rachel sim


So I created Rachel’s house in the sims (to the best of my ability) it’s obviously unfinished since we didn’t get to see all of Rachel’s house in episode 2) I really hope we will get to see everything but idk so if anyone wants to download it and edit they totally can. If not I’ll be sure to finish the house from my own point of view on how I think it would look. { Gallery: NotAnnica } I believe I also have Chloe’s house shared on there. I made that one from scratch too and LORD did I put a lot of work into her room. Just thought someone might like to download it c:

What’s cracking? After some experimentation, I figured out how to convert 3d models from Before The Storm (fucking finally) and this is my first result. I guess I can finally continue the “Life is Strange Hair Pack Pt. 2″ with new motivation and some new hairstyles. (Sorry, I kept procastinating this WIP for so long ( ;゚д゚) )

Also the earring is not by me, my good pal @houseofabsurdities made this, but idk if or when he is going to post it.