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Green (or mint) Rooftop dresses.

There are a lot of dresses that have a greenish hue on both the West End and Broadway but I snagged the ones in my opinion that were blatantly green or mint rather.

  1. Emmi Christensson (Alt. West End)
  2. Anna O’Byrne (Alt. West End)
  3. Kristi Holden (Alt. World Tour)
  4. Robyn North (West End)
  5. Rachel Barrell (West End)
  6. Sofia Escobar (u/s West End)
  7. Claire Doyle (u/s West End)
  8. Sierra Boggess (RAH)
  9. Valerie Link (Germany)

Some prominent anniversary Christines in English-languaged productions:

  • Sarah Brightman, 1 year anniversary in West End (1987)
  • Trista Moldovan, 10,000th performance on Broadway (2012)
  • Sofia Escobar, 10,000th performance in West End (2010)
  • Rachel Barrell, 20th anniversary in West End (2006)
  • Sierra Boggess, 25th anniversary in Royal Albert Hall (2011)
  • Harriet Jones, 12,000th performance in West End (2015)
  • Elizabeth Loyacano, 21th anniversary on Broadway (2009)
  • Sierra Boggess, 25th anniversary on Broadway (2013)
  • Celinde Schoenmaker, 30th anniversary in West End (2016)

Favourite Final Lair kiss photos: 

  1. Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess, 
  2. Mathias Edenborn and Daniela Braun, 
  3. Brad Little and Claire Lyon, 
  4. Earl Carpenter and Leila Benn Harris, 
  5. Richard Halton and Celia Graham, 
  6. Earl Carpenter and Rachel Barrell, 
  7. John Owen-Jones and Rachel Barrell, 
  8. Michael Crawford and Rebecca Caine, 
  9. Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess. 

EPISODE THREE of the PERCY JACKSON WEBSERIES - “Monster Donuts.” Produced by high school students. All social media for the webseries can be found under @pjowebseries 


Prominent performers playing the lead in POTO and LND:

  • Sierra Boggess (POTO Christine in Las Vegas and Broadway, LND Christine in West End)
  • Celia Graham (POTO Christine and LND Christine in West End)
  • Anna O’Byrne (POTO Christine in the World Tour and West End, LND Christine in Australia)
  • Claire Lyon (POTO Christine in the World Tour, LND Christine in Australia)
  • Rachel Anne Moore (Carlotta and LND Christine in Hamburg)

The neckline of Christine’s wedding dress bodice, for @christinesphantomblog

  1. Sierra Boggess, Broadway
  2. Rachel Barrell, West End
  3. Claire Lyon, World Tour
  4. Elena Bahtiyarova, Moscow
  5. Maria Bjørnson’s design (detail)
  6. Teri Bibb, US Tour
  7. Sarah Brightman, Broadway
  8. Elizabeth de Grazia, Toronto
  9. Anne Görner, Essen

(not represented: the narrower, rounder neck openings, like the one seen on Tamara Kotova in Moscow)