rachel power

A convo about billy
  • Trini: I love billy
  • Kim: i love billy
  • Zack: i love billy
  • Jason: i love billy
  • Billy: i love billy too
  • Zordon: is this what these kids do all day???
  • Alpha 5: yes but is it not true zordon???
  • Zordon: yes *dreamily i love billy
  • Convo #8

Okay humor me for a bit here but WHAT IF percy and jason keep betting on random stuff– and percy always goes to rachel to ask things like, “who will win tonight’s game?” So that he can bet correctly. And it was fine the first few times, really, but PERCY IM THE ORACLE OF THE GODS and this is getting ridiculous please stop

A convo between Jason, Trini, Billy and Kim
  • Jason: So ive kinda wanted to tell you something for awhile...
  • Kim: I know what you want to say and i have something similar to say
  • Jason: Lets just say it at the same time. okay?
  • Kim: okay.
  • Jason: 1,2,3
  • (At the same time)
  • Jason: I like Billy
  • Kim: I like Trini
  • Kim: wait what?
  • Jason: alrighty then...not what i thought you were going to say
  • Kim: me either
  • Trini: uhhh love you too?
  • Billy: uh i got to ask my mom wether i can like you or not i will let you know as soon as i can cool? Cool.
  • Jason: wow
  • Convo #3

Chloe as Ariel: Is there more toil? Let me remember what thou hast promised.

Rachel as Prospera: How now? What is’t thou canst demand?

Chloe as Ariel:  My liberty.

Rachel as Prospera: Thy liberty? Nay, this of most of all I will not grant.

Chloe as Ariel: But thou assured my freedom…didn’t thou?

Rachel as Prospera: I never said how dearly I hold thee; my habit’s been to keep my soul well-draped. Most loyal spirit, companion and friend, is acting in my service not replete with excitement, amusement and delight? 

Chloe as Ariel: Of course, mistress. Most truly it is so.

Rachel as Prospera: Then why, I pray you, wish to be free?

Chloe as Ariel: Excitement’s a mere counterfeit of bliss. These storms and these adventures? I prefer to know thou still cared for my plainest self.

Rachel as Prospera: I have thee in my grasp; I will not bend. I will not see thee flying forth alone! The envy would be more than I could bear.

Chloe as Ariel: So come with me! Is that not in thy pow’r?

Rachel as Prospera: Spirit, take my hands, most faithful friend. For but a little longer I beseech; continue in thy service to my schemes. And when they are complete, I swear to thee we shall fly beyong this isle, – the corners of the world our mere prologue. I will seek to make thy happiness so great that e’en the name of liberty’s forgot. What sayest thou to my most hopeful wish?