rachel power

A convo about billy
  • Trini: I love billy
  • Kim: i love billy
  • Zack: i love billy
  • Jason: i love billy
  • Billy: i love billy too
  • Zordon: is this what these kids do all day???
  • Alpha 5: yes but is it not true zordon???
  • Zordon: yes *dreamily i love billy
  • Convo #8

Okay humor me for a bit here but WHAT IF percy and jason keep betting on random stuff– and percy always goes to rachel to ask things like, “who will win tonight’s game?” So that he can bet correctly. And it was fine the first few times, really, but PERCY IM THE ORACLE OF THE GODS and this is getting ridiculous please stop

A convo between Jason, Trini, Billy and Kim
  • Jason: So ive kinda wanted to tell you something for awhile...
  • Kim: I know what you want to say and i have something similar to say
  • Jason: Lets just say it at the same time. okay?
  • Kim: okay.
  • Jason: 1,2,3
  • (At the same time)
  • Jason: I like Billy
  • Kim: I like Trini
  • Kim: wait what?
  • Jason: alrighty then...not what i thought you were going to say
  • Kim: me either
  • Trini: uhhh love you too?
  • Billy: uh i got to ask my mom wether i can like you or not i will let you know as soon as i can cool? Cool.
  • Jason: wow
  • Convo #3
A cute convo between trini and kim
  • Set Five Years in the Future (they've been together the whole 5 years)
  • Kim: hey whats your last name?
  • Trini: its been the same for my whole life honey...
  • Kim: maybe its time that changes... *gets one one knee*
  • Trini: are you fucking kidding me that was so cheesy try again kim
  • Kim: *confuzzled* what?
  • Trini: *rolls eyes* that was so corny but go on
  • Kim: We have been through thick and thin together. We have fought weird rock monsters, a donut lady and a giant made out of gold. We have supported each other through friendship, hardship and all the other kinds of ships. I love you and i always will. Now I want to go through the rest of our loves hardships and everything being married. Will you marry me, Trini?
  • Trini: *with tears in her eyes* *long pause* you have the audacity to propose to me without saying sorry for throwing me into that chasm?
  • Kim: *exasperated* really?
  • Trini: very.
  • Kim: *rolls eyes* ok im sorry
  • Also i used that beginning part because i thought it was funny that trini doesnt really have a canon last name so yeah i thought it was clever...

Ok this scene from 1x01 bothers me so much

 where did it come from and what does it mean???

Usually in Legion they don’t shy away from showing future scenes from future episodes in 2 or 3 or 5 episodes earlier, disguising it in flashes of edits and whatnot throughout the show. But this particular moment where he’s dreaming of Syd in the mental hospital bothers me because 

1) We never actually see these scenes in any of the future episodes which is so unlike the pattern (believe it or not there is a pattern here) of this show. We never see Syd tying on her orange scarf in front of David and we never see David standing behind- and possibly holding- Syd while she’s in her orange jacket

2) It begs the question, is David clairvoyant? He was dreaming of Sydney in clothes we don’t get to see her in until later in the show. It’s also impossible to tell what location they’re in in these scenes. Is it David’s childhood home? Or the home he lived in with Philly? It doesn’t look like Summerland. It’s not as if Legion doesn’t put in artistic shots that can either mean something or nothing at all, just a way of furthering a metaphor. But this doesn’t quite seem to be that. How could David possibly see Syd in those clothes- this specific outfit: 

Is seeing the future another ability he has that he has yet to learn of? Did he unknowingly foresee switching bodies with Syd? Did he unknowingly foresee leaving Clockworks with Syd? There’s so many intricate layers to his powers, the show has barely tapped the surface of it. Nothing is a mistake on Legion and this wracks my brain