rachel pregnant

Can we talk about how Joey Tribbiani is such a wholesome loyal great character? As much as he’s a lady killer, he’s also just a decent person who doesn’t go behind his friends backs or anything. Like when Rachel was pregnant and planning to move out, he made a baby’s “room” for the baby, he told Rachel how he didn’t care about the noise and a baby hanging around and all around ready to change his lifestyle to help with the baby. And then he takes her out on a date when she says she misses dating. And when he falls for her he is nothing but respectful to her and Ross. He feels guilty that he is in love with Rachel bc of Ross even though Ross and Rachel hadn’t dated for five years. He wants to be a father to Rachel’s kid, like he’s ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle for that, even dreams of it. He takes her to the hospital and worries about her and asks the doctor questions about her health and then Ross rushes in and is an ass and even then Joey tries to make Ross feel better when Joey is believed to be the father. Mostly this is a giant post about how Rachel x Ross sucks and how she belonged to be with Joey.

"In Tartarus?” (aka when Sally finds out)

I saw an old post about how Sally doesn’t know about Percy being in Tartarus, and then I remembered we never find out when and how Sally was told her son was in Tartarus with Annabeth. So of course I wrote these headcanons straight away. 

  • It’s nearly midnight when the phone rings in the apartment
  • Sally has only just managed to fall asleep, but she gets up immediately, because the last time she missed a phone call at this time she missed the chance to talk to her son
  • She answers the phone without waking Paul
  • “Hello?”
  • “Hi, Sally, it’s Rachel”
  • “Rachel, what’s wrong?” Sally asks, her heart in her mouth, because she can recognise the pain in Rachel’s voice
  • “It’s… It’s Percy and Annabeth”
  • Rachel explains the situation, how they got a message on a napkin from Annabeth in the fire, explaining where they are
  • Rachel goes on to try and convince Sally it will be okay, because they’re alive and she’s certain they’ll get out
  • Sally drops the phone
  • She immediately calls for Paul, and she think’s she might faint
  • Paul rushes out of the bedroom, still groggy
  • “Sally, what–”
  • “Paul, get the car keys, we need to leave now”
  • Paul doesn’t ask any more questions because he sees Sally’s face and he can figure out something bad has happened
  • When they’re in the car driving at top speed to Long Island in their pyjamas, Sally finally tells Paul
  • She feels about a million times worse after saying it out loud because suddenly it feels all the more real
  • Paul’s face whitens when he understands
  • “Percy…and Annabeth…in Tartarus?”
  • Sally almost cries there and then but she holds it together, she closes her eyes and focuses on what she’s going to do next
  • Soon enough they’re at Camp Half-Blood, despite the fact it’s dangerous because the Romans are marching there from Camp Jupiter
  • Sally marches to the Big House and wakes up Chiron and demands to know what he is doing about the situation
  • “Sally…” Chiron says gently. “What do you expect me to do?”
  • “Anything!” Sally practically yells. “He’s in there, him and Annabeth, all by themselves, facing all those monsters! You must be able to do something, anything!”
  • Chiron has never felt this sort of pain in all his immortal life
  • “There’s nothing I can do, Sally. Nothing anyone except Percy and Annabeth can do”
  • That’s when Sally cries
  • For all these years she’s held it together but it’s impossible tonight
  • Chiron tries to convince her that it will be okay, that if anyone can make it, it’s Percy and Annabeth
  • But Sally can’t be consoled
  • She’s a wreck for the next two days
  • Paul isn’t much better
  • It comes to the point where Sally won’t eat, and she ends up vomiting a couple of times
  • At that point Paul decides to take her to the hospital because he think’s she might be ill, he’s worried about her
  • Sally’s too worried about others to worry about herself
  • When the doctor examines Sally, it turns out she’s not ill
  • When they find out, it’s the first time they smile in days, but it’s short lived because hearing another child is on the way reminds them of the other child that might never return
  • But as they go home, Sally feels better than she has in days
  • When they go home, Paul notices Sally’s smiling
  • It’s a weak, watery, faint smile, after days of anguish, but it’s there
  • When Paul asks her, she explains
  • “We’ve got a baby coming,” she says softly. “Our family is expanding. And you know what that reminded me of?”
  • “What?”
  • “That Percy always, always comes back to his family”
  • And the sheer faith Sally has in her son, and the strength that takes, makes Paul smile too
  • They make it through the next few days, and finally they get an iris message
  • It’s good news
Brittana episodes guide

Hey guys! So here’s my guide to almost every Brittana moments! I might have forgotten a few so feel free to add up! I also noted some episode that were really good but only had Santana or Brittany in them. Enjoy!

Brittana or Santana

1x07 - hug+dance number
1x10 - high five
1x13 - sex isn’t dating
1x14 - pinkies+triple date
1x15 - yes you should move to Israel+hands and cone bra+like a virgin (song)
1x20 - Lady Gaga episode
1x21 - no cheer practice
1x22 - pinkies
2x01 - a look+New York song
2x02 - Britney/Brittany
2x03 - a look
2x04 - make out
2x05 - rocky horror thingy
2x09 - Sectionals+Valerie
2x11 - chicken slap+zombies
2x12 - bitchy Santana
2x13 - funny Brittany
2x14 - hangover Santana+body shots
2x15 - sex education+love declaration
2x17 - Santana defends Klaine
2x18 - Born this way
2x19 - love song, almost together
2x20 - Junior prom
2x21 - “I smoke cigars”
2x22 - voodoo doll+cute moment+Spanish yelling
3x01 - cute lil moment+song+funny brittana
3x02 - you are the unicorn
3x03 - who run the world girls+cute af look
3x04 - holding hand under the napkins
3x06 - dodge ball+super cute look+Finn vs Santana+rumour has it+slap
3x07 - I kissed a girl
3x08 - I will survive+welcome home sam Santana style+holding hands in bathroom
3x10 - smile in the locker room+cute songs
3x11 - smooth criminal
3x12 - Spanish
3x13 - Valentine Day
3x14 - regionals
3x15 - holding hands
3x16 - disco+sex tape
3x17 - dance with somebody
3x18 - two songs about physical abuse
3x19 - senior prom
3x20 - “brit and I are gay”
3x21 - Nationals
3x22 - graduation
4x02 - Brittany song
4x04 - break up 😢
4x06 - Santana comes back for Grease
4x08 - thanksgiving+mentor+ wanky+holy trinity number
4x09 - Santana defends Marley
4x12 - Santana is against the nude scene for Rachel+Santana, Rachel and Quinn song
4x13 - Nutbush City Limits!!+Sue moment+kiss+girl on fire
4x14 - Quinn and Santana moments (😏)+Emma and Will wedding
4x15 - Santana start investigating Brody and Rachel might be pregnant
4x16 - S and R are going to the clinic+fight+Santana at NYADA aka Coldhearted Snake+finish investigating Brody
4x17 - Santana in New York again!+pillow
4x20 - Wake up Santana! You’re throwing your life away+ballet
4x22 - Brittany the math genius/out of control+calling Santana for help
5x01 - Dinner
5x03 - Finn…😢
5x06 - Santana tries not to sing
5x08 - Christmas unaired episode
5x09 - Moment at the beginning between S and R+photo shoot
5x12 - Return to Glee Club+Valerie+Toxic+Kiss
5x13 - Kurt and Mercedes duet+Flowers
5x17 - Santana’s speech to Rachel for opening night+celebrations
5x18 - Santana and Mercedes duet in NYC+filling in for Rachel
5x19 - Blonde Santana+Dogs
6x02 - Coming back+Problem
6x03 - Mash up+proposal
6x06 - Wedding planning+Abuela
6x08 - WEDDING!!!!

Remember the first  phone call we heard between Danny and Rachel, in the pilot.? The writers started to give us an impression of her character with that scene, and they chose to do that with these words from Danny: 

Danny: Rachel, don’t start with me. I left you two messages telling you you need to pick her up. Don’t tell me you had to change your plans. You send the driver for her half the time anyway

A woman who couldn’t make time to pick her daughter up from school, who preferred to send the driver anyway. A woman - we learned that in this episode, too – who took her daughter away from New Jersey, from his father and family and forced Danny to follow them and leave everything if he wanted to see his daughter, be next to her.

In episode 1x03 we got the second impression the writers wanted to give us of her character. Again, it’s Danny who delivers the line. 

Danny: Rachel is trying to take me back to court over visitation because she says that it is not safe for Grace to be around me. Like the football shooting was my fault

A woman who was ready, again, to prevent Danny and Grace from seeing each other. And she would have done it, if it wasn’t for Steve’s ties with the Governor. Remember that scene? 

Danny: Did you, uh, speak to the governor about my custody issue?

Steve: The governor doesn’t discuss her business with me. I might have heard something about Step-Stan building a new hotel and, uh, you need government approval for that.

Remember when Rachel cheated on her husband with Danny? Yeah, because she did. Because the casual viewer, the viewer who doesn’t care, can listen to Steve saying that 

“Danny got Rachel pregnant when Rachel and Stan were having a break” 

and believe that, but those who care about the show know that Stan actually believed that Charlie was his and this means he and Rachel were still having sex at the time. So much for having a break. Those who care about the show know about the vacation Rachel and Stan were having on Maui to try to save their marriage and know that, later in that episode, Steve and Danny had this conversation: 

Steve: What’s up? You and Rachel? How long has that been going on?

Danny: Uh, a little while.

Those who care know that in the next episode, Danny and Rachel had this conversation: 

Danny: What’s going on? You having second thoughts about telling Stan?

Rachel: No. That’s not it at all” […] “How do I tell Stan that I’m leaving and that I’m pregnant with your child?

So yeah, those who care know Rachel cheated on her husband, no need to retcon that…                  

Remember when Rachel chose to lie about the paternity of Charlie? And that she carried that lie for three years? Robbing a father of his son, a son of his father? Telling Stan the baby was his so he would take her back? Making Stan believe he had a son only to tell him, three years later: no, he’s not your son, you’re not a father.

Remember when she had Danny helping her delivering their baby? Remember the way Danny couldn’t even dare to touch the baby, because he didn’t feel entitled to that? How damn cruel could that be? How??

Remember that a few episodes later Rachel thought it wasn’t enough to prevent Danny from being the father of his child and she tried to take Grace away from him, as well? Again? 

Danny: The problem is that Stan just got a project in Las Vegas and they want to move, okay? And Rachel wants to take Grace off the island.

Remember that she dragged Danny to court, forcing him to fight for Grace’s custody? Remember that she didn’t have the decency to be there for the custody hearing? 

Danny: I was prepared to give my speech to Rachel, my ex, but she’s not here.

And then, after three years, she told the truth about Charlie… because Charlie was sick, because Charlie could die, and Danny was the only one who could save him. If it wasn’t for these circumstances, she would have kept lying.

The same way as she would have kept being married to Stan, if he wouldn’t have ended their marriage.

And now I can’t believe the show is clearly hinting at Danny getting back together with this woman who put him, Stan, her children, through hell, this manipulative liar who has no respect whatsoever for other people, who walks over people’s hearts like it’s nothing, who uses her children as pawns for her own interest. Who, I’m sure, I’m so sure, would hurt Danny all over again, blaming him for who he is once again, like she did in the past because Danny, well, Danny has this awful fault, you know, he’s a good man, he’s a good cop…

Danny: the truth is this is all I got. I need this. I wanna do what I’m good at, I wanna be reminded I’m good at what I do. 

… What a terrible person, huh? And what would be her next excuse for dumping him, for breaking his heart again? 

Danny would already be her second choice, because she wanted to keep her marriage with Stan going on! He was the one who asked for a divorce, not her!

So please, please! Don’t talk about love! It would be an insult to that sentiment. This has nothing to do with love. It’s just a toxic, abusive relationship that would hurt Danny so much and he really doesn’t deserve that.

It’s with a broken heart and, even if it makes me feel stupid, tears in my eyes that I’m writing this. 

I’ve been loving this show for seven years now, I still love it and I will probably love it forever. I know in my heart it has been telling the most wonderful story of love I’ve ever known, but now it feels like you’ll let lies, betrayal and emotional abuse win over true love. 

WHY is this happening? Why are you doing this to the characters? Are you really letting Danny ruin his life, getting back with a woman who stomped on his heart again and again and would do that all over again in a heartbeat, a woman who would still be with Stan if only he still wanted to be with her? 

If you really think Danny should be with someone like this, I guess it’s time for me to say goodbye to this show… I hope I’m wrong, I hope that with all my heart, but this episode sadly didn’t leave many doubts as to where this is going. It breaks my heart, believe me, but it would break my heart even more to see that happen.

Thank you for all the joy and emotions this show gave me. 

Oscar Nominated Features 2017: Zootopia

I’m going to start off by saying that if this wins, I will not be disappointed at all. I already mentioned that I thought Moana should win, but Zootopia is a fantastic movie. 

It’s the most impressive bit of world-building I have seen in years, and maybe ever seen. And with talks of a sequel, I’m getting really excited to see more of the world that we only heard about.

Zootopia is a perfect example of how well Disney can hold a multi-generational audience captive. It’s a fine example of them not taking themselves too seriously, but taking their craft seriously. It’s the kind of movie that you go expecting to have fun and leave having had more fun than you could have imagined. 

More than that, it’s a movie that needed to be made. There’s a lot of bad feeling in the world, especially now while we’re so divided politically and socially. It was so important to see how even the most well-meant warning can be misconstrued and dissolve into dangerously charged segregation. But there is a danger that the movie accidentally creates, and it is inherent in the way it sends its message.

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ross geller who? reasons why i think he’s #trash

not criminal minds related so if you’re not interested go ahead and scroll past this ((-: here’s another one of my posts explaining why i feel the way i do about someone, this week is: i personally cannot stand ross geller and have a lot of reasons why. (see here: elle deserved better & why i dislike gideon)

as always, i ask that you please do not reply to this with something defending him because we’re all entitled to our opinions and with this one, mine is set in stone and nothing will change my mind lmao!!! i made this w the help of multiple asks i received last week when we were talking about how trash he is.

anyway lemme pull out my receipts.

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𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚑𝚊𝚍 𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚍 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚍𝚒𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕 𝚑𝚒𝚖.

 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝚙𝚛𝚎𝚏𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎 𝙸 𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚎 𝚢𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚜 𝚊𝚐𝚘 𝚘𝚗 𝚊 𝚆𝚊𝚝𝚝𝚙𝚊𝚍 𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚕𝚢 𝚛𝚎𝚠𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚎! 𝙸 𝚍𝚎𝚌𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘 𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚒𝚝 𝚘𝚗 𝚃𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚕𝚛 𝚊𝚜 𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚕 𝚜𝚘 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚘.


The train comes to a halting stop right in front of you, Daisy’s grip on your hand tightens. You look down at her and she stares at the train as if it has teeth and it’s trying to eat her. To make matters worse the doors fly open and a flood of people stream out, you have drag Daisy inside for to even consider. The train wasn’t one of the new models, it smelled like pee and every other seat had a brown marking on it. You take a seat, settling Daisy in the chair beside you.  

“We’ll be off soon” you promise, just as the door closes someone hops on the train fixing their black coat before taking a seat. You don’t give this person a second thought instead you open a game for Daisy, and give her your ear phones so that she can listen, and so her ears wouldn’t pop. You can feel someone staring at you, that feeling of eyes on you and you lift your gaze to a pair of familiar emerald green eyes.


You quickly look back down at Daisy, pretending to not have noticed him. He notices you though, and he makes his way over to him. He is still talk like giraffe. He cut his hair, you push away the Tarzan look from your mind as he sits in the seats directly in front of you.  

“Y/N?” he says, you look up again.

“Harry” You say.  

“It’s been what? 4? 5 years?” he says.

“6 years” you say, to be exact his face drops slightly. He looks down at Daisy who is too busy playing connect the dot to even notice the stranger. The stranger who just so happened to be her father.  

“And who is this beautiful little girl?” he asks.

“Daisy, she’s my daughter” You say, tightly he looks up at you like you just stabbed him.

“Daughter?” he says, not hiding his shock.

“Yes,” you say, looking down at Daisy who is still happily swinging her feet, completely oblivious.  

“Who’s the father? How old is she?” he asks, you wanted to laugh, you wanted to scream, but for the sake of Daisy you took a deep breath and looked Harry in the eyes.

“You” you say calmly.

“Me!” He shouts, a few people turn their heads but then go back to their own business. Daisy is now staring at Harry like he is a serial killer leaning into you and you hold her protectively.

“Yes Harry, You”  

“How could you not have told me?” he says, he’s obviously hurt but you were more hurt when he broke up with you the night you found out you were pregnant. You were hurt when he never answered his calls for the 9 months of the pregnancy, when you had to see on the news that he went MIA and that One Direction was no longer together. You should be the one angry.

“What was I supposed to do Harry? Find you? You broke up with me and then ignored my existence” you say, you attempt to remain calm to no avail.  

“Y/N I-”

“Spare me the excuses, I’m long ever it” You say, his face drops and he scrunches his eyebrows together. “Would you like to meet her?” you ask, he nods slowly. You take the ear buds out of Daisy’s ear, taking your phone away.

“Daisy, this is Harry your father” Daisy’s face immediately lights up, you weren’t a complete monster. You told Daisy about her dad, showed her magazine articles and music videos, she knew of his existence. “Harry this is your daughter, Daisy” You say, he smiles looking down at her bright excited face and your anger immediately washes away, because your baby was happy and that’s all that mattered.

“It’s very nice to meet you Princess” he says, and she just smiles harder.  


You sit down on a bench as Duke races towards the park, his floppy brown hair bouncing with every jump. You smile at him as he laughs and crawls up the slide, he was having a particular bad day. Some kid in his class was making fun of him because he didn’t have a Father to bring to the Daddy-Son Picnic this coming Saturday. You informed him that he didn’t need a Father and you’d take the place, he happily agreed and then you took him to the park to cool off. You also took him to the park so that you could walk off the guilt, because he did have a Father. He was actually the splitting image of him.

Liam Payne, the one who got away. More like the one who disappeared, one second he was there and then poof gone, a few months later bam you’re pregnant and single. You pop open your purse and pull out the bag of uneaten strawberries you packed for Duke for his snack.

“Duke, Honey” You yell, he drops from the jungle gym looking over at you.

“Yes mama?” he asks, running over to you.

“Want some strawberries sweetie?” you ask, he nods stopping in front of you. You open the bag handing him some. He stuffs them in his mouth, eating them happily they were his favorite fruit, they were also extremely messy but he was already on the edge of a bad mood so you didn’t want to tip the scale. Just across the park you see a group of men playing soccer, something you haven’t watched in a while. They laughed and kicked the ball when someone kicks the ball a little to hard and it flies over to where you’re sitting.

“I got it!” Dylan sings, grabbing the ball and running over to the group of men.

“Thanks, little man” a deep very familiar voice says, you don’t have to look up at him to see that it’s Liam.

“Liam” you say, he looks over at you and he drops the ball again in which Dylan picks it up again. You stand walking over to Dylan.

“Y/N? Is this your son?” he asks, taking the ball from Dylan again.

“Yes, it is” you say, looking down at him. Liam wasn’t a stupid person, he looked down at Dylan probably guessing his age and doing the math in his head.

“He’s mine, isn’t he?” Liam says.

“Yes” You say, Dylan looks up at you confused.

“Who’s this?” Dylan asks.

“Dylan” you kneel down, wiping the strawberry juice from his mouth. “This is your dad” you say, he looks up at Liam who is still in shock. Like when Ross found out Rachel was pregnant.

“Are you serious?” Dylan asks, I nod and he screams in excitement. “He can take me to the Daddy-Son Picnic!” He says, happily you stand again looking at Liam.

“Can you?” you ask, Liam snaps out of his trance before looking back down at Dylan.

“Of course,” Liam says, happily before looking at you. “And we can talk about this over dinner?” he says.

“Of course,”  

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in friends, Ross has a son and a daughter from two different women whom he is not in relationships with and is still depicted as dating material who still got hot women and even got to be picky but when Rachel got pregnant she was depicted as damaged goods where no man ever outside her circle of friends wanted to date her.

Take It All Back

Part Seven

Summary: Journey starts a new school year. Jensen’s excitement over the baby clouds over Journey’s concerns.
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1780
Warnings: Pregnancy, mild drinking.


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White Rabbit - Twelve

“So what happened then. What made you ask to go?” Rossi leant forward, leaning on his hands.

Alice shrugged, “I liked Charlie and Becca liked Eric. They kept coming back to talk to us and the way they talked about their home made us curious. It was approaching the end of the summer and neither of us wanted to go home.” She hesitated, knowing Ellen was listening and then continued. “I didn’t want to go back to somewhere I felt unwanted and Becca didn’t want to go back to her mom’s. Her stepdad was a bit…. shall we say touchy feely with her, but she didn’t want to stay with Ben and Rachel because Rachel was pregnant. If I look back now, it’s clear that we both were craving a family and the way Charlie talked about Wonderland was that it was one big happy family. They all looked out for each other, they all pitched in and there were always so many jobs to do that it was never boring. So we asked if we could go.”

“And you had no clue it was a cult?” Rossi asked her.

“Sir, does anyone that joins a cult, ever think that they’re actually joining a cult? No, they don’t. To us, we were running away to join a family, one where we’d be welcomed and appreciated. They had to check with the elders first, but they came back to us three days after we told them we wanted in and they told us if we wanted to go, it had to be that night and that they’d pick us up at midnight. So we packed up our things, emptied our savings and snuck out when Becca’s parents had gone to bed.”

“How did you get there?” Spencer asked her.

“They gave us a meeting point and they picked us up. We couldn’t see where we were going, we were blindfold until we got to the compound. They said that newcomers weren’t allowed to know the way in and out for the first few months. Until they were sure.”

“Until who was sure, exactly. And of what?”

Alice looked down at the table for a moment before looking Spencer directly in the eyes. “At first I thought they meant it was until we were sure we wanted to stay. Now I realise it was until they were sure that they wanted to keep us. Once they decided you were useful or that you had some sort of purpose to them, to the cause. No one ever left of their own accord, at least not alive. I didn’t understand that until later on in my stay there.”

“I still don’t… I don’t understand. You said that the compound had a curfew, so you could leave freely as long as you came back by a certain time.” Spencer recalled the conversation from the previous evening.

“You could leave, but not freely. You had to be accompanied by at least two other people, and you had to have a reason for leaving, like going on a stores run, or to the lakes to fish. Only certain people had a key to the gates and to the few cars they had.”

“Im sorry.. gates. In the middle of the Bluedove National Park?” Rossi was now looking even more confused.

“I know right… Bear in mind this place has been there since the mid eighties and they’d been paying off the rangers. The compound was walled in. But the walls were well hidden by trees and bushes that they’d replanted around them. Even the roof tops of the buildings were camouflaged with gardens planted on top of them. Lewis was a mastermind, he’d literally thought of everything. If you didn’t know where it was, you wouldn’t find it.”

“And if people DID stumble upon it accidentally? Surely they’d be confused as there’s no record of any dwellings in that area that we can find,” Rossi commented.

“Then I guess that would account for some of the bodies found without marks on their necks,” Alice replied.

“Alright, so tell us what happened when you first got there,” Spencer asked softly, watching Alice close her eyes and start talking.

Their first few days had been strange. When Ally and Becca has arrived in the middle of the night, having spent over an hour with musty burlap sacks over their heads, they’d been greeted by relative quietness. The camp, if you could call it that, was asleep, aside from a few people on some sort of security watch. Ally had looked around in awe, unable to believe that this place with in the middle of a National Park. It seemed more like a tiny village that it did a camp in the woods. Low brick and wooden buildings were scattered everywhere, all placed near to groupings of trees. There were quite a few larger buildings set around, perhaps meeting places, a school maybe given the amount of children Charlie had said there would be. She could hear horses winnying nearby in a barn, hear grass hoppers and crickets chirping their midnight song. It all seemed very surreal, like she stepped into another world.

Charlie and Eric led the two girls into a house, showing them to a room with three sets on bunk beds in. Charlie lit a few candles that were sat on a night stand, leaving the box of matches next to them.

“You’ll sleep in here for a few days, until the elders figure out where to put you both. This is the main house, our Mom and Dad sleep in the rooms either side of you. You’ll meet them in the morning.” Eric hauled their things into the room with them and then the boys left the two girls alone.

“What do you think?” Ally turned to Becca, seeing her older friend looking nervous.

“I’m not sure yet. I’m not sure what I was expecting.”

“Me neither.”

The girls shed their day clothes and changed into their pajama, both climbing into the bottom bunks that were made up already, soft white sheets and army regulation blankets for covers.

The first night Alice barely slept. She could hear creaking in the house, the noise of talking in the room next door. She’d found it odd that Eric had seemed to imply that his parents slept separately. Maybe that was just the way they did things here. She was excited and nervous, hoping they’d be accepted into the fold and hardly giving any thought to the life and family she’d left behind. Ellen wouldn’t care, she’d be too caught up in her job and new boyfriend. She’d be pleased that she didn’t have to deal with her whiny younger sister.

When the girls woke up the next morning, it was to a soft knocking on the bedroom door. They looked at each other, bleary eyed until Becca cleared her throat, coughing and then timidly saying, “Come in.”

The door opened to reveal a woman who appeared to be in her mid forties, with long blonde hair that was loose. She wore shorts and a t-shirt, the same leather bracelets that Charlie and Eric wore on her wrist, except she wore them on both arms. Her shorts revealed strong legs, stuffed into sturdy boots and her arms looked well toned. She smiled at the two newcomers kindly.

“I hope you both slept well, I know how scary it can be coming to a new place. I’m Marnie. Would you like to come through and have some breakfast? The boys and Lewis are out on morning activity, they’ll be back later. We’re so looking forward to welcoming you to our home and teaching you our ways. We’re all one big family here, we look after each other.”

Alice and Becca looked at each other and then back to Marnie. One big family was what they both wanted. That was why they’d come here. One by one, they slid out of their beds and followed Marnie out into the hall, wondering what today would bring.