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Home screen tag

Tagged by @otayeet​ which wow we’re mutuals now?? past-me would not have predicted this at all this is great hey guys im mutuals with cool people can you believe

Rules: answer these questions and tag the same number of people as the first number of your battery percentage

Who/what is your phone background: A Yuuri wallpaper and a Victor wallpaper made by @clairelions

Are your home and lock screen the same: nope lock screen is victor waving to his fiance aka his life and love Yuuri Katsuki and smiling (and shining so brightly) his name and my home screen is Yuuri finishing his free skate in ep 7 before the Kiss i love this show v much ok 

got any widgets: I dont think iPhones have widgets?

How many apps: 39

Any folders? How many: 1

Most visited app: Snapchat and Gmail

When was the last time you changed your phone background: today, like an hour ago << same lol

What’s your battery percentage: 54%

How many bars of signal: 4

How many notifications: 5 (we’re talking about in your notification center right?

Is your phone screen cracked? If so how bad: yeap this tiny lil scratch in the corner , and its not so much that its cracked, the left side of the screen is bent outwards bc I fell on it skiing last weekend

Im tagging @aftgonice, @onwardtovictuuri, @vityanikiiforov, @icanhinatashouyoutheworld, @avrenfaie @clairelions