rachel rereads tortall

“I don’t know,” was [Numair’s] quiet reply; “I was very different then. And you know what the wise men say—'Only birds can return to old nests.’” He shook his head, and smiled down at her, white teeth flashing against his swarthy face. “Mithros bless. You look very pretty.”

Kitten chortled while Daine blushed. “You think so really?” she asked, feeling shy. “I know I don’t hold a candle to Alanna, or the queen—”

He held up a hand. “That isn’t strictly accurate. The Lioness is one of my dearest friends, but she is not an exemplar of female beauty. Years and experience have given her charm, and her eyes are extraordinary, but she is not beautiful. Queen Thayet is astoundingly attractive, it’s true, but you have your own—something.” He scrutinized her as she giggled. “You should wear blue more often. It brings out matching shades in your eyes.”


Emperor Mage, Tamora Pierce

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My friend Josh just finished The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, and this was the conversation we had...
  • Me: So, what'd you think?
  • Josh: It was excellent.
  • Josh: Thom... no.
  • Me: You don't like Thom?
  • Me: I like him. :)
  • Josh: No, I do, but I don't like what I think he's doing. Or becoming.
  • Me: Aww, you don't know what he's doing!
  • Me: Maybe it's something really awesome.
  • Josh: Maybe.
  • Josh: Bringing his mother back from the dead and losing a leg.
  • Me:
  • Josh:
  • Me: Lolol.

I was looking at the Tamora Pierce wiki a little while ago and saw that Daine and Numair married after Sarralyn was born. Given how awesome Numair is at all things magical, Daine probably had a pretty amazing anti-pregnancy charm, so it seems unlikely that Sarralyn was an accident. Which means she was planned. I wonder how that conversation went down…

Numair: Hey, we should have a baby!

Daine: But we’re not married.

Numair: So?


Daine: Good point.

“I have a crush on EVERY boy main character in the Tortall universe!”

Homestar Runner jokes never go out of fashion.

No, but in all seriousness, every time someone from another series turns up in the one I’m reading I just have a major fangirl squeeing attack, haha.

I’d say it was ridiculous if it weren’t so much fun.