a great actress who doesn’t need Bullshit rumors going around like this. And that is all i am saying on the subject. Peace out.